17 Nov

Ball gowns every day

When you buy what can only be described as a gown, because it’s just too pretty with its big obi bow and its chopped up hem, and you want to get a bit of mileage from it…  Add leather legs (yeah, I’m afraid it’s that time of year again – my legs will be leather for approximately the next three months in lieu of tights) and other layers of choice and wear at liberty – in this instance to the official switch on of the House of Fraser Christmas lights.

Just FYI, it looks quite special without all the extra layers too but probably a bit of a stretch to imagine it suitable for everyday wear…  Perhaps with gladiator flats and sunshine (I’ll see what I can do about that).

dress – Mango   |   top – Zara
leather leggings – Boden   |   boots – Reiss
isadore bag – Michael Kors
aviators – Ray-Ban   |   twig bracelet – Ottoman Hands


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14 Nov

Post baby fitness – what works for me

What came as something of a shock to me was just how exhausted my body was following the birth.  And not just for a day or two where I did not trust my legs to be steady enough to carry my baby safely or for the first week where a 100m walk was a great triumph (and required a park bench rest stop) but even now, four months later, that my bones would be creaking and my joints aching after just sitting, yep – just sitting, in a comfy chair.

I am an active person though and I knew that some form of fitness, however minor in the beginning, was going to be important for my mind and body.  Perhaps it was a blessing and certainly a curse that I felt so nauseous during the majority of my pregnancy and food in general so unappealing that I did not gain much weight to speak of (20lb a week before he was born and the last time I checked), or rather I was not left with any residual weight.

My general shape, however, is now somewhat different…  and my belly button seems to be left in a permanent state of confusion, undecided quite between ‘inny’ and ‘outy’ status.  Never before did I quite grasp the importance of a good sports bra, in fact I think I only ever bought anything that came with the size option of S/M/L, but post baby things are different.  I am now well stocked with a slew of my favourite Panache sports bras which keep everything firmly in place whilst providing options for regular back and racerback (for extra high intensity – not quite there yet) and being uber comfortable at the same time.  Wearing a proper sized sports bra is revolutionary – how did I not know this?  If you fancy trying some for yourself, or any of the Panache range for that matter, you will be delighted to discover the Click, Fit & Collect service – simply order a selection of styles and sizes online to be delivered free of charge to your local store where you can enjoy a free fitting and trying consultation before buying only the styles you choose.  If you’re anything like me you will be more than happy to wave goodbye to the days of lingerie shopping where you turn up and there’s no stock in your size.  Cheerio.

So, I am easing myself very slowly back into fitness, indoors and out, but here is a quick look at what’s working for me right now (and I would be neglectful not to mention sanding these floors because that, for sure, was a workout itself and one that I am so proud of – strong girls club)…

grey wired sports bra – Panache
bamboo contour workout leggings – Sweaty Betty
uberknit sneakers – Fitflop
water bottle – BKR   |   bodymax dumbells – Powerhouse Fitness




All about the pelvic floor.  No sooner is the baby out than they are telling you to practise these guys, before your body has even recovered enough to feel that you’re doing them, you better be doing them…  at least if you ever want to trampoline ever again.

Within the first week I began light ab work but not the kind of ab work I was used to.  This is all about bringing those muscles back together where they belong.  During pregnancy everything moves and your six pack literally divides into a pair of three packs – that first week if I tried to sit up I could fit a whole fist between those muscles which was pretty freaky.  I did some pelvic rocks, flat on my back, knees bent, sucking my tummy in and rocking my hips up towards my chest slightly.  I’ve graduated these now to include pelvic floor and arm extensions with weights – triple threat.  Honestly I am still really wary of any traditional sit up type exercise as I feel my abs are a little undecided about their final destination and I do not want to encourage them anywhere other than together so I tend to sub this into any workout that includes intense ab work.

Following my ten week check I got back in touch with my old friend Jillian Michaels.  And when I say ‘got in touch’ I mean dug out the ipad videos and when I say ‘my old friend’ I mean I think I’m closer to her than she is to me…  My poison of choice right now is Ripped in 30 and I basically take the easy option offered for almost all the exercises and make some subs as I mentioned above with the abs.  I avoid anything high impact and modify high knees for high steps, etc., etc…  you get the idea.  I love these workouts though because her format is never mundane – two minutes of strength, two minutes of cardio, one minute of abs in three different circuits.  I really appreciate home workouts because I avoid time wasted getting to and from the gym and, if I time it right, Hunter watches from his bouncy seat entertaining himself with his own little baby gym (FYI it looks waaay easier than my workout).  When in doubt I remind myself of my favourite mantra ‘Never regret a workout’ – I mean, have you EVER?

Moving forward I’ll be upping the intensity of the workouts and trying to get back to my five days a week – right now I usually average three.  And I am tempted to try Kayla Itsines after so many recommendations…


Walking.  Simple as that.  I started real slow and short on the first day home from hospital and built up little by little.  By around two weeks post baby I could comfortably walk fifteen minutes, not at any great pace, but I felt like myself again, that was the real turning point.  Four months in and I can hike hills and walk briskly for a solid hour just like before.  It truly is the best exercise and in any case, with two dogs and a baby, I have little choice in the matter and pushing the pram throws in some resistance work for free.

So that’s my tuppence worth as they say…  if you have anything to add, advice or questions, I am all ears – just drop me a note in the comments.x

jacket – Gap   |   zip top – Forever 21
white wired sports bra – Panache
high waisted postpartum leggings – Blanqi
kamona boots – Emu Australia
geo 2 studio pram – Joolz



With thanks to Panache for supporting this post.

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7 Nov

When all that’s left of ERDEMxHM is the socks

When all that’s left of the Erdem x HM collab is the socks…  and you gotta buy them because you’re such a sucker for the marketing that £25 for a couple pairs of socks seems completely reasonable.  But you know what?  I kinda love them.  And I don’t think I ever had the challenge of building an entire look around a pair of socks but I think it worked.  And for someone who really hates tights, this whole knee high socks and heels thing works pretty well.  You can see how I talked myself into them…

knit – Reiss   |   skirt – Zara
socks – Erdem x H&M   |   bardot heels – Reiss
rivington tote bag – Henri Bendel
aviators – Ray Ban   |   rings – Ottoman Hands


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3 Nov

Sale alert : Scottish Blogger Shop pop up tomorrow in Glasgow

It’s happening again…  my closet has been pulled to pieces, my front room has been ensconced in a mountain of clothes, shoes and bags (sooooo many bags), everything has been priced and tagged somewhere between £2 and £80 – I mean, heck, my mum even had the iron out…


Saturday 4th Novemeber, 9am – 6pm
Taste Buchanan
Top Floor, Buchanan Galleries

So I shopped my own closet, just for the day, on loan for this shoot.  Everything I’m wearing will be on those rails and up for sale including those beaut Jimmy Choo sunglasses.   Most of my clothes are size 8-10 and shoes 5-6 but, don’t worry, there are handbags galore too…

Some of my fav Glasgow blogger girls will also be there so take a look at the Facebook event to find out who else is taking part.  Sorry for the short notice and I really hope some of you can make it!  Come with empty shopping bags and empty bellies so you can stock up and try out the delicious street food while you’re at it…  fashion and food – two of my favourite things.

knit – Gant   |   dress – Zara   |   boots – Daniel   |   bag – Boden
sunglasses – Jimmy Choo   |   watch – Daniel Wellington


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31 Oct

Home tour – the family room

Welcome home.  I never thought that this move would be ‘the move’, the forever home, but one room complete and it feels so right, you know?  After our offer was accepted (ok, actually way before then), we were pouring over the Rightmove images and had a plan for this room (which was a burgundy dining room) if nothing else.  With a six week old baby we were gonna need at least one room that was liveable right off the bat…

The main player in space is the seating.  It seemed like fate when the Sofology collaboration email dropped in my inbox – I think I replied kinda fast, you know, about 17 seconds after I opened it – I never possessed that cool girlfriend gene.  My Pinterest obsession had reached new levels weeks before the move and new seating was top of my list.  Funnily enough we popped into our local store with something else in mind entirely but when my eyes met this, the Barrington, there was just no other way.  First off, I want you to know that we went into that store unannounced, that is to say that the staff would not have known a thing about the collab., and they were ah-mazing.  They don’t work on commission and that was sooo apparent…  and welcome.  We talked sizes and leathers and colours (Forello Chestnut if you’re interested) and this design literally ticked all my boxes – slick design, tan leather, squish factor – Barrington had it all.  And I would be remiss not to make a nod to the price too – the three seater is £1199 which, if you have ever searched for a mid-century leather sofa you will know, is pretty darn good…  When the sofa and armchair were delivered I was all set for an afternoon of humphing furniture and hoovering polystyrene balls but the guys literally unboxed, screwed legs on, stuck those wee padded thingys on the feet, put them in the exact spots I asked for and took away the packaging – please can all deliveries come with this service from now on thank you?  We have been living in harmony for a month now and he’s been puked on and taken dog clawings like a trooper and our relationship is rock solid and still so full of love, he’s a design sofa but a sofa for real life; I don’t like to exaggerate but these pieces really make the room, they’re the foundation.

So it seems a mid-century, colonial, boho mashup is my interiors jam right now with a touch of quirky animal themed pieces thrown in for good measure (yeah, I definitely did order that bird leg table I was talking about on stories even though 84% of you hated it – I’m ok with that).  Monsoon stepped in to tick the bohemian box with this amazing sequin pouffe and fringed cushion which go perfectly with the other bits and pieces I repurposed from the flat.  You might recognise the Ikea unit from our old bedroom – well, you can only imagine my delight when it fitted along this wall and the Superfront handles matched the sofa perfectly.  And the same day I was set to pull the trigger on this rug, I rescued a vintage number from a dark and dingy bin bag life in the my mum’s loft – score.

And lastly we had better talk about that wall art – a fringed sunset hanging on my wall.  I discovered Lauren through Instagram and basically stalked her until a new collection went live and then I hit refresh about 438 times until this circle tapestry launched and I pressed add to cart, followed by a frantic phone call to the bank to unblock my card following my suspicious activity (gah!), and I spent all my pennies on it and I have no regrets.

I live in this room every single day, me and all my boys, and I love it.  It feels beautiful and comfortable and ‘me’ and it makes my heart happy and, provided I don’t open doors to any of the other half finished rooms, I just feel perfectly at home.

barrington 3 seater sofa – Sofology
sunset circle tapestry – Lauren Williams
sequin pouffe & fringe cushion – Monsoon
blue cushions & sanday throw – Bluebellgray
birdy side table – Urban Outfitters (ON SALE)
woven baskets – TK Maxx   |   plant & sheepskin rug – Ikea
rug & camel stool – vintage

barrington armchair – Sofology
mongolian cushion – West Elm   |   geo cushion – H&M
lamp, vase & lobster – TK Maxx
porcelain spoons & measuring cups – Anthropologie   |   scales – vintage
besta unit – Ikea   |   leather trunk handles – Superfront







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26 Oct

Party twins

Imagine two friends shopping at TK Maxx, one in Edinburgh and the other in Glasgow, for a little birthday night out.  And somehow, without a hint as to what the other has chosen, we end up twinning.  That is true friendship right there.

The reason for our party-wear haul is that TK Maxx has an extra big delivery of everything you need to throw or attend a party, in store and online right now, and we are celebrating Miss Carrie’s brithday.  I honestly found so many gems whilst looking for my outfit; cue faux fur, lace, knits, sequins and the maxi dress that it hurt so bad to leave behind (but floor length chiffon for a Glasgow winter?  I just couldn’t do it…) and they’re all in store right now so I urge you to pop in, even if you’ve never been before.  And it doesn’t stop there – you can pick up party decorations for the home and adorable party pieces when in store too so everyone and everything can get ready to celebrate.

Right, back to my party twin, ok, so we’re not identical twins but we both wound up choosing pale pink minis (mine £25 with an RRP of £332 and Carrie’s £39 with an RRP of £210 – yeah, seriously) with navy up top and navy accessories.  I love that in some ways we’re so similar but each look is totally our own style; Carrie is the sort of girl who rocks up to work on a Monday morning in sequins so partywear is kinda her bag, whereas I am the sort of girl who wears a big chunky knit on a night out.  And this knit is EPIC.  I mean, it’s by a brand I first fell in love with on a trip to New York and have been coveting ever since so when I spied it at 60% off, you could not prise it out of my eager mitts.  The shoes were a last minute addition I sourced online and had delivered just in time for our little soiree…

TK Maxx might be different, but when you get it, you really get it…  and I get it.

So yeah, I made her hold my hand for these shots because I thought it’d be cute and I love her (and this is the girl who I once had matching tan lines with after lounging side by side for an afternoon in Aix en Provence on a giant inflatable swan, just laughing and floating.  Our arms lay squished together for hours in that French sun and after that our tans only looked complete when we pieced ourselves back together like a little two piece puzzle).  And we shared food and toasted Carrie’s birthday in our matchy matchy, same same but different, outfits…

knit, dress, bag & shoesTK Maxx
top, skirt & bag – TK Maxx

With thanks to TK Maxx for supporting this post.

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24 Oct

On slogan tees… and that email about my teeth

About the look – I told you this was the coat for me so this probably will most certainly not be the last time you see it (in fact I met an old school friend last week who I had not seen for a couple of years and she said she knew it was me way down the street because of this coat and my social media channels…  where it is, apparently, a repeat offender).  Also this slogan tee is basically the best one IMO, I mean, it says ‘MOTHER’ and I can legit wear that badge with pride now – although technically I have viewed myself as a mother for over a decade, the vast (sane) majority of the population don’t count dogs mamas as true mothers…  whatever.

About my teeth – I received a super lovely and polite email this week from someone offering to fix my teeth.  And I am tempted.  I used the poll feature on Instagram stories and 78% of you were interested too.  I mean, my teeth have bothered me for years, well, technically, not my teeth…  just that one snaggletooth at the front, right up front and centre.  But my concern is this: the husband has a matching snaggletooth and if Hunter baby also grows the same snaggletooth would that be our endearing family snaggletooth thing?  And if I drag mine back like a good little soldier into a perfect lineup will I be left feeling like the odd one out?  And then be forced to move to Hollywood just to ‘fit in’ again?  These are the things that keep me awake at night…  and I have a three month old baby.

storm coat – Jigsaw   |   mother tee – Selfish Mother
jeans – American Eagle   |   Pavement boots – Zalando
aviators – Ray-Ban   |   clip fringe earrings – Etsy
gold twist circle necklace – Ottoman Hands   |   totem gold cuff – Edge of Ember
rivington mini tote – Henri Bendel


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20 Oct


Just the two of us, on an autumn playdate, crunching through those leaves, twinning in that colour.

Three side notes – first, this fur aviator jacket is all kinds of amazing.  Second, these are the first ever pleather leggings I have owned, in fact the first pleather anything I have owned, and they are seriously good – like not too shiny, perfectly high waisted flattering fit, less than £30 good (just goes to show why you should never say never – thanks Monica for the tip off).  And third, sorry for the baby spam but I literally could not be more in love (it’s true what they say) and this wee face in that hat is just too much…

fur jacket   |   sweatshirt   |   leather look leggings   |   suede boots
hat   |   cable knit jumper   |   cord trousers   |   socks
All Next


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17 Oct

Getting the Luxe Oil treatment

This level of shine is…  ok I’ll fully admit I just spent more than five minutes trying to think of a humorous analogy so let’s just say it is…  off the charts.  And my hair ain’t shiny these days.  Like, ever.

That post baby hair was getting all kinds of special and on top of the greasy roots and the dry ends which hadn’t been cut for four and a half months there was an overall feeling of, well, lacklustre.  I became the biggest champion of the topknot.  One could say a trip to Sassoon was a little overdue.  The Luxe Oil treatment was applied, those split ends were culled and that fringe trimmed back into shape and I left feeling like a new woman.  I sauntered straight into Zara and treated maself to a little sumthin’ sumthin’ (cue mum’s frantic message about typos…) because somehow I felt I really deserved a reward, just for having great hair.  Any excuse.  But about that treatment – perfect for prepping your hair for winter, like a big shiny, moisture injection, applied right before I was asked that one question I am so sure no-one ever says no to – ‘Would you like a head massage today?’.  Um, yes.  Yes I would.  Every day.  I went for the Beach Wave blow dry and I wasn’t honestly sure how that was gonna work out with the fringe but you know what?  It worked out, it really worked out.  If you fancy heading in yourself don’t be afraid to name drop – just mention ‘Thankfifi’ for 20% off.

Because Ophelia dictates that it would be impossible to shoot outdoors, some fall favourites creeping their way into my interiors setup…  the accidental hammered gold coffee table that was meant to be a bird (if you follow my insta-stories you know what I’m talking about), the most heady, divine rose candle, a mini tote that fits my fall palette perfectly, a vintage rug stealthily rescued from a bin bag in my mum’s loft and the new Jo Malone London cologne, English Oak and Redcurrant, I mean that scent just sums up a whole season…

top – Zara   |   jeans – Zara   |   belt – Gant
pavement boots – Zalando
rivington mini tote – Henri Bendel
stacking rings – Ottoman Hands   |   totem gold cuff – Edge of Ember
hair – Sassoon Salon (quote THANKFIFI for 20% off)



decanter – Sagaform   |   rose oud candle – M Botanicals
english oak and redcurrant cologne – Jo Malone
hammered gold coffee table – Urban Outfitters (ON SALE)
rugs – vintage


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.

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13 Oct

The inbetweener

The coatigan – not a coat, nor a cardigan; a hybrid, an inbetweener.  But a perfect midseason layering piece for when the leaves are turning but not quite as much as you might have liked.  So yeah, I’ll freely admit to a bit of Photoshop, erm, enhancement of those autumn leaves, to elevate the overall look, you know.  Is that cool?  And now I’m sure you’re checking for lengthened legs or other deceivings…  but I assure you there are none – these are my legs, shaved only once a fortnight nowadays and only the front half at that.  Happy Friday.x

pagan weave coatigan – Great Plains
mia roll neck – Great Plains   |   skirt – Zara
boots – Tommy Hilfiger
rivington convertible tote – Henri Bendel
circle stacking rings – Ottoman Hands


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