24 Aug

Flourless orange cake party!



Friday night we had some friends round for an intimate launch party.  Not just any old friends – the blog inspirer Fi and her husband Phil.  We unveiled the blog to them to the background of the ‘Gay 5km’ drums in the park across the road.

They had banners stating they were ‘NOW RECRUITING’ – for the run or for the gay community we weren’t sure.

We had raspberry bellinis and flourless orange cake (recipe found on Pinterest).

Any flourless cake is good in my book; so many cakes look so great but then don’t live up to expectations but with a flourless you can guarantee a moist, flavourful party for your mouth.





P.S.  We’re recruiting too!  It’d be awesome if you’d ‘Like’ Thankfifi on Facebook, follow on Bloglovin or Pineterest or ‘Join this site’ via Google Friend Connect.  Spread the love.x

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  1. Carrie Ferguson Posted 24 Aug at 2:24 pm

    The cake looks awesome!!! I would love the recipe!! x

    • Wendy Posted 24 Aug at 2:27 pm

      Just click the link within the post and it’ll take you there – super easy to make too

  2. Fi Posted 24 Aug at 6:46 pm

    Flourless cakes are the best, completely agree! I’ll add that one to the long list I have of cakes I must bake one day……


  3. cait Posted 24 Aug at 10:17 pm

    Oh that looks like my kind of party! Can I come next time??? Oh and am LOVING the blog xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Gayle Posted 25 Aug at 8:31 pm

    Looking good ladies!!! x

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