22 Aug

Blending in khaki


knitted tank – Topshop (last worn here)
pants – Gap (last worn here)
flicker court – Aldo (ON SALE – limited sizes)
aviator – H&M, pashmina – gifted
tassel necklace – Mango (ON SALE!)
watch – Michael Kors, bracelets – various
leather bag – Autograph @ M&S, natural white nail polish – George @ Asda

coat – model’s own c/o Infindigo

What a shame khaki is the same shade as so many very unappealing things because it really is one of my favourites.  In the notable absence of anything with a legitimate camouflage print (this was close but not quite), I went for the khaki pants in an effort to come in ‘on trend’.  The pressure…

I am aware that it may look obscure that I am in a park in these heels but let me walk you through this.  I work about 300m from home (the irony is that I probably still arrive 1 minute late for work 4 days a week… and sometimes I drive… shameful).  The walk to work is through the park and up these stairs on the other side.  I don’t take Mr K to work but I do walk him many times a day in aforementioned park.  Often the husband meets me with the camera and dog (or vice-versa) because he works about 280m from home, across the road from my work.  It’s a very lovely world we live in, affectionately known as ‘the bubble’.


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  1. Neris Posted 22 Aug at 10:24 am

    such a lovely look! and you are so lucky to work so close by where you live!


    Fashion Fractions

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 3:50 pm

      I know! I used to work about 200m from home but then we upgraded to bigger premises – I was nervous I may have to actually travel to work but fortunately we found somewhere almost as close 😉

  2. eva Posted 22 Aug at 11:28 am

    love the pants xxx

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 3:51 pm

      thanks eva

  3. Estela Posted 22 Aug at 11:29 am

    I like it (L)

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 3:51 pm


  4. Mica Posted 22 Aug at 12:27 pm

    Love the slouchy knit with the pants! The scarf works really well too 🙂


    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 3:51 pm

      thanks mica 🙂

  5. Sarah O'Brien Posted 22 Aug at 4:05 pm

    Love your top!

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 4:47 pm

      thanks sarah – was lucky enough to find it in the sale having loved it full price

  6. monkeyshines Posted 22 Aug at 4:28 pm

    simple chic!


    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 7:08 pm

      thank you

  7. Jenna Posted 22 Aug at 7:07 pm

    love the sweater tank and pants!


    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 7:09 pm

      both crafty sale finds 🙂

  8. Kristina @ Sarcire Posted 22 Aug at 7:20 pm

    I love that you paired the simple open knit top with the pants- a tiny splash of yellow. 🙂

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 9:48 pm

      Glad you like it! When I looked back at the shots I wasn’t too sure about the necklace!

  9. REBECCA Posted 22 Aug at 8:23 pm

    I’m also a big fan of khaki & olive because it’s truly blendable with anything…..like that little pop of neon yellow! You’re truly blessed to live so near your place of work!!


    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 9:48 pm

      I know – all our friends joke because we hardly ever need to leave our ‘bubble’!

  10. Gayle Posted 22 Aug at 8:42 pm

    Love the pashmina, and the zips!!!! x

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 9:49 pm

      Love the zips too – details details 🙂

  11. Rose Posted 22 Aug at 9:06 pm

    great outfit post! I am obsessing over white nail varnish right now 🙂

    Fashion Rhapsody
    Rose xo

    • Thankfifi Posted 22 Aug at 9:49 pm

      me too 😉

  12. Tien Posted 22 Aug at 11:24 pm

    Hi! Just found your blog and I love this outfit – especially the neon necklace. I have to head out to Mango to check it out now – d’oh blogs do this to you don’t they ;P


    Tien xo

    • Thankfifi Posted 23 Aug at 2:11 pm

      they sure do 😉 get me all the time…

  13. Jacy Posted 23 Aug at 12:59 am

    Love those pants!! The zipper details and color are perfect!



    • Thankfifi Posted 23 Aug at 2:11 pm

      glad you like them 🙂

  14. stacey Posted 24 Aug at 6:27 am

    gorgeous, and your dogs so cute!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

    • Thankfifi Posted 24 Aug at 4:13 pm

      thanks stacey – I happen to agree with you about the dog being so cute 😉

  15. eleni Posted 24 Aug at 11:46 am

    hahaha love your bubble guys!! It’s nice to be part of it even in digital communication form!! 🙂

    The look is immensely cool as well!! Love the khaki hues this fall and you have made the best combo with the nude assymetric heels!! 🙂

    • Thankfifi Posted 24 Aug at 4:13 pm

      thanks eleni – you are welcome in the bubble any time.x

  16. School Gate Style Posted 24 Aug at 4:46 pm

    I’m all for wearing heels in the park – why not?! They are gorgeous! Loving the khaki pants – really great alternative to jeans. Must check them out! Avril x
    School Gate Style

    • Thankfifi Posted 24 Aug at 6:05 pm

      sadly they were from the sale last year 🙁 glad you like the heels in the park though!

  17. Jacy Posted 24 Aug at 7:32 pm

    Great little knit top and pants! I love the neutrals!



    • Thankfifi Posted 24 Aug at 9:34 pm

      so glad that khaki is back in – it’s always one of my favs 🙂

  18. Agnes W Posted 24 Aug at 8:20 pm

    Cute outfit! How wonderful that everything is within a 300m vicinity, wish I too had a bubble like that!!
    Have a wonderful day!


    • Thankfifi Posted 24 Aug at 9:34 pm

      I know I am so lucky! Hasn’t always been this way but it sure would make it hard to ever move or change jobs!

  19. moiminnie Posted 31 Aug at 12:42 am

    I love the shoes and that necklace makes the whole outfit pop! http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com

    • Thankfifi Posted 1 Sep at 10:55 am

      thank you – these are definitely my favourite shoes – they go with everything!

  20. The Closet Coach Posted 31 Aug at 7:30 pm

    Cute outfit, and what a lovely place to walk through.

    I have a similar pair of trousers and now I have an idea for an outfit I can make with them!

  21. Laura Posted 1 Sep at 1:41 pm

    Love this outfit, your scarf is gorgeous!

    Laura xo

    • Thankfifi Posted 1 Sep at 8:43 pm

      ha you kno what’s quite funny? the scarf was a gift from my friend – her name is laura! you both have good taste 😉

  22. Kiara Posted 3 Sep at 7:17 am

    AMAZZINGG girl… ps… what happened to links a la mode… i can’t find it anymore! just through other peoples links! Help? CONGRATS!

    • Thankfifi Posted 3 Sep at 5:47 pm

      I know – it actually took me ages to find it too! I used the search box in the end I think and found it eventually.x

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