20 Mar

Spring greens

Spring might not in fact be here, yet, but the colours are.

Somehow pink and green together is just inherently good.  It started with my plaster pink walls flanked by green leafy things and with the new addition of a green velvet sofa (see Fig. A).  I later realised my pink linen bedding was soon to be joined by perfectly paired walls with Yeabridge Green currently being the most serious contender…  And I wondered, is pink and green a ‘thing’?  And by thing I mean trend.  Well, it is my thing.

Not a huge leap then to imagine that this sage green Aspinal of London mini hat box bag rather won me over the moment she crossed my body atop my pink trench of the moment (sorry if you’re somewhat fed up of seeing it – I, as yet, am not).  Her strap is reassuringly thick and weighty and the finish is, well, please insert ‘100’ emoticon here.

Gap’s new true colour jeans in green just seal the deal.

So you could forgive me for driving two hours cross country to the seaside in search of the co-ordinating facade.  But I did not.  This little gem was right across the street from our weekend Airbnb…  I believe there is a solid case here for (fingers triumphantly type) winning.

trench – Jigsaw   |   knit – Club Monaco
mid rise true skinny colour jeans – Gap   |   heels – Reiss
aurora sunglasses – Powder   |   ‘love’ necklace – Astley Clarke
sage green mini hat box bag – Aspinal of London


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16 Mar

The new shape of denim – high street road test part I

If ever there was a denim trend I could get on board with it is this – the high waist wide leg.  The first sightings of the new shape had me feeling optimistic but now I see them popping up all over the high street and I will confess to already (in the space of a week, ahem) having ordered three pairs.  Needless to say, I am loving the new shape of denim…

First up is this pair from Next which I went for in an 8R (I am usually between an 8-10).  Here’s what I love about them…  The fit is great; nice high waist with a decent amount of stretch so they don’t cut in and the leg is wiiiiide.  The raw hem is a nice details, especially as the length sits just off the ground for me at 5ft 7 in low heels like this or just skims the ground in flats.  I have spent many a wet day with soggy hems slapping round my ankles when the length was just a smidge too long – if you’ve been there you know that floor skimming hems suck up puddles like a super sponge.  Not gonna lie, for £35 I am strongly considering getting the matching pink pair too…

mais oui jumper – Next   |   wide leg jeans – Next
heels – Zara
detachable collar mac – Jigsaw
maltby mini bag – Reiss


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13 Mar

Some thoughts on warmth

Weekends are spent here, by this fire, filled with warmth and laughter (and sometimes toasted marshmallows).  This room was what sold the house to us…  The previous owners showed us around and filled our heads with this vignette of cosy family life and whilst we’ve changed the superficialities of the space, the bones remain the same and this roaring fire the centre.  We knocked out the shelves on the left to open up the space for a huge log pile and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

It got me thinking about what makes a happy family home and I kept coming back to warmth.  Warmth in both the emotional and literal sense. Metaphorically, warm smiles and warm hugs and warm hearts.  Literally, warm toes and warm hands and warm hearts. 

I cannot fathom not having that warmth with the strike of a match or with the flick of a switch…

Today, at least 4 million households are living in fuel poverty across the UK with many forced to choose whether to ‘heat or eat’.  I have teamed up with Our Power, a green, non-profit energy company, to share the launch of their +Impact tariff because for every home that switches to +Impact, Our Power will help a fuel-poor household heat their home for an extra 54 days and that could be life changing; statistics from the Energy and Utility Alliance show that each year cold homes kill over four times the amount of people as rail and road accidents.  Our Power aims to reduce heat and fuel costs by passing benefits from the energy sector to our communities.  They do not pay dividends to shareholders, find the most efficient ways to operate, generate their own power and reinvest any profits to benefit customers and their communities.  As well as being cheaper than most Big 6 tariffs, +Impact’s electricity is also super green – they know exactly which renewable energy sources the power is coming from and, where possible, buy from community-owned energy schemes and renewable sources in the UK.

Every year when my energy renewal is due, I plug my meter readings into one of those comparison sites and am faced with an incomprehensible table of options…  all making big claims.  If you’re the same, consider making the switch to Our Power’s +Impact – yes, the rates are good but the ethics are even better.

I truly cannot imagine my home without warmth and hope that is something we never have to face (especially with this year’s cold winter – two feet of snow in March, hello) because homes should be filled with warmth in every sense don’t you think?

dress – H&M
jumper – Next   |   leggings – Marks & Spencer
berber rug – La Redoute   |   sheepskin rug – Ikea


With thanks to Our Power for supporting this post.

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8 Mar

The five bra styles I truly need in my life

You might know that over the past eighteen months my lingerie drawer has been through some kind of overhaul.  There have been pregnant shapes and newborn baby shapes (also known as ouch) and now it seems my body is finally beginning to settle…  I have partnered with Figleaves to restock the lingerie drawer one more time and, by now, I consider myself something of an expert on what works for me and the styles I really need in my life (hey if you’re gonna be an expert on anyone, it should be you right?).

The five styles below are what truly works for me; the lingerie I wear more than once, more likely again and again and again…  You are not going to find a breakdown of strapless contraptions and ugly flesh colours here but rather a lot of pretty, super well fitting lace and even my ‘alternate sexy’ – basically the lingerie I really, truly wear.


The Everyday Winner – Panache Envy Blaconette

I have been wearing this bra in various sizes and colours for well over a year now and I have so much love for her.  Basically the sturdiest lace bra I have found; she is reliable in coverage and shape and yet still so pretty with her lace details.  She is my failsafe.

The New Nude – Figleaves Juliette Lace

A nude but not as you know it.  You know what I hate?  Those flesh coloured, moulded things.  You know what your husband hates?  The exact same thing.  This is the opposite of that.  A soft blush colour in the most delicate lace.  The plunge shape and fine straps make this the closest contender to my beloved triangle bras (which are completely unsuitable for anyone over a B cup…  hands up?).

The Ultimate Sport – Panache Sports Moulded

Well this lady probably needs no introduction from me.  The support combined with the comfort makes this my choice every single time I work out which is almost every day.  I have tried many sports bras but this is ‘the one’.  Plus this new leopard colourway looks awesome.  I don’t believe I am exaggerating if I say that this bra could indeed change how you feel about exercising…

The T-Shirt – Simone Perele 3D Plunge

And my only concession towards your usual essentials lingerie guide.  And only because she is light as a feather to the point that you’re barely aware she’s there.  Plus, you guessed it, lace.  Does it go without saying that the fit is incredible?  I actually selected twenty of my favourite (on screen) bras to curate this edit, tried them all and landed on these five because they really, truly fit the best.  And I think, as well as obviously looking amazing under anything and everything, this little lady is kinda sexy…

The Alternate Sexy – Elle Macpherson Body Bling Demi

Truth be told, to me, your traditionally ‘sexy’ lingerie can be a bit, well, ugly and leaves me completely uninspired.  But this girl, this sheer beauty in the most gorgeous terracotta tan with her stunning strapping and the most delicate copper details, is just utterly perfect.  At the risk of sounding like a cliché now, if you wear lingerie that you yourself feel incredible in then there’s a good chance your other half is going to like it just as much…

And now just a final sidenote – this Bliss cashmere robe really is just that – bliss.

With thanks to Figleaves for supporting this post.

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6 Mar

The ultimate spring trench

Double or bust.  Seriously, when it’s this cold there is no shame in layering two coats just to get by…

Jigsaw always seem to get it right with their coats and I think I will just go right ahead and predict that this pink trench with detachable collar is gonna see me right through the next six months.  The pink is just dusky enough and the cut is just oversized enough (I’m wearing a small) and the fabric is just that perfect trans-seasonal weight – not too heavy and not too light.

Shame March hasn’t got the trans-seasonal memo yet…  but that’s nothing an extra layer of trench can’t fix.

detachable collar mac – Jigsaw   |   khaki trench – F&F
breton – Boden   |   rayner jeans – J.Crew
sock boots – Zara   |   alexa sunglasses – Powder
o ring bag – Karen Millen (ON SALE)


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1 Mar

Five things I do every morning

I don’t know about you but I am always really interested to know what other people’s mornings look like.  So if you don’t mind I’m just gonna go ahead and share five things about mine…  they might surprise you and then again they might not.  I went ahead and skipped a couple of super obvious ones like waking up and brushing my teeth (I’ll save that one for when I get an electric toothbrush sponsorship)…

1.  I wear the biggest grey hoodie on the planet.

I mean when I put it on I kinda look like one of the ‘after’ pics on a weight loss show – it is that oversized.  Mine is by Asquith but they’re sold out, sorry.  I do love a dressing gown but I just found myself answering the door to the delivery man one too many times and since I got this hoodie I have not looked back.  Wash day is a very sad day.  That plus a pair of Emu slippers which are essentially fluffy lil’ clouds for your feet – these are my three favourites and I wear them all in equal measure.

2.  I drink a piña colada.

Ok, obviously not an actual piña colada but a green smoothie that tastes, to me, hella like a piña colada.  I have flirted with others but I just keep coming back to the griña colada…  see what I did there?

Take 1 banana, 1/4 fresh pineapple, 1 handful spinach or kale, 2 inch of cucumber, coconut water and blend.

3.  I brush the dogs’ teeth.

Wow, so much fun, I assure you.  But poor brown dog’s teeth are so terrible I am doing my best to save them whilst also heeding the warning and doing my best to preserve black dog’s as yet perfect gnashers.  I have found the easiest (although dog teeth cleaning is hardly ‘easy’ I confess) way is with one of those silicone finger brushes and some good ol’ enzymatic meat flavoured toothpaste for dogs.  And I finish with a spritz of natural peppermint oil spray for dogs, of which they are of course big fans…  hmmm.  In fact, this used to be part of the bedtime routine but we switched it up because some things are just better to get out of the way.

4.  I work out.

Just another thing better to get over and done with am I right?  Never regret a workout.  But put it off and I spend the whole day thinking I need to get round to it…  and never do.  I talked through my current plan in this post if you want a look.

5.  I admire this wall.

On a truly epic morning I have completed 1 to 4 before Hunter even wakes up (around 8am, dream baby right?) but, either way, when I go into his nursery and see his wee face smiling up at me, oh boy, that is the best.  And we look at this wall and he loves it, probably even more than me, and I really, really love it.  The paper is Mr Bear by Lucy Tiffney and he is enthralled by all the colour and pattern and we point out all the flowers and rainbows and cars and houses and bears every single morning and it never seems to get old.  And the nursery is almost, almost complete so please bare with me, the tour is coming…

This post is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dog dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.

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26 Feb

The athleisure brand you need to know

Ok, so maybe not new…  but new to me and maybe new to you.  And well worth an introduction.

My weekend looks like this.  My closet is truly a tale of two halves – one side being ‘blogger’ (you know the stuff I wear ‘out’ to catch up with friends or go to meetings), the other side being infinitely more casual (a sea of easy to pull on layers).  I do a lot of dog walking and a heap of baby wrangling and now and again I work out too so I want to get dressed in a nano second and be comfy all day.  I try to be tidy, hang all my dresses and fold away my knitwear at the end of the day but I always have a neat little stack (ok, not always neat) of athleisure wear at the foot of the bed ready to pull on the minute I get up.

And right now that stack is almost all Asquith.  It was not a brand I knew, although they have apparently been on the go for years, but after an introduction in winter last year it is a brand I have really grown to love.  And more importantly wear, like almost every single day.  So I thought I would share a few reasons why I love them…

The fabric – always natural and organic activewear which means your body can breathe but also the pieces look great for a really long time; no stretching, no fading, no bobbling.

The ethos – eco friendly, sustainable and made in a wonderful, family-run factory in sunny southern Turkey where the employees enjoy a 9-5 day, paid holiday and are very happy.  I mean, ethical yoga clothes, that is just super nice to know these days.

The fit and feel – I don’t know how else to say this other than it is really, really good.  No tight elastic pinching in and super soft layers – it just works.  This open back tee is honestly like wearing silk.  (But silk that can withstand mud and baby puke).

And you know what else?  It is not crazy expensive which makes a rather lovely change.  And I think if you visit the site and sign up to the newsletter then they send you a 15% off voucher too.  Happy days.

batwing sweatshirt – Asquith
open back tee – Asquith
shape me vest – Asquith
flow with it leggings – Asquith
waterproof roadside boots – Emu Australia
aviators – Ray-Ban


With thanks to Asquith for supporting this post.

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22 Feb

Five things I learned from partnering with TK Maxx

With 2018 in full swing now I have been taking a look at my blog from a business point of view, reviewing partnerships and successes of the past year and looking forward to the coming year and my direction.  There were some big changes for me last year, hey mama, and whilst I made a very conscious decision not to turn Thankfifi into one of those blogs, of course there has been a shift of some sort; I think part of that is growing older, and hopefully wiser, and there seems to be more now that I want to share than just fashion.  I want to include stories from my home and my life and my travels, and yes, still fashion.  TK Maxx was and still is one of my favourite fits because of the great range they offer and when I really thought about why that worked for me, I surprised myself with some of the things partnering with them and shopping there has taught me…


I have rediscovered the lost art of browsing.  When was the last time you took the time to just wander aimlessly round the shops without a solid plan?  Flashback to when I was studying at art school and shopping was an actual activity, a social occasion with friends…  well, these days I find myself ordering so much online or making a mad dash to one store to pick up a very specific thing that the joy of browsing could easily become a distant memory.  Those tactics simply don’t work in TK Maxx.  What I discovered is that they have a huge and often random selection that changes weekly, they don’t always stock each piece in every size and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  So you go to the store and you browse.  And it is really, really nice.  This year alone I have come home with a ski helmet and chocolate covered cherries and I assure you, neither of those were part of any kind of plan.


As bloggers it is so easy to fall into the trap of shopping that ‘New in’ section.  We are inclined to focus on sharing pieces that you guys can click to buy but in doing that I think we lose a little of what blogging is about – style.  I started Thankfifi in 2011 (woah) and, back then, it was all about style – it might not be the style I have now, thank goodness, but it was about styling the same piece different ways and barely any of my clothes were current season.  Of course TK Maxx have an amazing selection of pieces that are on trend but barely any of those are things you guys can click to buy (see point 1 – you gotta go in and browse).  So I have learnt to shift my focus back to style and I hope this means I shop smarter.  I want to make purchases that will go the distance, not just the month.


And that brings me to my style.  I know my colours, I know what I like and I hope I know what suits me.  So when I browse the rails I am on the lookout for, you guessed it, mustard, haha.  But seriously, things that I know suit my shape and suit my life.  Flares might not be ‘on trend’ right now (or are they?  I can never keep up) but I got this pair in TK Maxx Glasgow, by one of my all time fav denim brands, back in July and guess what?  Still love them.  Probably always will.


Just not always for your bank balance…  Seriously though, I know the editorials in Vogue could destroy your savings in minutes but, it is true, there are certain things worth investing in and often designer truly is superior in the quality and fit stakes.  But you know what I am not a fan of?  Designer prices.  I am like a bee to honey with the Gold Label section and have had made some incredible savings in there – this silk sun dress was actually hiding in the clearance section reduced down to £24.99…  from an RRP of £245.  Mhmm.  So I try to invest, or rather, invest for less, whenever I find a gem.


Because is there any other reason to part with your pennies?  Did I really need another straw basket for my home?  No.  Does it make me happy?  One hundred percent yes.  I went browsing (see, it really is my new thing) to see what I could pick up for this post and happened across this handwoven pot which I knew would make the perfect home for my coconut palm and for £12.99 I did some quick happiness maths and determined that it was worth it.  And I picked up another candle because beautiful candles make me happy too.  But geez they can be expensive…  except in TK Maxx they are always around 60% off so that is another happiness sum where I come up smelling like roses.   I reckon if you truly love something then you should have it.  You will find a place for it and it will forever make you smile; two words – golden lobster.

jumper & jeans – TK Maxx
barrington armchair – Sofology
woven basket pot – TK Maxx   |   palm – Ikea
lamp, lobster & candles – TK Maxx
all that wine – definitely someone else’s…

With thanks to TK Maxx for supporting this post.

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20 Feb

Money well spent

In fact I had this post saved in the archives for a rainy day…  but you know how life is – just when you think you’re getting ahead, life laughs in your face.  With the past week spent stuffing my poor brown dog full of pills and four trips to the vet (seriously thank doG for Petplan, not an ad, really REALLY money well spent), you can forgive me for sharing this one right here, right now.  He is on the mend, or at least he will be soon, and I can breathe a big sigh of relief and sleep through the night again (worry had consumed me).

So yes, these are the same boots as in my last post.  But no, this is not the same hair – this was my hair pre Nioxin.  I can actually see such a difference.  If you want to try the treatment click over to this post and leave a comment to enter the Sassoon/Nioxin giveaway I am hosting.  And yes, this is my dream dress which I do definitely prefer with a big side serve of sunshine but between now and forever I will be dreaming up as many ways to wear her as possible…

jumper – TK Maxx   |   dress – Zimmermann   |   jeans – Joules
curve over knee boots – Duo Boots (ON SALE)
aviators – Ray-Ban   |   belt – Ted Baker
bag – Emporio Armani


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16 Feb

Post baby hair… before & after Nioxin – a giveaway with Sassoon

Turns out baby hair is a thing.  And I don’t mean that fine, fluffy, hair spun from dreams that magically kisses the top of your baby’s head… although in fact it is not entirely unlike that but, and this is the big thing, that is not the hair I want on my head thank you.  Hmm.  But that my friends, seven months post baby, is exactly what I got.  Even under that fringe of mine is a tiny, short, fuzzy, second fringe waiting in the wings.  Urgh.

In the chair at Sassoon Glasgow, I’m chatting with Sharz about Nioxin; he’s telling me how great it is for stressed hair, hair that has to deal with our harsh winter or hair that regularly gets pulled back into a pony (guilty).  A facial for the scalp, a professional in-salon service that is designed to regenerate and revitalise to ensure stronger hair growth and a less irritated scalp, a system tailored to your hair needs and formulated to give you thicker and fuller looking hair.  But he does not need to convince me.  I tell him I got the baby hair blues and bam, lightbulb, Sharz is excited.  This is perfect.

So I am truly delighted to host a giveaway and one of you lovely lot will be able to experience it all for yourself at the Glasgow salon.  Enter below and scroll down to see the before and after plus a whole heap more pics because, you know, I got that new hair feeling…


Win a complimentary haircut & Nioxin treatment at the Glasgow Sassoon Salon


Leave a comment at the end of this post and tell me your hair woes…
(Giveaway closes 25th Feb)

I read a lot of reviews before heading into the salon and they were all good.  A few people said their head tingled pretty intensely but mine, in fact, did not.  The beauty of the in salon dermabrasion treatment is the massage.  I cannot tell a lie, I love the Sassoon head massage and this treatment came with an extra long one – eh, no complaints here.

My before pic is not great, I know.  My hair was pulled back because I just washed it (yep, I washed my hair right before going to the hairdresser – I’m not the only one right?) and my fringe was all out of shape, so long and straggly.  So maybe it is not the best comparison pic but let me use my words – my hair truly did feel fuller when we were done.  And so, so clean.  Like it is ready to grow.  And I am ready for it to grow, believe me.  I mean the cut obviously helps too, such a great foundation for healthy hair and I love that I don’t need to work on any intense styling to achieve the look, you know, I ain’t got time for that these days…

So I brought home the system and I am excited to see how this goes over the coming weeks and months.  At the very least a super clean scalp to encourage good strength and growth is guaranteed.  At best, a mane.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

And a quick apology because I already know this post is turning out to be a looooong one BUT I just gotta tell you real quick about these boots.  They are amazing.  They are custom sized to my calf so they fit perfectly.  They are on sale.  Like actually a really, really good price for genuine suede over the knee boots.  And they work splendidly with this little polkadot mini which is just the right length, not too mini.  And then there’s that winter, afternoon light but I’ll do you a favour and not start rambling on about that too…

Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter.x

knit – Stefanel   |   skirt – Next
curve over knee boots – Duo Boots (ON SALE)
bleecker bag – Reiss


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.

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