10 Sep

Vestiaire Collective, j’adore

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This little parcel from Vestiaire couldn’t really have come at a better time – on the one hand feeding my new Carven obsession and one the other arriving by courier on the very day I start to colate my looks for London Fashion Week.  And, if I had 3 hands, I’d say that on the last hand it showcases the perfect colours for fall in aubergine and khaki.

I was super happy to partner with Vestiaire this month because I feel like we were made for each other.  ‘A resale community dedicated to luxury fashion‘ means high end designer goods at affordable prices for you and me.  I’m all about that kind of shopping.  Plus their site looks awesome; stuffed full of gorgeous inspiration and the ‘We love’ selection means you can head straight for the bang on trend goodies.  All the pieces are verified in Paris for authenticity before arriving in their super cute packaging, tagged in French (and English) and ready to make you smile.  J’adore.

Thankfifi- Vestiaire-6

Remember my rather fruity Stella McCartney tee?  Yep, that was Vestiaire.  I’ll show you a look with the new Carven soon but, in the meantime, here’s my top selection of pieces on sale right now.  Race ya!Thankfifi-Vestiaire-ii

In rows from top left:
Tibi neoprene sweater – £140, Sandro plaid shirt – £25
Mulberry lily – £484, celine scarf – £76, Sandro leather shorts – £45
Prada wine satin heels – £126, Celine belt – £167, Louis Vuitton boots – £290

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  1. Gaylebury Posted 10 Sep at 11:59 am

    Tres bonne ! (or however you spell it!) love the fact everything has been to Paris to get authenticated!!! x

    • Gaylesbury Posted 10 Sep at 12:37 pm

      P.S. Just looked up the Vestaire site, it’s fab!!! Spend half an hour just travelling through it all! Could get addictive….!

  2. Lauren Posted 10 Sep at 12:49 pm

    I need to check this site out! Never heard of it before.

  3. Lyddiegal Posted 11 Sep at 4:20 am

    fabulous! sounds like my kind of shop!

  4. Christy Posted 11 Sep at 5:53 am

    All look so pretty.


  5. EGLE Posted 11 Sep at 5:40 pm

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