31 May

Home Tour – console table Ikea hack

Initial searches for a console table proved to be…  expensive.  I mean, have you ever looked for a console table?  It’s like the least complicated piece of furniture you can own – and yet somehow they were coming in at around £500.  I was searching for something simple, clean and white, that wasn’t going to require a remortgage, to pop out against the bluebellgray wallpaper.

So I did what any good homemaker would do and went to Ikea.  I found the ekby alex shelf for £35 and decided the option of drawers was perfect (aka a ‘dump all the mail in there’ filing system).  The hairpin legs were sourced online from Wicked Hairpins around 18 months ago when the set of four 71cm legs came in at £78…  fast forward to now and the rise in hairpin popularity also dictates a rise in price, up to £236, which is, quite frankly insane – I hunted down this option for £73.

There’s not really a whole lot of DIY prowess involved in this project – just go ahead and screw the legs on.  (I set the back legs forward a little to allow a flush finish against the wall due to my mammoth skirting boards).  Add a couple of ‘objets’ and you’re done.  You can stand back and smile smugly at your handiwork, arms folded, head cocked and tap the screwdriver triumphantly…

morar wallpaper – Bluebellgray
ekby alex shelf – Ikea   |   hairpin legs – Wicked Hairpins (budget here)
ossie owl vase – Graham & Green   |   art – Abbie Mead
fairytale sandals – Sargossa


Want to see more of my home tour?  Check out the kitchen makeover here.

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  1. Gaylesbury Posted 31 May at 6:59 pm

    Love it

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