22 Sep

Few words Friday

This dress, on repeat…  over jeans, under jumpers and just on her own.  Who’da thunk I’d be a floral midi dress kinda girl?  Maybe it’s a country thing…

dress – H&M   |   le high skinny jeans – Frame
pavement boots – Zalando
steve madden sunglasses – TK Maxx
necklace & rings – Ottoman Hands   |   watch – Daniel Wellington
carlyle satchel – Henri Bendel   |   belt – Gant Rugger


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19 Sep

One of those weeks

When it’s one of those weeks where you’re expecting the new health visitor at 10.30am, the door goes at 10.20am and you invite the lovely man into your home to see your baby, to weigh him and measure him…  when he asks how old he is and you’re thinking he really should have this information in the notes he’s pulling out of his bag…  when you realise he is a roller blind salesman.  Yeah, that happened.

So you’ll forgive me for not offering you any in depth fashion week worthy notes about this outfit.  But just two things – these lace up sleeves are rocking my world (go up two sizes for extra volume, trust me) and these sneakers have rose gold hardware, rose gold I tell ya, beautiful.  Well done Mint Velvet, you’re more on the ball than me.

P.S.  I forgot my dog.  And a handbag.  True story.

knit – Mint Velvet   |   leather skirt – M&S
allie contrast sneaker – Mint Velvet
aviators – Ray-Ban (ON SALE)   |   ring – Peggy Li


With thanks to Mint Velvet for supporting this post.

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15 Sep

Big red

Oh man, fall is here.  Or autumn…  instagram americanisms are permeating my impressionable mind.  The air is cooler and the leaves are turning.  And we could be woeful about the end of summer OR we could embrace the red and the chunky knits and the copious hot chocolates on the horizon or spiced pumpkin lattes if we’re thinkin’ ’bout the ‘gram again.

So this red cable knit cardigan from Next has to be the best high street option of the season?  It’s ticking all the boxes for me anyway.  Those big chunky balloon sleeves…  And with the pink heels, for that little nod to the red/pink clashing trend (’tis the start of fashion week after all) – always love Boden heels for their beautiful leather soles and lining and craftsmanship as well as their comfort, I mean comfy heels are a bit of a paradox but Boden got them and these pink suede beauties are no exception.

The bag is new in from Radley and I think she’s gonna fast become a staple – I mean she’s sorta simple and basic being grey and handbagish but the details, the details are on point – brushed gold hardware (especially those big D rings on the side) and an awkwardly short strap that just kinda works and makes it ‘cool’.

Happy Friday to you, thanks for reading and thanks also to all of you who chat to me through instagram stories, following my house move and my sea of boxes and my overload of dog shots and giving me advice about my plaster walls and putting up with my ‘mum voice’ and copious baby goo goo’s – you guys are the best.x

cable cardigan – Next   |   glamorous tee – Zalando
le skinny jeans – Frame   |   carrie heel – Boden
aviators – Ray-Ban
richmond park bag – Radley London



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11 Sep

Blank canvas : adding personality

The thing about moving into a new home is that it can take some time to feel like ‘you’.  Our open plan living space is currently the only room that’s ‘done’ and by ‘done’ I mean it has had a fresh lick of white paint.  Because this is the room we are spending all our time in right now (aka the only room not stuffed full of boxes) I really wanted to add some personality and warmth now we’re heading full on for autumn and her colder, darker nights.

TK Maxx have an extra big delivery of lighting across Scotland and online right now to help cosy up our homes; if you saw my IG stories you know there’s literally something for every room from beautiful lamps and candles to hurricanes and tea light holders all up to 60% off RRP…  it was a tough choice.  But when my eyes met this blue and white beauty I knew she was the one (ever since we visited Barbados I’ve been dreaming of recreating that colonial style at home).  I don’t like to name drop but she’s from one of my favourite designer homeware brands and was an absolute steal.  I happen to know there are a few of these beauties dotted around Scotland because you guys have been sending me snaps of them but if you see one, get it because once it’s gone it’s gone.

Obviously I did a quick scout round the other aisles and the vase seemed the perfect choice for a bit of symmetry.  The golden lobster I truly have no justification for but I mean who doesn’t need a golden lobster in their life?  And the seagrass basket…  I swear I pick one of these up every time I’m in a TK Maxx and I see one – what can I say – I have this thing with baskets right now.  The top was one of those pieces that just found it’s way into the trolley en route to the till, that happens sometimes, but it’s my colour (and those sleeves).

I also couldn’t resist one of these desk lamps for my home office but more on that another day…

lamp – TK Maxx   |   golden lobster – TK Maxx   |   vase – TK Maxx
France colouring print – OMY
units – Ikea   |   handles – Superfront
top – TK Maxx   |   jeans – TK Maxx
footstool – vintage   |   basket – TK Maxx   |   throw – TK Maxx

With thanks to TK Maxx for supporting this post.

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8 Sep


Waiting for these photos was up there with waiting for the wedding photos to arrive – a moment in time that can never be repeated.  These were shot when Hunter was only 4 weeks old and already he looks so tiny – at the risk of being a complete cliché, they grow up so fast.

In some ways it seems kinda crazy to do a newborn shoot when we have a great camera and no doubt will take 1,045,802 photos of Hunter (before his first birthday)…  but I wanted some shots of the three of us that were going to be better than the grainy selfies we kept taking at 5am; I wanted some keepers, for the walls, to remember him and us, like this, forever.

So I did what any millennial would do and I googled.  I found Julie.  And she nailed it.


Photos by Julie Vance.

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5 Sep

We’ve moved

We’ve moved.  Not domain name…  like an actual real life move.  To a proper house.  In the country.  We are grown ups now.

And my life is in boxes – I mean, there was a full two weeks where I could not find my underwear and I still only have one dog leash (although thankfully two dogs).  My walk in wardrobe is currently more of a pot luck ‘stick your hand in a box and see what comes out’ situation.  And our garage seems to be full…  already…  I mean, how is that possible?  We never had a spare cupboard in the flat, let alone an entire garage.  The husband lost half a stone stripping (lols, never gets old) wallpaper off the walls and the plasterer is booked and I have rooms to decorate.  All.  Over.  Again.

So I’ve been living in essentially the first things to arrive in the mail to the new address.  Fortunately for me great leggings and a cute sweatshirt fit the bill right now.  Unfortunately for you this is a fashion blog and this is what you got but bear with me.  Please.  In the meantime, if you’re in the market for post baby, high waisted, mega comfy, support leggings then these ones from Blanqi are, well, good enough to live in for at least a fortnight.

Normal service will resume shortly…

sweatshirt – Sugarhill Boutique
postpartum support leggings – Blanqi
slippers – Emu Australia



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1 Sep

Back to basics

Back to basics…  stripes and denim.  But these stripes are on a new level with ruffle sleeves – like a classic breton, only better.  Somehow when times are tough (or all your sh*t is still in boxes that give you dirty looks every time you pass by), you really retreat to your comfort zone and this is mine.  I know where I’m at with stripes and denim so even when the world is upside down and a broken six hours counts as a good night’s sleep, these guys are my uniform and I just know this look, in any incarnation, feels like me.

In other news, did you guys know it is September?  Anyone else miss July and August?  Tell me it’s not just me…

rae breton top – Boden   |   A&F denim jumpsuit – Zalando (ON SALE)
See by Chloe Diana wedges – Zalando (ON SALE)
basket bag – TK Maxx (similar)   |   Steve Madden sunglasses – TK Maxx
watch – Daniel Wellington   |   cosmos kula bracelet – Astley Clarke


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29 Aug

Home tour – the living room

The home tour continues…  which somehow seems a little strange considering the Thankfifi Home is on the move.  But life has been hectic and we got some catching up to do.  So first things first, let’s finish this home tour.

The living room is open plan with our kitchen and such a great space to live and entertain in.  It’s a collection of things and a mixture of styles, from art pieces picked up on travels to the ol’ classic furniture and a whole lotta bluebellgray (naturally).  Other than the views over Kelvingrove Park my favourite thing is that fireplace – two years ago we painted the nasty varnish in matt white, poured a concrete hearth (yeah, I got concrete dog bowls to match) and filled the whole thing with logs – if I can’t have a real, open log fire, I might as well have the next best thing.  It transformed the focal point of the room and I love it.  I could tell you I didn’t have my removal men fill five boxes with those logs and lug them down the stairs…  but that’d be a lie.  Log love is real.

There are a whole lotta links and I tried to share them all but in an effort to be tidy I popped them all at the bottom of the post.  (But if you’re looking for logs you gotta go chop your own…).

concrete bowls – Amara   |   water dispenser (as vase) – TK Maxx (similar)
big rothesay fabric (as curtains) – bluebellgray   |   tie backs – Jessica Light
abbey sofas – Marks & Spencer   |   cushions – bluebellgray & West Elm (similar)
sanday throw – bluebellgray   |   lola lamp – Pooky (similar)
porcelain vase & cup – ENW   |   balsa wood duck & dog – Fishs Eddy
kilo side table nest & knitted pouffe – Habitat
twisted newspaper rascal dog – from a trip to LA
moroccan pot – bluebellgray   |   xl dome pendant light – Neofurn (similar)

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25 Aug

Summer heroes – part II

Yeah, these guys again…  I just got so much love for the Chloe wedges and basket bags (already sold out but I’m loving this one with its cute tassels).  These are my summer heroes from Zalando and if summer could just show up and shock us all by hanging around in Scotland for more than 24 hours, well, that’d be just swell…

Last time I styled them super simple in an everyday look and this time I went a bit fancier in this peach of a dress (see what I did there) – that sheer fabric and the floaty feels and that colour – the boho mama in me is smiling wide.  Actually I think this dress is gonna be pretty perfect with boots and a big chunky sweater too when things cool down and autumn cometh (er, probably next week).  But, for now, you can find me dancing in the street during golden hour…

Free People daliah dress – Zalando (ON SALE)
See by Chloe liana sandals – Zalando (ON SALE)
Ray-Ban aviators – Zalando (ON SALE)   |   J.Crew circle basket bag – Zalando
‘love’ necklace – Astley Clarke   |   necklace – Essentia


With thanks to Zalando for supporting this post.

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23 Aug

1 month on – my birth story

This is going to sound completely crazy I know but the week before my due date, which was to be Sunday 9th August, I told the husband that I was going to have this baby on Thursday, three days early but I had had enough – I could barely eat or sleep any more this tiny baby was taking up so much space, my ribs felt ready to crack open and my body about to burst.  Well that Thursday morning dawned and I woke up like a woman on a mission – we had spent the day before filling the freezer with home cooked meals and finalising hospital bags and that morning I started working; I prepared and scheduled two more blog posts and answered almost every email in my inbox and I was ready, like really, really ready.

I read that not everyone’s waters break in a whoosh so when I noticed some trickles we called the midwife unit to let them know things might be starting.  They wanted me to come in for a check and things started to feel real.  Making that drive I was smiling and kept saying that I knew we’d probably get sent right home again but maybe just maybe this was it.  This was not it.  The midwife was super lovely and did all my checks but this was just the show and she said it was a good sign that we were on the track towards birth which could be anytime… over the next week.  So we drove home and went for a dog walk and invited the in-laws out for dinner.

At 7pm when I stood up from the couch to leave for dinner I felt something different and thought, ‘I need to check that‘ – fast forward to the bathroom and this for sure was no trickle, this was IT.  The husband was on a video call getting a quote from a removal company (yeah, more on that another day) so I stayed in there that twenty minutes and made sure he knew that the bathroom was absolutely out of bounds…  By the time he joined me my waters had been consistently ‘breaking’ for a half hour and were showing no signs of slowing down.  What shocked me most was just how much fluid there is, truly so, so much.  We called the midwife again and again she wanted us in for a check.  I asked if we could go out for dinner first but of course that was completely absurd so the in-laws were unceremoniously stood up (sorry).  I got up from the loo to leave and whoosh…  even more, like it actually splashed on the bathroom floor, down my legs and inside my shoes, it was special and I’m so glad the husband was there to see that happen because we laughed together and he set about drying the floor.  Let this be known as No.1 in the series of completely undignified moments we would share that will bind us together forever in that experience and for those moments, husband, I love you more than you could know.

Back at the hospital again and it was confirmed this time that my waters had indeed broken.  Now started for me the phase of excitement and worry as a timeline was in place…  48 hours to go into labour naturally or I could be facing induction.  Now I didn’t prep a whole lot for the birth, in fact I spent the first 8 months dreading it, convinced it was destined to be the most horrendous experience of my life (people really do relish in telling their horror stories don’t they?).  Then a kind friend sent me Ina May’s ‘Guide to Childbirth’ and everything changed for me.  Why was I so scared of something so natural that so many women the world over accomplish naturally and without incident?  For this reason I chose to birth at the Community Midwife Unit (CMU) at the RAH in Paisley as I knew they were all for natural, calm births with as little intervention as possible, just letting your body do what it does (but with the labour ward only one floor away just in case).  My plan was not set in stone but after reading ‘Hypnobirthing’ by Marie Mongan I was even more convinced I wanted to try to do this…  and induction was something I badly wanted to avoid.  I remember the midwife feeling my belly and telling me she could feel contractions and asking if I couldn’t feel them.  I couldn’t.  She asked if I had a high pain threshold and for some blissful minutes I actually wondered if I might be one of those women who don’t feel a thing.  (If you’ve ever had a child you’ll almost certainly be laughing right now…  yeah, I know…  amateur).  We drove home again under instruction to eat a good dinner and try to get some sleep.

By the time we sat down to carbonara at 9.30pm the ‘waves’, as I had decided to call them, began and my concerns of induction gone.  I managed about three forkfuls of spaghetti before moving to the bouncy ball and trying to settle into a rhythm of breathing through each one.  We did not time anything for quite a while but almost right from the beginning I remember those waves were no more than a few minutes apart.  I concentrated on deep breathing and visualising our babymoon; the waves on the beach in Portinatx rushing in over the sand and then disappearing back out.  At some point I felt a bath might help or at least be worth a try so I hopped (hmmm) in the tub and stayed there for a good couple of hours with the husband by my side.  I won’t lie to you, things started to get pretty powerful in there as my body really got into the swing of things but the husband played his relaxing playlist and kept reminding me to picture that beach.  When the waves were one minute long and only two minutes apart we spoke to the midwife and agreed it was time to come in.  I dragged myself out of the tub and promptly threw up in the toilet.  The husband asked if my waters were still breaking – no, no they were not – I was peeing on the floor with every heave.  This would be No.2 in the series of undignified moments.

I remember that car journey only in waves – I knew with my timings that the twenty minute journey would be about seven waves and I spent them all with my eyes clamped shut.  Suffice to say by this point I did not have great chat.  Nil in fact.  We arrived at the CMU at 2.30am and I was admitted at 5cm dilated – such a relief as I really did not want to be sent home this time.  There was no time for the carefully packed hospital bags to be brought in with us from the car.  I got straight into the birthing pool where I would stay for the next five hours, sucking on the gas and air and turning into a giant pregnant prune.  I don’t honestly know how to describe that time other than to say it was intense.  My body was on its own journey and I was just along for the ride.  I remember the wonderful midwife encouraging me not to be scared now and again and the husband, speaker of Ibizan waves, giver of back rubs and caretaker of the gas and air, tells me he got a leg cramp from sitting in the same position so long.  Poor guy.  And if you were wondering what No.3 in the series of undignified moments was then let’s just say that it involved a sieve and the husband playing ‘pool boy’.  I don’t think the water took any of the pain away but the comfort and ease of being able to float from one position to the next was incredible and I genuinely don’t know if I could have done that bit on dry land.  Twice I asked what the pain relief options were and upon discovering they all involved me getting out of that pool, I shut up and stayed put.

Around 6.30am I had to push.  And we all thought this baby was going to be born at 7am on 07.07.17.  We were wrong.  My body got tired and the waves started spacing out…  I was spaced out, my head bobbing under the water between times.  The midwives said I had to get out of the tub and stop the gas and air.  Was this some cruel joke?  Excuse me mam, you would like me to go up and down stairs right now with a baby emerging from my body?  You cannot be serious.  They were.

Then began a solid hour of pushing.  My dreams of breathing the baby out were clearly absurb, my body had other ideas.  I pushed and pushed with absolutely ALL my might.  And then I pushed way harder.  The midwife took my hand and I felt his tiny head and in that moment, of the most complete exhaustion I have ever experienced in my life, I found the strength to keep going and finally, at 9.11am, he was here.  His tiny little purple body on my chest, calm and quiet.  And the feelings you get in that moment are almost indescribable.  Love like no other.  This small and perfect baby you’ve spent nine months growing, finally right there with you both, forever.

By this point I was almost entirely distracted as my body started haemorrhaging and wouldn’t stop.  Midwives doubled in numbers, injections were given and we were whisked down to the labour ward.  I remember seeing a single tear rolling down the husband’s cheek and I thought I might be dying.  I wasn’t.  What followed was a drip and stitches (which FYI don’t even register on the pain scale after childbirth) and the husband catching me as I passed out on the bathroom floor.  And toast.  It took me forty minutes to eat half a slice of that buttered toast but, oh boy, it was the best toast I had ever tasted.  We stayed two nights on the labour ward and if we could have brought those midwives home with us we would have.

And this baby, Hunter born 9.11am on 07.07.17 weighing 8lb 1oz, is the most beautiful and wonderful thing we have achieved in our lives.  These first few weeks have been a rollercoaster and through it all he has been perfect, growing and keeping us all smiling.  I really believe life has a grand plan and it is not always easy but Hunter came to us at exactly the time he was meant to and he is so very loved.

I leave you with these photos, 6, 7, 8 and 9 months pregnant and 1 month old – I will forever be in awe of women’s bodies, that some of us are lucky enough to grow babies and get them out…

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