4 Dec

Christmas for him – the custom fit tee


And then all of a sudden it’s December and the decorations get pulled from boxes under beds and dusted off and it’s finally socially acceptable to play Christmas tunes (even though, clandestinely, you have been for weeks).  And the list of gifts is looming…

For the man in your life, at least, I have found the ideal gift – a perfectly fitting, custom sized t-shirt from Copenhagen company Son of a Tailor.  So if your husband (or dad or boyfriend of brother) is anything like mine with the oddest of gripes about high street t-shirts, the neck is too loose or the hem too short, or too long, or the sleeves too tight, or the fabric not thick enough…  then this is the dream.

Simply order the gift box (use the code Fifi16 for 15% off), which by the way nails that Scandi minimal vibe, housing a tape measure and gift voucher for one t-shirt, just the way he likes it, with free delivery.  The extra bonus is this will keep him occupied for at least thirty minutes on Christmas day too while he measures up and chooses the colour and fit of his tailor made tee, maybe even some discreetly embroidered initials…  winning.  The t-shirt, by the way, when it arrives, is premium quality, organic cotton, made responsibly and sustainably – love that.

So my first gift is sorted.  And yes, it’s the only one so far…  Just mothers and fathers and friends and children and furries to think about now.  Have you started your shopping?  And if you’re one of those people who finished it all in October then I’d really rather not know…

custom fit t-shirt gift box – Son of a Tailor
(use code
Fifi16 for 15% off)

cora pyjamas – Feleil   |   linen bedding – La Redoute
mongolian cushion – West Elm (similar)









With thanks to Son of a Tailor for supporting this post.

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2 Dec



And so it seems my brown coat trifecta is complete (see no. one and two).  You could argue this is too many but MrK would back me up and say that every day is a brown coat day.  Seriously though, the A line shape and the bell sleeves on this Jigsaw beauty really got my heart…  Vogue agreed so perhaps no surprise that it’s currently sold out.

Seemed like fate that the sleeves on my new H&M knit married up perfectly and, yes, I’m wearing my MK Isadore bag under my coat because the struggle of a crossbody over a coat is something no-one should have to endure…

magdalena coat – Jigsaw
knit – H&M Trend   |   jeans – American Eagle
heels – Boden
necklace – Esstentia   |   aviators – Ray-Ban
michael kors isadore bag – Zalando









P.s.  This is what happens when I’m just trying to get that perfect walking shot but he’s just trying to get that discarded kebab someone left on the pavement the night before…

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30 Nov

Fletcher’s Cottage spa


Just a moment in time filled with interior dreams and rose filled, roll top baths…  Fletcher’s Cottage might not have a pool and it may not have hot tubs but it has everything else.

Step into reception and sink into one of those armchairs (yeah, those ones up there), take off your boots and rest your toes for a moment on the heated stone floor before slipping them into fluffy slippers.  Enjoy an apple avocado green juice and relax with a warm flannel and, don’t forget, we are still just in reception.  And so it goes on…  Individual marble clad changing rooms with rainfall showers, private bath huts down winding garden paths lined with grasses and blooms, wood burning stoves and petal filled baths. And, post bath, dried with towels like clouds, we’re being enveloped into one of those giant duvet clad cuddle chairs…  to sleep perchance to dream…

fletchers-cottage-spa-archerfield-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-2   fletchers-cottage-spa-archerfield-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-3


fletchers-cottage-spa-private-bath-hut-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-1   fletchers-cottage-spa-private-bath-hut-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-5








fletchers-cottage-spa-archerfield-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-9   fletchers-cottage-spa-archerfield-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-12

We visited Fletcher’s Cottage during our mini break at Archerfield which you can discover more about in this post.

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28 Nov

LKB x Boyarde


Last year LK Bennett released these custom monogrammed bags and I had envy.  Like I wanted one real bad.  I’m kinda a sucker for anything with my name on it (gone are the days of school name tags when you pulled those painstakingly hand-sewn tags off your uniform… sorry mum) – now it’s pretty special.  This year I have been a good girl though and Santa was watching because this little beauty arrived in the mail and I oh so carefully stuck my letters on.  And yeah, not gonna lie, I’m pretty chuffed with it.  If you fancy one today’s the day because you can still take 20% off everything at LK Bennett with the code BLACKFRIDAY.

In other news I went to Gap to stock up on new season knits and decided to wear them all at once.  More is more, or the more the merrier, and tis the season to be merry after all…

cardi – Gap   |   cable knit jumper – Gap
leather skirt – Boden
kickstart sneakers – Keds
plaid scarf – Gap
mariel bag & boyarde stickers – LK Bennett  











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25 Nov

Minibreaking – Archerfield


Living out my lodge life dreams…  Ninety minutes from Glasgow, close to North Berwick, lies Archerfield, aka #goals.   Pulling up to this lodge was one of those fairytale moments – it is immense.  Spending the weekend here with my folks and my boys truly made memories that last forever.  From the colossal log cabin to the roaring log fire and waking up to these views from the verandah, the lodge is the holiday home version of the one hundred emoticon.  Literally no detail unthought of, every luxury provided including robes for us and dog beds for the boys, breakfasts in The Clubhouse are epic and the spa needs a whole post of its own (it’s coming).

The men confirm that the golf is on another level (the husband’s shoes were genuinely polished beyond recognition – cue my dad’s embarrassment as the husband claims his shoes are indeed not there at the shoe bar…).

The grounds are so Scottish and so stunning – I’m pretty sure someone trims the grasses with scissors, like 99% sure.  And Dirleton beach is only moments away so you know that made me very happy.

This place can only be summed up as a fairytale – something that so wildly exceeds your expectations you can’t quite believe you’re there, in that lodge with the people you love the most.


pannier belted jacket – Barbour International (Black Friday sale)
knit – H&M   |   jeans – Guess
pavement boots – Zalando
gloves – Barbour International (Black Friday sale)

archerfield-barbour-international-pannier-padded-jacket-thankfifi-scottish-fashion-blog-1   archerfield-barbour-international-stainforth-leather-gloves-thankfifi-scottish-fashion-blog-2



archerfield-luxury-lodge-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-12   archerfield-luxury-lodge-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-6








archerfield-the-clubhouse-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-3   archerfield-the-clubhouse-breakfast-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-1






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21 Nov



I feel like one of those Planet Earth bears when I wear this teddy coat.  Unless you have been living under a rock you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say that…  In other words, this coat from Karen Millen is immense – literally the best teddy coat I have ever come across.  The fur is so incredibly soft, the fit is perfect and the closure is hook and eye which I think is just a must for fur coats.  Yep, I love it.

Funny story.  The day I brought this coat home I had it laid out in the hall of our apartment.  Coincidentally MrK was having a sleepover at my mum and dads’ house.  The husband came home, was greeted exuberantly by Tux (as always) but no sign of the brown dog.  He sees the coat.  Still no brown dog.  He’s looking at the coat again then at me, ‘Erm…  where’s MrK?’.

teddy fur coat – Karen Millen
backless cable knit jumper – Choies
jeans – American Eagle Outfitters
pavement boots – Zalando
ray-ban aviators – Zalando   |   rivington tote – Henri Bendel









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18 Nov

Wine country soirée


Flashback to wine country and reinventing the classics for a soirée with Gérard Bertrand at Chateau L’Hospitalet in the South of France…  Somehow this butter soft leather midi turned into a staple for me (who knew?) but sometimes you just find these pieces that fit you and your style and life and what originally seemed like the most obscure choice, you weren’t quite sure why you were so drawn to it, makes complete sense for almost every occasion for years to come.  And that bag, only mine for a night, that cobalt velvet thing of dreams…

body – H&M   |   leather skirt – LK Bennett (similar)
boots – Daniel   |   aviators – Ray-Ban
blue velvet classic flap bag – Chanel








With thanks to Air France for the wonderful trip.  Photos by Kelly.

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16 Nov

Therapie Clinic Glasgow – my laser hair removal journey


And now for something a little bit different…  Can we talk about my pits?  We’re friends by now right?

Honestly laser hair removal is something I have been considering for about two years after friends having such great results – problem is those friends live in Australia and New Zealand and I needed something a little closer to home.  So when Thérapie Clinic reached out to say they were opening a space in Glasgow I was delighted to trial the treatment.  I popped along to the opening night and was immediately blown away by the beautiful space and the professionalism of the staff.  Everything is super clean and the machines are top of the range (aka painless), brand new lasers and I truly felt at ease, like this is somewhere I trusted.  I booked in for my first treatment and, for anyone considering this, here are my initial thoughts…

caterina crombie coat – Phase Eight   |   cardigan – Next
cami – H&M   |   jeans – American Eagle
boots – Tommy Hilfiger   |   rivington tote – Henri Bendel

therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-15   therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-13


My therapist is called Lee and, while I’m sure all the girls are amazing, she is incredible – taking the time to answer all my questions (there were many) and really explain not only the process but also the technical stuff.  In a nutshell the laser travels down the hair to the blood supply at the root and with each treatment you can expect about twenty percent of those hairs to simply grow out and never come back.  Hallelujah.

For me it was a revelation that I was requested to arrive clean shaven (none of those weeks of ugly growth required for waxing).  Lee marked the area, gave me sexy goggles and applied a cooling gel before bringing in the laser.  I would have been somewhat nervous but the fifteen second patch test we did the week before had completely put my mind at rest.  Basically the laser slid over my underarm for about a minute, all the while Lee asking if I was in any pain – we had a scale of one to five and I never went above a two.  And that is it.  Seriously.


therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-2   therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-4


I wanted to wait ten days to share this post with you so I could give a true review of that first treatment.  In that time I did not experience any pain or heat, although I did my aftercare, exfoliating and applying Laser Aid gel, and already thirty percent of my pesky underarm fuzz is gone.  Result.

If this is something you are considering then I urge you to check them out – there are some great prices right now and new clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as Ireland.

So every six weeks, for six treatments in total, I will be visiting Thérapie Clinic and sharing the results of my hopefully wondrously hairless pits with you at the end.  Stay tuned…

therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-9   therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-10

therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-12   therapie-clinic-glasgow-laser-hair-removal-thankfifi-scottish-lifestyle-blog-16



With thanks to Thérapie Clinic for supporting this post.

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14 Nov

Party dress mileage


Because party dresses at sunset are always a good idea…  My eyes had hearts in them the moment they saw this Reiss number and now she’s on sale too.  Like any good woman, she’s perfect just as she is but if you want to switch it up, which I have for more Scottish (aka inclement) occasions, you can add leather legs or knee high boots and a biker and she’s altogether more… sassy.  Did I really just say ‘sassy’?  Excuse me while I go research retirement homes in South Florida…

nyla dress – Reiss (ON SALE)
rivington convertible tote – Henri Bendel
aviators – Ray-Ban











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10 Nov

#KUGAdventure : Poland to Lithuania roadtrip


Animated hands are embellishing another of Anastasia’s wonderful ‘short’ stories as we navigate the route out of Warsaw and into the wilds of Eastern Europe…  We are, as would become customary for us on this road trip, running late from the off, on this occasion due to that stop in the old town.  I have already spoken (literally) with the Kuga sat nav and plotted our destination.  Gliding through the golden tree lined roads perhaps a little faster than we should be, perfectly at ease in cosy cream knit matching the Vignale’s hand crafted interior.  And the 500km roadtrip from Warsaw, Poland to Vilnius, Lithuania begins…

jumper – French Connection   |   jeans – American Eagle
kickstart sneakers – Keds
Ford Kuga Vignale



white-kuga-vignale-kugadventure-in-poland-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-5   white-kuga-vignale-kugadventure-in-poland-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-8


Somehow I was not quite convinced that Ford would really hand over the keys and leave us to it, crossing borders, navigating from the other side of the road and deciphering directions in another tongue.  Pre travel I convinced my anxious mother there would almost certainly be a guide accompanying us.  I lied.

Opportunities like these are what make us, or break us I suppose, and I like to think of myself as a yes girl.  And if you’re going to send me an email with a hashtag including ‘adventure’, then we’re going to get along just fine.  So with a car that basically parks himself and brakes when he thinks you’re getting dangerously close to that traffic in front, what could go wrong?  Well, as much as I would love to exaggerate for the sake of a good story, nothing it seems.



Arriving in the lake district near Augustow and a wave of a muddied white sneaker (you know, photoshoots) under the hands free tailgate later, we were carrying our almost certainly oversized luggage (again, the photoshoots) into the hotel…


The next morning brought more gutsy weather, aka freezing sideways rain, and a new ride, the Kuga ST Line.  A red sporty number, I was naturally feeling somewhat smug that somewhere in the depths of my giant case were my co-ordinating pieces, the red accented Barbour Kelsall and Sorel boots.

kelsall jacket – Barbour   |   breton top – Boden
leather pants – Boden   |   major moto boots – Sorel
cornforth bag – Radley
Ford Kuga ST Line



Naturally a hot chocolate old town pitstop, a fast forming tradition, was happening and this time over the border in Kaunas.  Ask the Kuga to ‘find parking’ and he will, what a guy.  All those autumn trees and the beautiful old architecture…  we were chatting and snapping and forming the kind of firm friendship that surely can only be developed on road trips.  And was it possible that this country was colder than the last?  Back in the Kuga the heated seats were toasting our buns and the steering wheel thawing my fingers and it was dawning on us that crossing the border had literally stolen an hour, damn time difference, and, with just an hour to gate closing and 100km to cover, the race to the airport was on.

We made it of course and it was an adventure, not only for us but for the anxious Ford team at the airport and now, a 48 hour blur later, we have these photos and our memories and perhaps a slew of speeding fines in the mail…

barbour-kelsall-jacket-ford-kuga-st-line-in-red-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-2   barbour-kelsall-jacket-ford-kuga-st-line-in-red-thankfifi-scottish-travel-blog-1




With thanks to Ford for the adventure.  Outfit photos by Anastasia.

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