26 May

Wedding season with Phase Eight

This colour…  bright, hot, stop you in your tracks red…  so much love for this colour.

I always love Phase Eight for their occasionwear and if you’ve ever watched my instagram stories from the fitting rooms in the House of Fraser store then you probably know that they are the fitting rooms to put all others to shame – think brick walls and high ceilings and filament light bulbs…  My advice?  Book yourself a complimentary stylist appointment and let them do the job of guiding you through the collection, selecting the best styles for the occasion and to suit your body shape while you take relax (and instagram story).

Turns out this swing dress was my match made in heaven, not for the colour alone but also for the forgiving shape – even with le bump the movement is amazing when you walk or dance (yep, just picture a 7 month pregnant lady road-testing dance moves in occasionwear in the University grounds – oh gosh, I just saw a future flash of a ‘mum, you’re sooooo embarassing’ moment).  And one more thing – it has pockets.  I don’t think at this stage in our relationship we need to go into how good I feel about dresses with pockets…

zoe dress – Phase Eight
petal suede heels & clutch – Phase Eight
lara fascinator – Phase Eight



With thanks to Phase Eight for supporting this post.

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24 May

Urbane – new hair with Sassoon

I finally did it you guys – I got a proper, blunt, jumped in with both feet, fringe.  And a bob.  And it’s for keeps, I mean, I really love it.

You probably know I have been visiting Sassoon Salon in Princes Square for years now and Sharz has my complete trust when it comes to le mop so when we started talking about the new Urbane Collection and he reckoned the pure and simple style of the structured bob could work for me, I was game.  I have been keen to take the plunge for about a year now but been building up to it…  first with the side fringe…  and then with the shaggy fringe…  and now here we are, keeping it simple with straight lines and super healthy, shiny hair but, most importantly to me, this fringe.

These guys really, really know what they’re doing and, more importantly, what works for you.  So it honestly makes me so happy to share an intro offer with you – if you’ve never been before but want to check it out and see what all my fuss is about then it’s simple…

Quote THANKFIFI when booking for
20% off cut and colour*

It’s addictive.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I already have my next appointment in the diary, no joke.  I want these bangs trimmed and in line before mini me makes an appearance.  Fortunately my bob is still long enough to tie back into a teeny tiny pony and I might love it that way just as much, with the fringe out doing all the work, and it’s so easy and it looks done.  Love that.  And I suspect ‘easy’ hair is going to be of paramount importance in the coming months…

top – Zara   |   jeans – Next (non maternity here)
heels – Zara   |   trevally necklace – Stella & Dot
hair – Sassoon Salon (quoteTHANKFIFI for 20% off*)

sanday throw – bluebellgray


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.

*Offer valid for new guests only, with select stylist and colourists. Valid Monday to Friday. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Sassoon require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of an appointment.

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22 May


When your maxi dress won’t do up…  layer.  Pregnancy problem solving one day at a time my friends.

dress – Zara   |   cami – Topshop
zadie jeans – Isabelle Oliver   |   sneakers – Keds
bag – Karen Millen   |   aviators – Ray Ban
fatima hands bracelet – Thomas Sabo



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19 May

Wedding season with Zalando

Friday is looking peachy…  and, at least for ample excuse to use my favourite emoji, I am so happy.  This dress though…  she is a peach is she not?  I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Zalando for some time now and genuinely what I love most about the site is discovering new brands – literally 1000’s of products to choose from but I narrow it down, this time to maxi dresses for the wedding theme, and have an epic browsing session.

There is in fact a whole section dedicated to maternity wear but I am, as ever, loathe to go down the route of filling my closet with pieces that will only work for 7 weeks – enter the wrap dress (i.e. extra fabric to share with baby).

I paired her with giant banana leaves and the beautiful Steve Madden flats because, whilst I am not willing to admit defeat just yet when it comes to my heels, the comfort appeal is real.  Thanks to the lovely lady who stopped me concerned about my trailing lace…  and sorry I did not heed your advice but the struggle of reaching my feet is real.  The husband, in fact, did it for me on bended knee while I paused on a bench like a giant Cinderella.  What a guy.

Ivy & Oak dress – Zalando
Steve Madden teresaa flats – Zalando
Ray Ban aviators – Zalando
necklaces – Astley Clarke & Essentia


With thanks to Zalando for supporting this post.

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16 May

The perfect holiday dress

Probably the perfect summer linen dress.  Big statement I know.  But let’s just look at the cold, hard facts – it’s linen, it’s white and blue, it’s got stripes, it’s floaty (enough for ma belly even though it’s not maternity… or an afternoon of paella and cocktials if that’s your jam).  And these doors?  If I coulda fitted just one in my hand luggage to instagram in front of forever more you know I would have.  Ibiza blues got my heart…

chloe-mae dress – Phase Eight
sandals – Zara   |   bag – Matalan (love this one too!)
aviators – Ray Ban   |   necklaces – Astley Clarke & Essentia
bracelets – Feather & Stitch


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13 May

Moments in time

Some day soon this bassinet is going to be filled with something other than flowers…  Somehow these days hang in time, being so precious and full of anticipation of what is to come.  I have no doubt that in a few months we’ll be looking back and finding it so surreal to remember life right now, before baby, and for that I am so thankful for the blog, for these moments documented and saved, travels and places and moments in time captured.

And on my wrist more memories, charms hanging from the Links of London sweetie sterling silver charm bracelet – a beautiful way to save these moments.  Classically the charms are spaced but what I love about this bracelet is that you can style it in your own special way and I have chosen to cluster mine together, a little group of precious thoughts.  The 18kt yellow gold vermeil aries zodiac charm for myself, the 18kt yellow gold and diamond evil eye charm to ward off any bad spirits, and because it will always remind me of the many wonderful travels we have shared over the years, and the 18kt yellow gold vermeil sun locket pendant, lying empty for now but just waiting for a tiny precious photo of our future…

sweetie bracelet – Links of London
aries charm, sun locket pendant & evil eye charm – Links of London

avana top – Isabella Oliver   |   knit – Gap
jeans – Seraphine   |   
espadrilles – Boden


With thanks to Links of London for supporting this post.

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11 May

When your shorts don’t fit

The only trouble with booking holidays so last minute is lack of prep time.

The toenails were not painted, you know not just like they weren’t manicured but in that way that when you start removing the debris you discover layers of colours you weren’t even sure you ever owned?  Rectified from my lounger round the pool in what was surely the most ladylike position – reaching my toes is a challenge.  In spite of constant updates to my underwear drawer I found myself in possession of precisely one bra and one bikini that fit – hence the scarf bandeau you can catch a glimpse of…  And shorts weren’t even something that was on my radar.  I mean come on, at the start of May in Scotland nobody is usually even thinking about packing away the winter coats, let alone digging out shorts (although turns out I’d have needed them at home too).  So the favourite and famously baggy boyfriend shorts went in the case but their chances of fastening were about 2%.  You know when those taut sixteen year olds wear their shorts to festivals with the top couple of buttons undone and the waistband rolled down?  Yeah, well it looked nothing like that.

But somehow this blouse, non maternity by the way, had fortuitously been purchased at the beginning of the week and turned out to be perfectly light and cottony and floaty and, most importantly, long enough to hide the shorts misdemeanour.  Winning.

smock blouse – Lost Ink   |   shorts – Gap
sandals – Mango
hat – Mango   |   aviators – Ray Ban
straw bag – Matalan (love this one)


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9 May

Seven months

Time is like a steam train right now…  (or maybe galloping horses – the midwife tells us that a baby steam train heartbeat is a boy and a baby galloping horses heartbeat is a girl).

I look back at that six month baby bump, which seemed so large there and then, and now in just one short month it’s transformed into this.  It’s almost incomprehensible but as time races on I become more and more in awe of what our bodies are able to achieve all by themselves.  So I’ve gained 16lb and my pelvis wakes me up from sleep, many, many times, but I feel good.  I see and feel this tiny little baby partying in my belly at all times of the day and the night and I know that it’s there and it’s ours and one day it’s going to be here, on the outside in the big world and that just fills me with love for what we’ve made.  I eat healthily when I can and by the time dinner rolls around honestly not much more will fit in…  someone is hogging all the space…  so I top up with smoothies to get the vitamins in.  I walk slower than most 86 year olds and have to stop for regular breaks on the hubzy seat during our beach walks (he sits with me, right behind, so I can lean against him and he gets up first to haul me back to my feet because my core strength, on a scale of 1 to 10, is now approximately minus 2.  On the other hand I complete reps of pelvic floor exercises like an olympic athlete, anywhere and everywhere, with a determination that only those who’ve been pregnant (i.e. sneezed and peed a little) can comprehend.  I spent so many months not really getting into ‘it’, not melting at teeny baby booties and not experiencing any urges to prepare and then 7 months happened and a baby shower at the day job induced tears with an impossibly small and beautiful two piece knitted suit and the realisation that we are going to have a tiny little human to put in there…  and the seal was broken and the pram was on the way and the woven bassinet was being shipped from Ghana and the drawers were being arranged into piles of onesies and bandana bibs and mittens so impossibly small and we have a car seat in our home, for an actual baby, how practical!  And we signed up for a tour of the hospital where we will welcome baby G to the world and found ourselves unexpectedly thrown straight into antenatal class no. 3, ‘Labour and Birth’, which was utterly terrifying – the husband said if they taught that class in high school he suspected the rate of teen pregnancy, and population in general, may drop dramatically.  And we got overwhelmed by a sense of urgency (actually it was me, all me, big sobbing tears on the bed me) to go on holiday one last time just the two of us and the midwife was visited and the babymoon booked at 3pm on Thursday, flying at 7am on Friday, and it was utterly blissful to have that time, to truly relax and take stock of things and feel so lucky and full of love and just ready.

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5 May

Bodycon baby

Back to bodycon…  dresses remain top of the list for comfort and I’m thanking my lucky stars that these last couple of big bellied months are in the spring summer season.  Although honestly I’m always thankful for this time of year.

This may well be the biggest knot I’ve ever tied at the back of a knit (but this is a big knit) and I’m not gonna lie and tell you it doesn’t kinda get in the way when you just wanna slouch in your chair…  but hey, it forces me to sit bolt upright which is great for my posture anyway.  These days if I’m not found hugging one of those giant pillows (if you’re pregnant you know exactly what I’m talking about – the pillow you that your friends show you at 4 months and you make that face, the ‘I’ll never have one of those’ face), then you can find me bouncing on a giant gym ball to improve my posture and pelvis alignment – sexy stuff.

In other news, I’m packing for a last minute babymoon to Ibiza.  We caved and booked at 3pm yesterday and fly this morning at 8am.  I like last minute but this is cutting it fine even for me…  Join me for three days of sun over on instagram.  Happy Friday.x

dress – Serpahine   |  knit – H&M
pavement boots – Zalando
   |   aviators – Ray Ban
bleecker bag – Reiss
 |   strap – Modalu


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2 May

The unexpected

Because it’s totally ok to wear over the knee boots when you’re 7 months pregnant right?

dress – Mango   |   boots – Sophia Webster
bag – Jigsaw   |   watch – Christian Paul
aviators – Ray Ban


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