13 Oct

The inbetweener

The coatigan – not a coat, nor a cardigan; a hybrid, an inbetweener.  But a perfect midseason layering piece for when the leaves are turning but not quite as much as you might have liked.  So yeah, I’ll freely admit to a bit of Photoshop, erm, enhancement of those autumn leaves, to elevate the overall look, you know.  Is that cool?  And now I’m sure you’re checking for lengthened legs or other deceivings…  but I assure you there are none – these are my legs, shaved only once a fortnight nowadays and only the front half at that.  Happy Friday.x

pagan weave coatigan – Great Plains
mia roll neck – Great Plains   |   skirt – Zara
boots – Tommy Hilfiger
rivington convertible tote – Henri Bendel
circle stacking rings – Ottoman Hands


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10 Oct

Warm spice

The coat, in my opinion, to end the search for the perfect AW coat.  The colour is actually called ‘warm spice’ and if this season could be embodied by a colour this, surely, is it.  The fit is honestly amazing and the quality is as good as any designer coat you could hope to get your mitts on.  And it’s a classic but still has those details, you know?  Jigsaw do good coat.

So we are in the midst of figuring out our new drill.  I mean, previously photos happened whenever, wherever.  Or maybe that should read whenever there was sun, wherever there was sun.  Now we don’t have the luxury of waiting for the sun to come out from behind the perma cloud blanket, we have a baby and he needs fed and stuff, at very specific times, and those times are not dictated by the BBC weather app…  But with the Grans stepping in and covering two days of Hunter time, I have the luxury of nipping in to town to meet the husband on his break and what we have realised is that if we shoot quick we can squeeze in time for a lunch date too and it all feels terribly grown up.  Especially when I am wearing this coat.  And I am rediscovering a true affection for the city.

I guess moving forward you can expect something of a mélange; streetstyle from the city, country casuals and likely an endless drip of home updates as we make this little place our home.  And let’s not forget the travel.  Holidays are being booked asap, if for no other reason than these

storm coat – Jigsaw   |   dress – H&M   |   boot – Reiss
emerson place lenia bag – Kate Spade
Ray-Ban aviators – Zalando
totem gold cuff – Edge of Ember   |   pebble ring – Ottoman Hands


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6 Oct

Practical mum purchase

Surely fine knit over the knee sock boots are something I’ll get a heck of a lotta wear out of as a new mum?  When not out on unreasonably fashionable country walks with pram and dogs, their uses are virtually endless – lay empty sock boot around baby’s neck as a bib, craft sock boot puppets, wine bottle holders, arm warmers with stiletto weapon attachment, Christmas stockings…  ENDLESS.  Money well spent.  Obviously.

tee – River Island   |   leather skirt – L.K. Bennett
over the knee sock boots – Zara
ray-ban aviators – Zalando   |   bracelet & ring – Ottoman Hands
richmond park bag – Radley


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4 Oct

Underneath it all

The other day my brother-in-law said to me (already you know this is going to be awkward don’t you?) that he daren’t look at social media anymore for fear of seeing me half naked.  Aaand here we are again.  Honestly I never thought I’d be sharing so much of myself, not in the metaphorical, thoughts in my head, kind of way but truly sharing so much literally of myself, especially with my body going through all the changes it has over the past year.  But really I have so much respect for this body right now; I mean, I grew a perfect tiny person in there and somehow survived that and whilst I cannot profess to be the same shape as I was before, I am comfortable with myself.  So it seems I am half naked on the internet.  Again.  Sorry Gary.

For sure my belly is not as tight and I could not do a proper press up right now if my life depended on it, my hair seems a little thinner and the little scars on my thighs have a few more friends (not a single one on my belly, go figure).  But the girls are fuller and that is one change I am not going to be complaining about.  I swear the changes in that department were about as unexpected as seeing my belly grow quite as big as it did (I remember at six months thinking it couldn’t really get much bigger.  Ha).  So my bra size over the past twelve months has been something of a rollercoaster as well.  And honestly if I hadn’t gone for regular fittings throughout that time I would not have had a clue and would have probably worn the one stretchy crop top the whole time.  But seriously, good lingerie playing a strong supporting role makes all the difference – to your body, your clothes and your confidence (hello, half naked on the internet again).

So basically Panache are like my new best friend.  Super pretty styles perfect for lace lovers like me and in a range of sizes to accommodate these changes.  I never thought I would be one of those girls that even had to look at those special lingerie brands but I am and actually it’s pretty amazing.  Panache invited me to Poinsettia Style on the south side of Glasgow to take part in their #FoundMyFit campaign and although, miraculously, I arrived wearing the correct size (complete fluke on my part) I discovered that I was wearing it all wrong.  Yeah, you can wear a bra wrong.  Who knew?  I had the straps the wrong length, they were positioned badly on my sloping shoulders, heck even the way I was putting it on wasn’t quite right.  Seriously.  And whilst I might be happy to share more than the brother-in-law is comfortable with, I am not quite ready to share a ‘How to’ on getting into your undies…  So go get fitted.  Please.  Do me, and Gary, a favour.

Poinsettia Style – Find Your Fit event
5th,6th & 7th October

And after that you might just feel like lounging around the house in pretty lingerie.  And should you feel so inclined to take a photo then don’t be afraid to share it with #FoundMyFit (especially as there are prizes up for grabs).

I don’t want to lie to you – I carefully positioned that throw over the bits (aka mum tum) I was not quite ready to share with the world and simultaneously tried to breathe and tense every tiny muscle I had whilst taking these shots.  It was probably the best workout I had in months, I was actually out of breath by the end.  Which inspired me to start some proper workouts again.  And this weekend I got a Panache sports bra, in my true size.  Total game changer.  But more on that another day…

clara bra & brief – Panache
blanket – Tartan Blanket Co.
mayberry slippers – Emu Australia

lois bra & brief – Panache
top – Free People

.With thanks to Panache for supporting this post.

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2 Oct

Dressing up undressed walls

After last week’s casual confessions it only seemed fair that I dress these Ottoman Hands jewels up a little, you know, make an effort, just for me…  and my walls.  Initially I planned this to be way more pared down in the ‘dripping in gold’ stakes but then, well, I wound up layering the necklaces again – I guess they just lend themselves to it and I’m loving the multidimensional jewellery look right now with the varying chain lengths.  Just one ring though, hmmm, technically two but one stacking set, in Taurus birthstones although I’m an Aries but just because that green colour looks so good with these walls and the dress.  It probably won’t come as a huge surprise that I’ve picked out the tiles for the fireplace in this room and they’re, um, green…

gold little twig necklace   |   gold twist circle necklace
small gold leaf and jade charm stone necklace
zodiac ring with emerald stone
all Ottoman Hands

Ivy & Oak dress – Zalando

p.s.  I actually searched and searched online (as well as in stores which is rare for me) for the perfectly low cut dress, only to be disappointed before remembering this blush pink pretty – maybe I forgot about this as an option because of the last time I wore it

With thanks to Ottoman Hands for supporting this post.

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29 Sep


In search of autumn leaves to really bring out the colour of my eyes, eh correction, jumper

Side note – the other day my friend sent me a whatsapp message with a pic of something mustard and she said ‘I don’t know why but I always associate this colour with you?’.  I replied with a selfie of me sitting on my couch (yas, my new couch!) in this mustard jumper, leaning on my mustard cushion in front of my mustard wall art…

knit – H&M   |   denim & supply dress – Zalando
pavement boots – Zalando
wendy fedora – Powder   |   bag – Boden


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27 Sep

Elevating the everyday

Somewhere along the way I got kinda casual.  Oh wait, I think I might know what happened…  a baby, a house in the country, two dogs, free moments a distant memory, realised I’m a bonafide mid thirties grown up.  Yep.

But you may have noticed over the past few weeks I’ve started dressing my tees and jeans (aka mama uniform) with gold.  It started innocently enough with a project with Ottoman Hands and grew into a borderline obsession where I want to wear ALL the pieces ALL at once ALL the time.  And so now my desk is littered with these beauties and I am really over the moon to share that I will be something of an ambassador for this wonderful brand.  So you will likely see a lot more of the magpie inducing prettiness over the coming months and I truly could not be happier about that.  Here’s why…  Ottoman Hands was founded in London by Deniz in 2010 and grew from a stall in Portobello Market to a brand stocked in stores all over the world – girl power.  Working with Turkish artisans, Deniz creates one of a kind pieces loyal to the beauty of ancient Ottoman jewellery making traditions with beautiful gems and metals – originality (basically the kind of stunning pieces you usually only find on holiday and wonder why there’s nothing quite like it at home).  The delicate pieces look perfect worn alone or layered up (yeah, I know I got a fistful of gold – that’s my new thang) and that fits my style – honestly I have rediscovered my love of jewellery over the past weeks.  And you know what else?  The prices ain’t gonna scare you either.

In other news I plastered my living room pink (I use the term ‘I’ somewhat loosely) and I love it, like stroke the walls daily love it (and yes it’s a complete coincidence that the walls make the perfect backdrop for photos); so if you’re looking for me you can find me swanning around my half decorated home dripping in gold.  And a t-shirt.

hammered semi circle & pearl necklace   |   open hexagon necklace
circle stacking rings   |   feather ring   |   black flat pebble ring
open diamond bracelet   |   black flat pebble bangle
all Ottoman Hands

tee – River Island   |   jeans – Zara
berber rug – Next

With thanks to Ottoman Hands for supporting this post.

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22 Sep

Few words Friday

This dress, on repeat…  over jeans, under jumpers and just on her own.  Who’da thunk I’d be a floral midi dress kinda girl?  Maybe it’s a country thing…

dress – H&M   |   le high skinny jeans – Frame
pavement boots – Zalando
steve madden sunglasses – TK Maxx
necklace & rings – Ottoman Hands   |   watch – Daniel Wellington
carlyle satchel – Henri Bendel   |   belt – Gant Rugger


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19 Sep

One of those weeks

When it’s one of those weeks where you’re expecting the new health visitor at 10.30am, the door goes at 10.20am and you invite the lovely man into your home to see your baby, to weigh him and measure him…  when he asks how old he is and you’re thinking he really should have this information in the notes he’s pulling out of his bag…  when you realise he is a roller blind salesman.  Yeah, that happened.

So you’ll forgive me for not offering you any in depth fashion week worthy notes about this outfit.  But just two things – these lace up sleeves are rocking my world (go up two sizes for extra volume, trust me) and these sneakers have rose gold hardware, rose gold I tell ya, beautiful.  Well done Mint Velvet, you’re more on the ball than me.

P.S.  I forgot my dog.  And a handbag.  True story.

knit – Mint Velvet   |   leather skirt – M&S
allie contrast sneaker – Mint Velvet
aviators – Ray-Ban (ON SALE)   |   ring – Peggy Li


With thanks to Mint Velvet for supporting this post.

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15 Sep

Big red

Oh man, fall is here.  Or autumn…  instagram americanisms are permeating my impressionable mind.  The air is cooler and the leaves are turning.  And we could be woeful about the end of summer OR we could embrace the red and the chunky knits and the copious hot chocolates on the horizon or spiced pumpkin lattes if we’re thinkin’ ’bout the ‘gram again.

So this red cable knit cardigan from Next has to be the best high street option of the season?  It’s ticking all the boxes for me anyway.  Those big chunky balloon sleeves…  And with the pink heels, for that little nod to the red/pink clashing trend (’tis the start of fashion week after all) – always love Boden heels for their beautiful leather soles and lining and craftsmanship as well as their comfort, I mean comfy heels are a bit of a paradox but Boden got them and these pink suede beauties are no exception.

The bag is new in from Radley and I think she’s gonna fast become a staple – I mean she’s sorta simple and basic being grey and handbagish but the details, the details are on point – brushed gold hardware (especially those big D rings on the side) and an awkwardly short strap that just kinda works and makes it ‘cool’.

Happy Friday to you, thanks for reading and thanks also to all of you who chat to me through instagram stories, following my house move and my sea of boxes and my overload of dog shots and giving me advice about my plaster walls and putting up with my ‘mum voice’ and copious baby goo goo’s – you guys are the best.x

cable cardigan – Next   |   glamorous tee – Zalando
le skinny jeans – Frame   |   carrie heel – Boden
aviators – Ray-Ban
richmond park bag – Radley London



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