27 Mar

The House of Peroni – an invitation

The House of Peroni is coming to town again and if past experiences (see the opera and the dinner party) are anything to go by, we are in for a treat…

A taste of Italy is coming to Market Street, Edinburgh from Thursday to Saturday celebrating the quality of craftsmanship that the Italians do so well.  Entry is free and visitors are greeted with the chance to experience a virtual world that blends art and technology like never before, all within the backdrop of a vibrant Peroni Nastro Azzurro bar (for the husband) and a selection of antipasti from the deli (for me).  Using innovative technology from Tilt Brush by Google, guests visiting The House of Peroni will be able to virtually step inside these artworks and explore the pieces, before being given the freedom to experiment and explore their own artistic talent.

The House of Peroni takes residence at
Castle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 from Thursday 30th March – Saturday 1st April

Discover more here

I’ll be wearing simple black and white in the form of non maternity wear that works just as well for the large bellied among us.  Living in this French Connection dress at the moment and throwing on the Reiss open front blazer over tees and jeans or frocks smartens things up – classics.

venn blazer – Reiss   |   sunny dress – French Connection
boot – Reiss
aviator – Ray Ban   |   silk scarf – Bianca Elgar
stanton mini bag – Henri Bendel   |   watch – Hugo Boss

With thanks to The House of Peroni for supporting this post.

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24 Mar

Gran Canaria travel guide – 48 hours

Gran Canaria is a little bit like one of those supermodels whose face at first you think is nothing special, and who might not be the most traditionally beautiful, but, when you look closely, there are truly stunning features if you just know where to look.  Good news is I’ve done the hard work for you and, with the exception of Las Palmas which we didn’t have time to visit, I think I got most of it covered in 48 hours.  Game on.


If you’re thinking about Gran Canaria as a holiday destination it might be the cheap flights that seal the deal.  We paid £60 each return and let’s not forget that this is just shy of a five hour flight from Glasgow.  Use Skyscanner to find the best dates and deals – if you’re flying in winter you need to go the distance to get the sun and Gran Canaria gets a healthy tick in that box.


We stayed in the Sheraton Salobre which was an absolute dream, nestled up in the rocky hills but not too far from some of my top places to visit whilst on the island.  If I was coming back I’d stay here again in a heartbeat and consider tagging on an extra couple of days in the north to explore the old town.  There are some beautiful fincas high up in the mountains too but the higher you go, the less predictable the weather becomes… and let’s not forget what we’re here for.  Sunshine.


With only two nights you don’t want any dinner fails so I did my research…  The first night we found ourselves in Puerto de Mogán, sharing a giant paella by sunset overlooking the marina in Patio Canario, it was simple and fresh and the view was perfection.  The second evening we booked (you need to book) Las Rias in Meloneras, a seafood restaurant with top ratings.  Make sure you leave time for a pre or post drink in the bar on the promenade too which is so pretty and atmospheric (althoug big).  The food was honestly divine and the price was reasonable.


For a tiny island there’s actually a heck of a lot to do and see but you’re gonna need a car.  I booked from Argus and managed to snag a VW convertible for less than £100 which was well worth it as we spent hours driving up, down and round.  Headscarf essential.

The first morning we wound our way up into the mountains on the most beautiful and dramatic snakey road, through the pretty village of Tejeda, up and up to Artenara.  It had been our plan to eat at La Cilla overlooking the valley, the views are insane, but sadly our timing was off and the entire village was fogged in an eight degree cloud.  So, my advice, ask a local or look up the mountain – if you see clouds it’s not a good day to make the trip!

Another must see are the dunes at Maspalomas.  Go at sunrise or sunset for the best light and walk through the Riu Hotel to be greeted with the most stunning vista of rolling sand banks bordered by the ocean.  We took some photos before perching ourselves on an empty dune to bathe in the pink light as the sun disappeared.

Last but not least is Puerto de Mogán, a village literally filled with flowers.  Like a tiny Venice with it’s winding canals and tiny whitewashed homes, this place is super pretty.  Wander through the streets, stop for icecream, pick a bougainvillea bloom for your hair.  Soak up island life…

Have you ever been to Gran Canaria?  I would love to know what you thought and if I missed any great tips please leave a comment to share.x

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20 Mar

Sheraton Salobre, Gran Canaria

An oasis in the volcanic dessert…  Three nights in the Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort was barely long enough to discover every hidden pool and shady palm frond and yet just enough to feel immersed in another world.

The Sheraton is set in the arid hills with panoramic views and the hotel is vast – on the final morning we were still taking wrong turns.  The beautiful thing about wayward wanderings in this place is that every corner seems only to unearth yet another instagram paradise.  Blond wood and big plants and concrete walls and water trickling over infinity edge pools… it is honestly truly beautiful.  The breakfast is epic and the mocktails from the heated sunset rooftop pool were a particular highlight.  So you need a car to get around but nothing is truly that far away (travel guide coming soon) and if you want one of those four poster poolside beds it’s gonna cost you but it certainly didn’t take the shine off for us.

I think what’s most special about the Sheraton Salobre is that in spite of being such a giant, the multilevel layout and surprise pools and decks mean that it feels really intimate – it has that small boutique vibe you know?  And I love that.




With thanks to the Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort for a wonderful stay.

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16 Mar

On my dresser

One of those nights where all my favourite things come together.  After spending the past two days organising my studio/closet space I am acutely aware of the incredible volume of ‘stuff’ I accumulate but these pieces, these ones saved and kept right here on this dresser, are my go-to’s, my absolute favourites and my every day.  Scents and simple make up and support…

And this new Daniel Wellington.  I have worn DW watches for years now but never before have I fallen so very much in love with one of their watches as this one, the Classic Petite (mine in rose gold).  The mesh strap just wraps around your wrist and the face, as always with Daniel Wellingtons, is beautifully slim in profile.  Perfection.  Although any guarantees I’ll be better at time keeping may be empty…

I am so happy to be able to partner with Daniel Wellington to offer you 15% off with the code DWTHANKFIFI.

classic petite melrose watch – Daniel Wellington
Use code DWTHANKFIFI for 15% off

venn blazer – Reiss   |   Enza Costa dress – The Outnet
boots – Next   |   siona rocking chair – La Redoute

   woven basket wall art – Laura Ashley   |   Kerzon candle – Audrey Style
powder – Laura Mercier   |   palette – Charlotte Tilbury
marianna bra – Fantasie   |   notebook – Aspinal   |   watch – Daniel Wellington
snail mail tray – Kate Spade   |   blue hyacinth cologne – Jo Malone

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14 Mar

Poolside postcards – bikini bump

Poolside and pregnant is a funny kind of combo…  on the one hand you feel like you’re putting it all out there for the world to see and on the other hand there’s a confidence because you can’t even hold it in anymore, this belly is rock hard, only not flat.  Either way, comfort and style have moved to the top of my list.

Floaty sundresses are a winner and somehow the off shoulder bikini adds some balance to this new shape of mine.  Although if you have never worn one, just try to imagine swimming with your arms stitched to your sides…  comedy value.  And on my feet these new iqushion flip flops from Fitflop, literally foot shaped pieces of heaven to slide around the pool.  Wishing I could click them together three times and be right back here right now…

dress – Asos   |   bikini – Pistol Panties
iqushion flip flops – Fitflop
hat – Asos   |   aviators – Ray Ban
bracelets – Dower & Hall & Thomas Sabo


With thanks to Fitflop for supporting this post.

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10 Mar


Could there be a more perfect location than these palm fringed steps?  Somewhat delighted to test out spring trends ahead of time in Gran Canaria and quickly discovering that this tent dress is the easiest go to chic choice.

In other news, working hard on willing that sunshine to follow me home…

smithson dress – French Connection
sandals – Zara   |   bleecker bag – Reiss
necklace – Be Snazzy   |   heart bracelet – Thomas Sabo
friendship bracelet – Links of London   |   misanga bracelet – Dower & Hall


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6 Mar

Travel bags

A few days in the sun are only a five hour flight away…  Comfort is key.  Five hours isn’t exactly long haul but it’s more than long enough when you’re on a short haul style plane.  So, yeah, all about the comfort – cosy knit and the stretch dress that folds up into a mini for sunset drinks on arrival (whether you’re pregnant or not, trust me, you NEED this dress in your life).   New accents on my wrist too from Thomas Sabo who have the prettiest selection of gold bracelets for women – did not take them off.  And the big bag.

This Reiss bag is the apple of my eye.  I carried him poolside as well as on the plane and every single day everywhere we went.  I’m a sucker for tan because it just goes with everything and the detailing is on point.  Apologies in advance that you will be seeing a lot more of him…

mariko cardigan – Reiss   |   Enza Costa dress – The Outnet
Pavement boots – Zalando
bleecker leather tote bag – Reiss
aviators – Ray Ban
love bridge & fatima hand bracelets – Thomas Sabo


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2 Mar

London layer cake

A final look from London in layers.  Because layers mean summer tops in winter and evening tops in the day.  Anything is possible.

But for now, a few days of sunshine has been prescribed – none of this cold nonsense, I’m hopping on a flight to warmer climes…

top – Zara   |   roll neck knit – Boden (ON SALE)
jeans – Frame (ON SALE)   |   shoes – H&M
battersea bag – Modalu
aviators – Ray Ban


Photos by Nancy H Gibbs.

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28 Feb

Dream space dreaming – bedroom

linen bedding – La Redoute   |   macrame hanging – Etsy   |   woven wall art – Laura Ashley
table lamp – John Lewis   |    cushion – Anthropologie   |   rocking chair – La Redoute
artificial palm – Not on the Highstreet   |   H&M braided storage baskets (Large & Small)

Feeling all kinds of home related feels after the big kitchen makeover, I’m turning my attention to the other rooms in the house…  perhaps this is nesting (although you would think that would be planning a nursery no?).  Either way, next up is the master bedroom – I say that to sound fancy, it is the master bedroom, it is the only bedroom.  The spare room is full of shoes…

The bedroom is basically a blank canvas.  White walls, white Ikea units, white bedding, OFF white carpet (branching out).  It’s bright and airy and about as charming as a white box.

My inspiration hunt begins as every dreamers does…  on Pinterest.  And then I set about trying to source these crazy unattainable pieces for something less than the price of a new car.  Easy.  Well not entirely but my shopping list is growing, see exhibit A above, and I’ve set my sights on some kind of bedroom collage of the dreamy images below…

It would honestly be a struggle to find anything wrong with this room but that macrame driftwood wall hanging was pretty much where it all started (swiftly followed by those oversized leaves in woven baskets because, you know, I am a blogger after all).  The husband sourced me an absolutely gorgeous one by Le Petit Moose, a gorgeous Scottish brand, but I’m loving this one too or you could go ahead and make your own if you had the time or inclination.  I had neither and the husband knows me well…

Any spare time I can find is going to be spent DIY-ing some leather handles and tab pulls for my plain Jane Ikea units.

Half painted walls are the jam.  I figure if it’s only half of one wall I can go as dark as I like so I’ve swatched Studio Green by Farrow and Ball and I am loving it.  I’m thinking the wall behind the bed will be perfect, like a giant headboard.  Speaking of the bed, I’m not in the market for one (saving for a baby and all that) but if I was it would be this one from Urban Outfitters – probably the most beautiful bed I have ever seen and it has that Cobblers Cove vibe we loved SO much when we were there.

Know what I never waste a second of my life doing?  Ironing.  And guess what?  I have found the perfect bedding, soft washed linen and, wait for it, it’s meant to look crushed.  Winning.  I got mine from La Redoute and it is the softest thing in the whole wide world.  You know when you love your bedding so much you heat your house like a furnace to get it washed, dried and back on your bed in the same day?  Yeah, that.

Image via Lovethesign

Whilst I might not be able to justify the wicker bed, I’m pretty sure I feel ok about a wicker rocking chair – I mean I need one of those right?  Babies like to rock.  Probably about as rockin’ as my nights are gonna get from now on…  sorry, couldn’t help it.  Oh no, I’m making dad jokes already, no, wait, I’ve always made those…  Anyway, wicker furniture is just so beautiful and easy to style.  If you’re having trouble sourcing one, it’s always worth searching the outdoor furniture section for garden furniture.

And last but not least, the holy grail, the giant gilt edged round mirror and I mean giant, like at least 80cm and not crazy expensive either.  You guys, I need one in my life, on my dressing table.  Please help me…

All other images via Pinterest.

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25 Feb

LFW day 4 – pelican

When I shoot in London I have one condition – the location must be ‘London-y’.  That means red buses and busy streets and Big Ben and black taxis and, on this occasion, a pelican crossing.  Nancy laughs at me.

Anyway, this was one of those unseasonably warm days where bare legs didn’t seem utterly insane (until 5pm) and I’m really feeling this whole red and pink trend so here it is.  And the braids, by the team at Sassoon, which I really need to learn to do myself because I just love them.

In other news I keep having anxiety dreams…  about packing.  Maybe this relates to the disaster that is my closet right now (clothes all over the floor and unpacked suitcases and about half a square foot of floor space) but, last night, two dreams – one where I had arrived on holiday and forgotten to bring a single handbag – ‘complete disaster’ the husband quips when I relate the story to him this morning with wide eyes and stressed tone.  Men.

coat – Banana Republic   |    dress – Zara
dyna boots – Isabel Marant
rivington tote – Henri Bendel
hair – Sassoon   |   aviators – Ray Ban
love necklace – Astley Clarke   |   pendant – Essentia


Photos by Nancy H Gibbs.

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