17 Feb

She called it


jacket – H&M
tee – Mango
skirt – Mango
boot – Autograph @
Marks & Spencer (also worn here)
sunglasses – Marks & Spencer
name necklace – gifted
cuff, watch –
Rebecca Minkoff via ShopBop, Calvin Klein (gifted)
leather gloves –
leather bag – Autograph @ Marks & Spencer
tights – Marks & Spencer

air hold lead – Ancol
harness – Lupi
coat – model’s own

My mum used to tell me that if you hang onto something long enough the fashion will come around again.  That was back when a whole era, like the 70’s, would come back in fashion.  I used to cringe a little bit when she hauled her original (handmade) 70’s maxi skirts out the closet exclaiming proudly, ‘These are right back in fashion!’.  Yes, they fit me but no, there was no way I was wearing them out in public.  Then.  Still got them mum?

Fashions come and go so quickly now that you don’t even need to wait that long!  I remember wearing this skirt for my degree show, nine, cough, years ago.  Geez.  Floaty fabric, side splits, asymmetric hem, painterly print.  Bang on.  Truth be told, I can’t wait for summer so I can restyle it with pastels and sandals.


P.S.  I must really apologise but I have quite a serious allergy.  Ironing.  Anyone else?

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  1. Jennifer Posted 17 Feb at 10:15 am

    LOL I don’t even buy anything that will need to be ironed… or, if it does, then too bad!

  2. Gayle Posted 17 Feb at 4:29 pm

    I remember your degree show opening well – it was toasty! Remember when it was actually warm in the summer?! Looking great Mrs G! x

  3. lisanne Posted 17 Feb at 5:14 pm

    That skirt is so beautiful!


    • Wendy Posted 17 Feb at 6:33 pm

      thanks lisanne – so glad I hung onto it!

  4. FASHIONCHALET Posted 17 Feb at 7:08 pm

    Awweee! You are so cute!! I love this outfit 🙂

    And by the way, yes I’m a super starstruck kinda gal aha!! 😉

    But don’t be shy with me, I’ll be shy enough for the both of us.. would love to meet!

    x X

  5. J Posted 18 Feb at 3:12 am

    My mom showed me how to iron a shirt one day … it was my dad’s … she told me if I could learn to iron a man’s shirt then I could iron anything … she showed me … it was perfect and then handed one to me … I was determined to do it right … and after much ironing back and forth with no decent result in sight and with little patience left, she took the shirt from me and said .. “oh hon, you will never learn how to iron!” … I took her phrase literally … I was obedient like that … and so I do not iron! 🙂

    • Wendy Posted 18 Feb at 9:16 am

      So glad I am not alone!

  6. fabliha Posted 18 Feb at 11:20 am

    you look stunning! 🙂 your dog is so adorable! I am loving your blog + your style 🙂



    • Wendy Posted 18 Feb at 6:52 pm

      thanks so much – thanks for visiting!x

  7. Alela Sirah Posted 18 Feb at 6:53 pm
  8. Nina Papaioannou Posted 21 Feb at 8:03 pm

    Oh!! I like your style… I am following you in bloglovin…
    Yes I am allergic to ironing too :)) I love wearing vintage clothes mixed with contemporary basics … I believe the result is more original than wearing everything current season!

    • Wendy Posted 21 Feb at 8:24 pm

      I completely agree – some things I am so glad I kept and probably others I will still be wondering why I kept in ten years time!x

  9. Vaiva Posted 28 Feb at 5:01 pm

    Ironing… Phew:))) hate it… Your blog reading- love it:)

    • Wendy Posted 28 Feb at 8:01 pm

      ha thanks so much vaiva!x

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