7 Oct


Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum-3

Tomato.  I hailed it as my colour of the new season, convinced it was gonna be the next big thing.  What can I say.  Denim and the 70’s reigned supreme on the streets at NYFW…  Sometimes I just get it wrong.  I still love the colour.

Imagine my delight then at walking past a tomato hued street corner after the rewardStyle party.  The rain had finally cleared and the light was perfect and my fashion week roomie, Adriana, just happened to have a DSLR broken down into bits and packed in her handbag tetris style…  seemed like a good opp. to cross the zebra a few times more en route to the subway…

top – Asos (ON SALE!) :: raynor jean – J. Crew
heel – Sigerson Morrison :: clutch – Asos
Ray Ban aviator – SmartBuyGlasses 

Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum-6

Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum-13

Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum-16

Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum-5

Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum-19

Thankfifi - NYFW asos off shoulder & J Crew raynor - Ph. Adriana Gastelum


Photos by Adriana of Fake Leather

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5 Oct

Giveaway – Boden AW15 (dog not included)

Thankfifi for Boden - the statement bag-22

Hey hey Monday!  How about a giveaway?  I’m sharing the love for this gorgeous Boden Berkeley bag today so head over to my Instagram here and enter to win one of your own!

I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those girls who says she loves winter or the cold – sometimes it feels like Scotland blesses us with 11 months of winter so I’ll never ever wish away the warm month.  That being said, new leather pieces are the one thing that might just coax me off my lounger (I jest).  This skirt is so soft it’s like putting on a hug.  And it has pockets which always warrant extra points.  Not too short, not too long – it’s just one of those really luxe basics that make the foundations of a lot of looks easy.  That’s a win.

I styled this and two more looks (clue: more leather and more red) for The Great Boden Diaries so click on over to see the rest.

sienna coat – Boden :: boxy tee – Boden
leather skirt – Boden :: audrey glitter flat – Boden
berkeley bag – Boden

coat – Infindigo

Thankfifi for Boden - the statement bag-5

Thankfifi for Boden - the statement bag-13

Thankfifi for Boden - the statement bag-10

Thankfifi for Boden - the statement bag-11

Thankfifi for Boden - the statement bag-8

P.s.  I’m going to tell you a shameful secret now…  when I was in New York for fashion week and trying to come across all fashion-y and put together, not only did I wear this tee every evening around our blogger apartment as well as to bed every night… I also wore it out for dinner.  Twice.  True story.  If you’re in the market for a simple tee that will rock your world, this is it.

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30 Sep

The Regent Street capsule wardrobe

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-2

Regent Street shopping is the stuff dreams are made of.  Imagine all my favourite stores got together on the most beautiful street and said, hey, why don’t we all just open up right here.  That’s Regent Street.

I had a pretty serious case of first world problems when I was tasked with creating my perfect AW capsule wardrobe for Regent Street’s Fashion and Design Month.  I factored half a day into the diary.  I took two days.  Two FULL days.  And I loved every minute of it.  Some stores I must have been in 5 times…  it was pretty tough.

The days we shot the looks were worlds apart – the first being warm and sunny and the second being truly British with lashings of rain.  So much rain my photographer had to use my J.Crew umbrella to keep her camera from swimming away down Regent Street.  Just as well then I wore the suede coat on the first day…

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Mango jumpsuit-8

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-16

First up – that beauty of a suede trench from Mango, in my eyes, a key piece for the new season.  A little nod to the 70’s, because we’re not quite done there yet, as well as a seriously warm, heavy layer – this guy weighs a tonne!  Free workout just wearing it… but that’s pretty reassuring when you’re investing a bit of cash right?

I opted for a lot of burgundy tones through the H&M shorts to the Banana Republic top and those Tommy Hilfiger boots… oh those boots – buckles and suede and super comfy heels… winners.  Life just feels easier when I stick to a somewhat cohesive palette and these autumnal colours plus denim and neutrals pretty much got me covered.  These may have been another pair of jeans in the coolest cropped flare cut (thank you Banana for delivering the best jeans of the season) and the most beautiful khaki top… I’ll be wearing those soon no doubt!

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Mango jumpsuit-3

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-14

I do love my sunglasses do I not?  Did you even know Tommy Hilfiger did glasses?  I sure didn’t but I’m glad I found out.  Basically a staple for me all year round – the instant makeover…  These guys are rocking the seventies vibe crossed with classic aviator style so I reckon they’ll be on point for seasons to come.  Timeless.

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-15


Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Mango jumpsuit-9

You probably know I’m something of a bag lady (hopefully in the good way?) so it’s no surprise that I opted for two small cross bodies for fall – I have become the master of tetris packing these little guys with phones, keys, cards, lipstick…  A neutral from Reiss, which is basically never off my body, and his outlandish mustard Furla friend basically cover all bases.  A good nude goes with everything and is an absolute staple whilst Colonel Mustard is an attention grabbing little guy who brings a look to life (like this all denim number).  I always think it makes sense to spend the pennies on the bags because they’re easier to keep good and transfer from season to season.  Expect to see a lot more of these two…

Shall we just have a sidenote about Burberry?  When on Regent Street you have to go to Burberry.  Even if all you’re going to do is stand in the middle of the floor and soak in the Burberry-ness (totally did that).  So I brought home the perfect Military red lipstick and a silk necktie, a total splurge, but I am in love.  She looks pretty on my wrist and in my hair and tied around my bags…

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Mango jumpsuit-5

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-10

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-11

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-7

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Mango jumpsuit

Turns out this Mango denim jumpsuit is so great I wore it home and for about 3 days in a row after that… sorry not sorry.  It’s like no other jumpsuit I’ve ever seen before because it’s pretty thick, like a denim jacket.  This means it’s warm.  Coupled with the fact that it’s a one piece and you’re done kind of situation which means it’s easy.  And when you get to the last day of London Fashion Week and it’s raining cats and dogs, you want the easy option.  Trust me.

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-17

So that’s my capsule picks covered – with the luxe coat, boots and bags I know that they’ll be working for me right through winter and for years to come (you know that Furla yellow fella is my fav colour and he’ll be around forever-ever).  Denim is, of course, my absolute staple so to be covered head to toe makes me a happy girl and that little bit of Burberry is going to be so treasured…   In short – Regent Street has me sorted.  I’d quite happily go back there each season just for the shopping.  Who’s with me?x

Thankfifi - LFW capsule wardrobe, Regent Street - Tommy Hilfiger-19

Photos by Nancy Gibbs

This post is sponsored by Regent Street.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.  Thanks for your support.

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29 Sep

LFW – the Regent Street travel diary

Thankfifi - Architecture, Regent Street-2

Straight from New York, we’re hopping back to the UK for London Fashion Week and my home from home, Regent Street.  It’s easy to see why I love this part of London so much – one street with everything you could possibly need makes it virtually impossible to get lost and, I mean, just look at her – she’s a stunner.  Our friends at home joke that we live in ‘the bubble’ (the few blocks we rarely leave Monday through Friday) and it would be fair to say that this is my adopted London bubble.

So I’ve done a little round up of my top tips and spots and am about to bombard you with an epic photo diary of my highlights!  Maybe make a cuppa…

Thankfifi - Le Meridien, Regent Street  Thankfifi - Le Meridien, Regent Street-3

There are quite a few hotel options and I’ve been lucky enough to stay in a few of them over the years, all great by the way, but this time I stayed at Le Méridien Piccadilly and she’s an absolute winner.  Let’s review the evidence: she’s gorgeous in every single way from the lobby to the bedrooms to the views over Regent St (you have to ask for a view of the street) to the pool and spa and the best, best bit is location.  Let’s just say that if you walk 1 minute out the door you’re going to bump into the likes of Burberry, Piccadilly Circus tube station (should you ever want to leave) and the epicentre of London Fashion Week.  The tiny eclairs are worth a nod too – not necessarily for breakfast but when you’re on holiday that’s totally ok…

Thankfifi - Le Meridien, Regent Street-2


And if you know me you’ll know that I’m a fan of the shopping too… oh the shopping.  I’d be here all day if I listed all the stores I visited so I’ll just mention a few of my absolute favourites – Burberry (because, you know, it’s London and it’s iconic and it will blow your mind whether you can afford anything inside or not), the J.Crew flagship store (because it’s full of stripes and denim and shoooooes and all the good things – may have brought home a neon yellow umbrella), Hunter (I was dying over those windows every time I walked past…), Banana Republic (you already know my feelings on Banana…), the hugest & Other Stories (nuff said), Coach and Furla for all those baaaaags and basically all the high street favourites too – you know the drill – H&M, Topshop, Reiss, Russell & Bromley, Gap, Anthropologie… I could go on and on and on.  I picked out a capsule LFW wardrobe and the only issue was narrowing it down – can’t wait to show you tomorrow!

If you’re after some beautification then Kiko is the new(ish) kid on the block and definitely worth a stop but, faced with a day of shows, I made a stop at the one and only… Burberry.

Thankfifi - Burberry makeup, Regent Street-3  Thankfifi - Burberry makeup, Regent Street-5

Thankfifi - Burberry makeup, Regent Street-4

Thankfifi - Burberry makeup, Regent Street-6


Military Red lipstick is my new go to.  No two ways about it.

I want to tell you that it’s all about getting LFW ready but really I’m more about the recovery!  London days are pretty full on and your body’s going to need some help.  From pedicures, to blow dries and facials, Regent Street has you sorted.  My top choices include a pedicure at Cafe Royal’s Akasha, blow dry at DryBy and a facial at the Organic Pharmacy.  It’s like you know you shouldn’t wear heels all day but, hey, it’s fashion week and that’s just the cross you have to bear.  So that pedicure is bliss.  Right at the end of the day, when your feet are crying, go there.

Now… let’s eat.  Oh my gosh you guys, let’s just say there’s zero chance of a fashion week diet when you hit Regent Street.  It would have been rude not to try as many as possible wouldn’t it?  Here are my favs…

Gordon Ramsay’s Heddon Street Kitchen – try the Lady Regent cocktail because, you know, Regent Street and it’s sublime…  everything was perfectly instagrammable and tasted amazing.  And then there was the ice-cream bar.  You know when you’re so full you can’t fit another drop?  And then someone says, ‘We have an ice-cream bar’?  Yep, that happened.

Thankfifi - Heddon Street Kitchen, Regent Street

Thankfifi - Heddon Street Kitchen, Regent Street-3

Thankfifi - Heddon Street Kitchen, Regent Street-6

Hawksmoor – steak tartare followed by steak?  The steak is that good.  Lobster mac and cheese though… that’s up there too.  This place is something of an institution amongst my friends and I can see why.

Thankfifi - Architecture, Regent Street-3   Thankfifi - Hawksmoor, Regent Street

Thankfifi - Hawksmoor, Regent Street-5

Thankfifi - Hawksmoor, Regent Street-2

Ristoranto Frescobaldi – If you’re the kind of lady who lunches then this is the place for you, full stop.  The menu is to die for – by this point I needed to eat light so I basically ordered all the carpaccio (beef and fish) which was divine and that little plate of joy right there is a beetroot salad. Total winner.  The wine menu is extensive to say the least due to the owner’s connections to vineyards but what really is most delightful (for it is truly delightful, it’s the only word for it) is the end.  That moment when you ask for the bill and along it comes… with a sweet tooth’s dream.  Tiny meringue kisses and saucer meringues and all kinds of sweeties.  I’ll say it again, delightful.

Thankfifi - Frescobaldi, Regent Street  Thankfifi - Frescobaldi, Regent Street-3

Thankfifi - Frescobaldi, Regent Street-4

Piccolino – Italian food at it’s finest and on the super sweet Heddon Street which is pedestrianized and just tucked off the main street away from the crowds (and in our case, on day 4, the downpour – it’s not fashion week without a downpour after all).  I have this thing with burrata and they had burrata so Piccolino and I were good friends straight off the bat.  Nancy said, ‘I don’t really get burrata – it’s like mozzarella filled with cream’ – hello?  It’s like mozzarella filled with cream!  What’s not to love?  A big bowl of pasta and courgette fritti were the ultimate comfort food on the rainiest day and suffice to say the tiramisu didn’t even see the camera…

Thankfifi - Piccolino, Regent Street

Thankfifi - Piccolino, Regent Street-2   Thankfifi - Piccolino, Regent Street-3

Aqua Kyoto – I saved the best for last.  The menu is VAST.  So it’s best to start with a cocktail so help you make your choices.  But if you’re feeling lazy, as we were, chef Paul will lend a hand.  After chatting with him for 5 minutes about molecular experiments and some pretty extreme ingredient sourcing we were excited about the food.  And we were right to be excited.  I can’t possibly begin to tell you how incredible all those little dishes tasted but a lot of them were cooked right there at the table and every single one was a Treat (with a capital T).

Thankfifi - Aqua Kyoto, Regent Street

Thankfifi - Aqua Kyoto, Regent Street-2  Thankfifi - Aqua Kyoto, Regent Street-3

Thankfifi - Aqua Kyoto, Regent Street-11

Thankfifi - Aqua Kyoto, Regent Street-6  Thankfifi - Aqua Kyoto, Regent Street-8

If you haven’t spent hours and hours in the restaurant (as we did – last to leave?  Oops) then you have to check out the roof terrace for drinks.  I’ve been there before and the views over the city are insane.  Trust me.

I know what you’re thinking… 4 days and all that food.  Yep.  It happened.  Nope, I’m not sorry.  Regent Street has such a special place in my heart and I always feel really at home there – the only place in London where I truly have my bearings.  It was such a pleasure to be able to collaborate this fashion week and I urge you to visit too.  From Regent Street, goodnight.x

Thankfifi - Architecture, Regent Street

Photos by me, Nancy and a few by Tamara

This post is sponsored by Regent Street.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.  Thanks for your support.

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26 Sep

NYFW Day 3 – double denim & Banana Republic


Day 3 apparently was the day when my fashion brainpower hit a bump in the road.  All my carefully packed outfits stayed on the rail in our AirBnb (an incredible photographer’s loft in Williamsburg that I can’t believe I didn’t take shots of…) and double denim went on my body.  I walked the High Line and ate a pretzel the size of my head.  I caught up with Nancy after a show to grab these quick shots before sharing the rest of the pretzel stashed in my handbag.  It was pretty glamorous.  I did wear my shirt off the shoulder though – perhaps one fashion point?  Mostly because I have this thing with off the shoulder…  Half a point?

And later I went to my favourite presentation of fashion week – Banana Republic.  I wore a look which required barely an iota of fashion brainpower because, yep, I’ve worn it before.  The exact same.  Oh the shame…

shirt – Gap :: jean – H&M
blade sandal – Chelsea Paris
suede bag – River Island
Ray Ban aviators – SmartBuyGlasses







Photos by Nancy Gibbs 

Turns out Marissa Webb is creative director of Banana Republic so, after seeing her show earlier in the week, it’s not really a huge surprise that the Banana presentation was going to be right up my street.  Needless to say, one of my first stops when I arrived in London was this store although, of course, I need to wait until next season for these beauties…

Forest green leather and prints and those super wide leg stripes and perfect cut-out lace and tassel sandals (just like the Webb show) and effortless shirting and those lace culottes (hello and welcome to my closet as soon as I can get my hands on you) and all the details, right down to the glasses… and there’s a showstopper of a red dress too that will be on the waiting list…  perfection.

Thankfifi- Banana Republic SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week Forest Green Leather Shorts

Thankfifi- Banana Republic SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week-13

Thankfifi- Banana Republic SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week-12

Thankfifi- Banana Republic SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week-10

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23 Sep

NYFW Day 2 – Kate Spade & the yellow cabs


You know when a week ago feels like a lifetime ago?  That’s happening right now.  We took these shots right after the Kate Spade New York show in the city on what was the most blissfully hot, sunny day (and yet, somehow, ten days later, as I write this on my flight home from London, the pilot is announcing 3 degrees temps on the ground).  New York feels like a distant memory and London has come in between so don’t mind me if I play catch up for a while…

It’s basically non-negotiable that you have to wear yellow in New York.  Because matching the cabs is cool.  And yep, I love matching the red buses in London too.  I’m that kinda tourist.

The presentation was just gorgeous and the flower bar – buckets and buckets of the most gorgeous blooms…

top – Zara :: skirt – Topshop
nomad sandal – Topshop
Ray Ban aviators – SmartBuyGlasses
clutch – Bracher Emden for Bora Aksu








Photos by Nancy Gibbs

When you go to a presentation and are welcomed with buckets and buckets of fresh blooms you can’t help but smile.  Add in a wicker dog clutch and I’m one happy girl, I mean just look at that lil’ guy.  I guess I kinda knew Kate Spade New York would pull out all the stops for NYFW but this show was super pretty – the expected denim and stripes (but this season covered in tiny sequins) and flashes of neon and big skirts and the bags, oh, the bags were on another level.  I’ll leave you with a few of my favourites…

Thankfifi- Kate Spade SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week - dog basket bag

Thankfifi- Kate Spade SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week-3

Thankfifi- Kate Spade SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week Tea Box Clutch

Thankfifi- Kate Spade SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week Flower Bar

Thankfifi- Kate Spade SS16 Presentation New York Fashion Week cinema ticket clutch

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16 Sep

NYFW Day 1 – Marissa Webb & the downpour


And then it began… New York Fashion Week and the rain arrived on the same day.  The kind of rain usually reserved for Scotland seemed to have been missing me and, after two days of intense, hot, humid, air, the skies burst all over the streets of New York – all over the show goers, all over our silk skirts and bare toes.

Having initially accepted that New York in September was no place for a chunky knit roll neck, all of a sudden it made complete sense.  Granted, the Chelsea Paris open sandals defy logic but they’re just too pretty (and upon examination it seemed that 7 of the 8 pairs of shoes I packed were open toed and the other one espadrilles which are about as much use in the rain as wrapping your feet in straw).

But we soldiered on and in to the absolute delight that was the Marissa Webb show…

knit – Oasis :: skirt – Ostwald Helgason
blade sandal – Chelsea Paris
bag – Boden :: watch – Timex








Outfit photos by Nancy Gibbs

I never get over that moment when, in the midst of a most packed room, everything goes dark, everyone is quiet, shoulder to shoulder but nobody budges and then… bright lights up and music so loud you feel it in your bones… and it begins.  The first girl walks.  And then the rain was forgotten.

Yellow and florals and grid prints overlaid with the most beautiful lace and an ethereal khaki safari – canvas and leather deep pocketed belts and sleeveless blazers, nipped at the waist and the standout for me – those guys would look good over every single thing.  And the shoes.  A rainbow of tasselled, fringed beauties.

I feel inclined to suggest I would give up almost all my wardrobe space for this collection next summer.  What do you think?


_ARC0657   _ARC0945

_ARC0345   _ARC0320


Runway photos c/o Vogue.com

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12 Sep

Empire state


Landed stateside and feeling a little bit like a blur right now – fashion week is in full swing and this beautiful city is throwing all kinds of weather at us (follow along on Instagram)…

Rewind to the night before it all began and we’re here, in Williamsburg, exploring our new neighbourhood and stepping outside our NYC Airbnb home we have these views right across the river to Manhatten and the Empire State Building…  I’m kinda falling in love with this city already.x

fedora – Reiss :: dress – Topshop :: gladiator – Next
glasses – Ray Ban :: suede bag – River Island
watch – Daniel Wellington
bracelets – Casual Sparkles, Feather & Stone






Wendy-NYC1-i know you don't do landscape but this is my favorite shot so tough


Photos by Nancy H Gibbs

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10 Sep

3 steps to 3D curls with Sassoon Salon


Oh hello perfect curls!  Yep, that’s my dream hair right up there…

Just before my trip I headed in to Sassoon Salon for a bit of a pre fashion month hair makeover.  I had the seventies on my mind (who doesn’t?) but I didn’t want to go too stereotypical – a little softer, and healthy, shiny… hair that I could ‘deal with’.

I’m not gonna show you the before picture but let’s just say we didn’t start from a great place.  You know when your hair is so overdue a cut the only thing you can really do with it is straighten it and straighten it and you’re kinda slightly tempted to put moisturiser on it?  That’s around about where I was at.

I showed Sharz my saved shots of the Burberry AW15 runway hair and we agreed the best base for the look had to be healthy hair – something easy to manage and style.  So he set about taking a few inches off with a nice blunt edge and one of his signature hidden layers for good movement whilst leaving the illusion of a chunky, thick cut…  (Scroll down for the step by step).

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-16

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-2

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-3

After a little treat for my hair thanks to Halo Hydrate, a leave in conditioner promising a soft, sensuous look (sign me up), we started the blow dry.  The key to creating that manageable volume right from the foundation, apart from the cut of course, was Edit Hold – Sharz swears by appling it like toothpaste to the brush.  Much as you might imagine, I know I did, that the mousse is gonna wind up in a lump, in fact it brushes through super evenly.  Win.  Smooth, straight, shiny blow dry coming up…

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-4 Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-5

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-7

Now let’t talk about this 3D curl business shall we?  Sassoon Salon have developed this special technique to create true 3D curls… no ringlets, just full on body and movement.  Sharz showed me how… again and again.  It was a little like when I try to do an aerobics class and I look at the instructor up front and copy – I’m so sure what I’m doing is the same but then I catch sight of the mirror and, oh, no… what I am doing is some hideous, uncoordinated, arm flailing move.  Well, me trying to master the 3D curl was the hair equivalent of aerobics.  I watched it again and again but somehow my brain could not process…  some things are best left to the experts right?

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-8 Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-9

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-13

And then the final step, the brush through and an added hit of gloss thanks to the Spray Shine (my favourite hair product for years now) – a  complete shine injection.  Sorry for the completely gratuitous close up but seriously, look at those curls… I wanted to place my head in a bubble and freeze that hair moment foreva.

Thankfifi- Best blow dry in Glasgow - Sassoon 3D curls by Sharz-14

Fashion week ready hair do, done.  I made a 3 shot step by step so you can see the complete transformation which is kinda wild.  I hope you like the look and maybe you guys will try it at home – I know I will!  Only one question – why is Sharz not at fashion week with me?


This post is sponsored by Sassoon Salon.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.  Thanks for your support.

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7 Sep

Travel style – NYC

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket-14

Hey hey Monday – I’m on a jet plane!  While I’m above the clouds en route to New York (probably pinching myself) I wanted to share some travel style with you.  I often think it’s a little tricky to be stylish and super comfortable but I have some rules I like to stick by…

First off, I know you’re probably thinking I claimed to be stylish and you’re wondering what this Aladdin style scarf is all about.  Well, I saw and loved something similar on Pinterest and, being that it was way too hot out for a regular ol’ neck scarf, round the waist it went.  I, at least, am diggin’ it and I will never be without a scarf on a flight.

Second, the softies.  Cashmere if you can and size up just for extra snuggle.  I opted for this soft grey Boden v neck and he’s a peach, the softest fuzziest little guy (2 sizes up gave the perfect slouch).  And this jacket, partly because of the colour, partly because it’s the only jacket I’ve packed and I refuse to waste luggage space on my jacket… when I can wear it and squash in one more pair of shoooooes, ahem, ten pairs, cough cough, what?  Who said that…

As far as bags and shoes go you want them to be easy.   A cross body is perfect (because, you know, I’m also trundling a cabin case full of shoes) and this leather and suede saddle bag from Next is deceptively large and the perfect seventies shape for the new season.

And now security…  you know the drill – liquids out, jewellery off, laptop and ipad all in separate trays, jacket and scarf unravelled, cabin case on the conveyer… and then, ‘Madam, your shoes?’.  Don’t make it any harder.  Slip ons please.  I am quite obsessed with espadrilles right now and these pretties from Daniel are as soft as butter and they work just as well with leather leggings when that day comes.

And that’s it – travel style deconstructed.  Done.

Now for the big apple – follow along on Instagram and give me all your tips please!x

jacket – Mango
cashmere knit – Boden :: short – Gap
espadrilles – Daniel
leather bag – Next :: scarf – Feather & Stone
glasses – Asos :: riva ring – Monica Vinader 

coat – Infindigo 

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket-10

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket-11

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket-6

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket-9

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket-7

Thankfifi- Travel style in Mango cobalt blue suede jacket

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