26 Jun

Big shapes & Kenzo tiger heads

Because Asos White have a whole lot of big shapes and volume that just work for this obscure time (i.e. my big shape and volume)…  Had this knot detail top saved on my wishlist for about a month and when it finally went on sale this week I pulled the trigger.  So yeah, it might be meant for showing off glimpses of toned, tanned abs but that just ain’t happening right now (if you wanna see a rock hard, all be it tanned, basketball then I’m your girl) but it works over the cami pretty well and should see me through the next couple weeks – as well as the months after that.  The matching culottes are also wishlisted but I’ll leave those to the hands of fate; if they’re still available when they’re gonna fit then maybe I’ll go for ’em.

And can we also talk about these Kenzo shoes just real quick?  Remember those sweatshirts with the tiger head that everyone (or was it just me?) really craved a couple years back?  Well, Flannels opened a new store in Silverburn last week and the moment my eyes met these espadrilles, with those embroidered tiger heads, it was love.  Dreams.  Come.  True.  And you know what else?  For a hundred bucks I bet they get way more wear than one of those sweatshirts ever would have…

top – Asos White (on sale)   |   cami – Topshop (regular fit)
zadie jeans – Isabella Oliver (on sale)
Kenzo tiger head esapdrilles – Flannels
Ray Ban aviators – Zalando (on sale)   |   metropolis bag – Furla
fatima hands bracelet – Thomas Sabo
engraved bracelet – Merci Maman


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20 Jun

About Saturday night

When you’re 37 weeks pregnant and you gotta do a Saturday night out with the girls…  not for any last ditch pre baby knees up, but for a birthday.  You want to dress your time-bomb bump for the occasion but options are becoming increasingly limited.  Fall back to the Enza Costa dress (I got two from The Outnet near the start of my pregnancy, although they’re not maternity, and they’ve been invaluable and forgiving in their stretchiness) and something knotted over the top – this time a Zara shirt.  Big bags are my jam right now, soon to be filled with nappies and bottles but for now toting spare jackets and all that other stuff girls like to bring on nights out – this one by Boden in my favourite tan that works with everything and with tassels (win) and on sale (the win win).

Somehow heels are still in the mix for me, I’m practiced maybe, I don’t know, but they honestly don’t feel like a struggle.  Ask me to run after an errant dog down the beach and that’s another story…  3 steps barefoot and I was almost eating sand – my centre of gravity is, erm, somewhat askew…

shirt – Zara   |   Enza Costa dress – The Outnet
boots – Tommy Hilfiger   |   maxi tassel pouch bag – Boden (on sale)
Ray Ban aviators – Zalando   |   wisdom bracelet – Astley Clarke (on sale)



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16 Jun


This Asos blouse rocks my big ol’ pregnant world.  The pastels, the print, the high neck, the balloon sleeves and all those little gold buttons down the back…  and it comes in maternity for gals like me and regular for everyone else.  So yeah, I’ve been wearing it basically every day since it arrived.  That happens.

And I just want to give a little shout out to this Reiss blazer which has been a hero through my pregnancy and the best thing is that it’s obviously just regular fit so it’ll keep going the miles way after too.  And it’s on sale so that’s awesome.

So this is what I wore for MrK’s tenth birthday dinner because, yeah, my social life is that wild right now that I get dressed up, literally, for the dog’s dinner.  Don’t judge me.

venn blazer – Reiss (on sale)
blouse – Asos (and non-maternity)   |    shorts – Asos (and non-maternity)
sneakers – Lacoste   |   Ray-Ban aviators – Zalando (on sale)
battersea bag & strap – Modalu



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13 Jun

Portinatx travel guide – Ibiza babymoon

Literally the most blissful three days and the best side of Ibiza…  The North of the island is truly beautiful and has a completely different vibe than you might imagine in the busier parts – lush greens, beautiful calm blue waters and hidden gems around the coastline.  We stayed near here a couple years back and loved it then too and we crammed in as much as possible (previous travel guide here) but this time was all about the relaxing, the connecting and really taking that time, just the two of us, to take a break from hectic life and stresses and start looking forward to growing our little family by one more.  You might remember that we booked up less than 24 hours before flying and still, per person, the break came in at less than £200 including flights, car hire and hotel.

Read on for tips on where to stay, what to eat and do…


We chose Portinatx because we knew it would be quiet and calm, our little oasis away from it all.  And it was.  We lucked out with the Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort which has two gorgeous pools and green gardens for relaxing, perfectly beachy whitewashed rooms (upgrade to a sea view if you can, it’s just too beautiful waking up to that sunrise and the noise of lapping waves), an epic buffet breakfast and a pretty good itinerary of included activities (if that floats your boat).  We, however, opted for the cocktails and mocktails and book reading from our loungers with the occasional stroll down the twenty or so steps right onto the beach.  The hotel is adults only which seemed pretty perfect for what was likely our last grown up holiday for some time…  (read: sixteen years).


The first night was super low key, but I was so in love with that little beach cove by the hotel, so we grabbed a takeout pizza and a couple of San Pellegrinos from Zulu Lounge and sat on the sand, just the two of us and Franco the seagull, and watched the sun set over the horizon.

A paella for two on the corner table of Jardin del Mar was a highlight, for the setting more than anything; the terrace hangs over the deep blue and, sitting at that table, we felt like the only people in the world.

The star of the show for us though was Los Enamorados, a ten minute stroll round the bay, past a couple of coves and the most incredible spot.  I found it, as with many of my holiday must stops, on Pinterest and we went for both dinner and then again for lunch with friends.  Yep, it’s that good.  I mean this place is interior goals and the food and cocktails were incredible.  The outdoor terrace must be one of the only spots in Portinatx where the sun sets right into the ocean and if I were a billionaire I would have furnished my entire home with the pieces from their shop…  so dreamy.




‘Do’ is maybe going to be a bit loose for this travel guide as most of what we did was a whole lot of nothing very much.  The three coves of Portinatx are just so beautiful that we only ventured for wanders and meals and spent a whole lot of time by the hotel pools…  and that was just perfect for a babymoon.  I read a book by Ina May Gaskin which opened my mind (‘your body is not a lemon’) and we listened to the Big Little Lies soundtrack and just generally slowed the pace right down and I think that’s what babymoons are all about.



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9 Jun

Watermelon smuggler

What’s black, white and smuggling a watermelon?  Yep, that’d be me.

One thing I’ve come to realise is that an army of dresses opens up the rest of my closet and I can layer many of my regular, pre baby body, tops provided I knot them above the bump.  Often there’s not enough spare material for the knot but a hair tie keeps things in place just the same way it would a bun in your hair.  This dress from Next is super comfortable and absolutely budget friendly which is great news with only a few weeks more wear…  The Cecilie Copenhagen top not so kind on the purse but I get my money’s worth I assure you.

A weekend of closet organising awaits me…  a task I love to put off but with the imminent new arrival it won’t do any harm to slim down the rails and shelves to a slightly more organised chaos.  Happy Friday.x

top – Cecilie Copenhagen   |   maternity dress – Next
boots – Reiss
bleecker bag – Reiss   |   scarf – Burberry
Ray-Ban aviators – Zalando



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7 Jun

Eight months

Hey little one…  I’m not sure there’s any space for you to grow any bigger.

My belly is tight like a drum and someone is playing that drum day and night from the inside, with gusto.  I get feet in my ribs and my belly button looks like it could just pop right off – in fact I’m pretty sure this baby is also starting to feel like it’s stuck in rather neat quarters.  But I make sure to give him, or her, reassuring rubs and to say that there is no hurry, stay cosy – because at this stage I am quite aware that things could really get moving any time and I just haven’t quite wrapped my head around that yet.  Meanwhile the nesting instinct is in full force…  for the husband.  He makes multiple journeys to the tip each week and I am certain that in months to come many of my prized possessions will be at the bottom of a landfill or winging their way to African children via the charity clothing bin at the end of our street.  But, I will admit, our home is looking, well, ‘homely’ and there’s a nursery corner ready and waiting and the four drawers I thought would never be full seem already to be stuffed full of nappies and sterilisers and teeny tiny bodysuits and creams and sheets.  The route to the hospital is well practiced and birthing plan thoughts swirl around my head from the moment I wake up, usually at 5.30am – for the record, the plan is no plan because then for sure things can’t ‘not go to plan’ but that does not stop you from considering every eventuality and wondering just how this journey is going to conclude.  And the names have been chosen, one for each flavour, and I try to picture our baby in my mind, in my arms, and I wonder what will it look like and I just don’t know – to grow a whole other person inside you for eight months and never have met them is just so surreal.  But soon, soon we will meet you and I hope you will love us like we love you already.


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5 Jun


Just another easy breezy dress…  standard.  And this colour, the closest thing to naked whilst still being socially acceptable.

dress – Zara   |   suede jacket – Mango
boots – Reiss   |   battersea bag – Modalu
Ray-Ban aviators – Zalando   |   watch – Hugo Boss
necklace Essentia   |   trevally necklace – Stella & Dot


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2 Jun

Wedding season with Zalando II

Easy is this swing dress – floaty fabric, roomy enough that I can buy an 8 (non maternity) and still have space for us both, above the knee but not too short, pretty details like the ruffles and the cutout shoulders, on sale and only £60 (by Sister Jane – another brand new to me and discovered through Zalando), versatile enough to be dressed up for wedding season but also cute with sneakers…

Not easy is me, 34 weeks pregnant, getting on and off that wall to ‘get the shot’…  the simple things are becoming…  complicated.

Sister Jane Harvest Moon dress – Zalando (ON SALE)
Steve Madden Teresaa flats – Zalando
Ray Ban aviators – Zalando


With thanks to Zalando for supporting this post.

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31 May

Home Tour – console table Ikea hack

Initial searches for a console table proved to be…  expensive.  I mean, have you ever looked for a console table?  It’s like the least complicated piece of furniture you can own – and yet somehow they were coming in at around £500.  I was searching for something simple, clean and white, that wasn’t going to require a remortgage, to pop out against the bluebellgray wallpaper.

So I did what any good homemaker would do and went to Ikea.  I found the ekby alex shelf for £35 and decided the option of drawers was perfect (aka a ‘dump all the mail in there’ filing system).  The hairpin legs were sourced online from Wicked Hairpins around 18 months ago when the set of four 71cm legs came in at £78…  fast forward to now and the rise in hairpin popularity also dictates a rise in price, up to £236, which is, quite frankly insane – I hunted down this option for £73.

There’s not really a whole lot of DIY prowess involved in this project – just go ahead and screw the legs on.  (I set the back legs forward a little to allow a flush finish against the wall due to my mammoth skirting boards).  Add a couple of ‘objets’ and you’re done.  You can stand back and smile smugly at your handiwork, arms folded, head cocked and tap the screwdriver triumphantly…

morar wallpaper – Bluebellgray
ekby alex shelf – Ikea   |   hairpin legs – Wicked Hairpins (budget here)
ossie owl vase – Graham & Green   |   art – Abbie Mead
fairytale sandals – Sargossa


Want to see more of my home tour?  Check out the kitchen makeover here.

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29 May

Summer’s high street sandals

Three cheers for the bank holiday!  Although honestly my days seems to merge into one big watermelon fuelled blur right now as we crack on with nesting and dog walking and photoshoots and list writing…

But let’s talk shoes.  Or sandals.  These sandals.  Genuine suede and that big glorious O ring detail and only £38.  Next always have such a great selection of leather and suede shoes at super affordable prices and I love them for that – an alarming proportion of the high street seem to palm us off with pleather at the same price and hope we don’t notice…  FYI, I’m on to you.  Not gonna lie, I’m very tempted by the black pair by too.

Zimmermann caravan top – Matches
jeans – Next (in non maternity too)   |   suede sandals – Next
isadore bag – Michael Kors   |   aviators – Ray Ban
bracelets – Astley Clarke and Feather & Stone


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