9 Jul

Cruising Langkawi

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-4

I promise we’re nearing the end of my Malaysia trip now but, I have to admit, I have so many incredible memories from this trip that you’ll just have to indulge me for a couple more days while I share them all with you (and my Mum, hi Mum).

So come with me on a sunset cruise, on a 76ft schooner… look at me getting my sealegs… schooner… I speak fluent boat.

Truth be told, this day I wasn’t feeling so fantastic and this first half of the cruise I spent exactly as that first shot depicts – horizontal and soaking up the sun (not a bad way to recuperate).  I assumed photographer role as the rest of my shipmates took the plunge into the ‘boat jacuzzi’ but after seeing Nancy and Verity’s smiles I got a little niggle of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and gingerly made my way down the ladder, with the help of that strapping young lad, to join them – the main challenge is to enjoy yourself without losing your pants in the current.  Let’s just say not all the shots came out looking so elegant…

Our boat barbecue was accompanied by a tale of romance as we chatted to Japanese Ryoko, the owner of Crystal Yacht Holidays, who holidayed in Langkawi 25 years ago and met Jamie, a Canadian, also on holiday.  Shortly after, they both packed up and moved to the place that had stolen their hearts and they founded the company.  I tell you, these kind of stories, on a sailing boat, at sunset… hearts melting all over the deck.

And that sunset.  I gave up trying to capture it on camera in favour of living the moment and soaking in every one of those pinks and oranges floating down on to the horizon…

blaize bikini top – Agent Provocateur
bikini bottom – Asos (similar)
short – Gap (similar) :: glasses – Asos

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-24


Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-6

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-3

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-9

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-10


Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-11

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-2

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-23

Thankfifi- Langkawi sunset cruise, Crystal Yacht-12

Photos by Nancy Gibbs, from Instagram & on my trusty Sony RX100

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  1. Gaylesbury Posted 9 Jul at 10:15 am

    Very brave! You look like you’re having a blast x

  2. Meischa Posted 9 Jul at 10:37 am

    Looks beautiful! What an amazing way to spend a day.


  3. Kate Posted 9 Jul at 11:35 am

    I love, love, love sailing. And that nook you are wedged in is the best place to sit! Eve. When you are feeling sea sick! X

  4. Celia Posted 9 Jul at 12:03 pm

    What a wonderful adventure!


  5. Nancy Posted 15 Jul at 10:36 am

    Miss you darling! Love these photos! xxxxxxx

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