2 May

The unexpected

Because it’s totally ok to wear over the knee boots when you’re 7 months pregnant right?

dress – Mango   |   boots – Sophia Webster
bag – Jigsaw   |   watch – Christian Paul
aviators – Ray Ban


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28 Apr

Wedding season with L.K.Bennett

The season is upon us…  the season of weekend events and evening soirees and I am delighted to be kicking off a month of wedding season with L.K.Bennett who, quite frankly, always knock it out the park for me with their occasion wear (remember this skirt?  And that waist…).

This dress is just divine, all silk ruffles and florals and perfectly floaty to accommodate le bump.  Other favourites include this yellow number, dying over the embroidery detail, and this lace beauty…  but baby has a say these days dictating the shapes that offer enough space for us both.

Luckily enough, although I’m frightened to speak too soon, my feet seem to be one of the few body parts that remain so far entirely unaffected by pregnancy – save neglected nails as reaching them is fast becoming an olympic challenge.  And L.K.Bennett’s shoes are honestly the best; beautiful crafted and always leather lined with heels just the right height for dancing the night away.  I paired my dress with the classic red Floret style which will be perfect with my beat up boyfriend jeans too (when I can fit into them again) but can we just spare a moment to appreciate these works of art?  Divine.

kayla dress – L.K.Bennett
floret suede heels – L.K.Bennett


With thanks to L.K.Bennett for supporting this post.

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26 Apr


Coming across all boho…  simple pieces like this stretchy dress by Isabella Oliver and the leather biker, thrown on top of virtually every outfit these days with zero chance of zipping up (thank goodness it’s spring and not winter), are the order of the day – absolute basics for me.  Dressed up with bohemian touches like the gorgeous silk scarf by Ever Rêve – are headscarves having a moment or is it just me having a moment?

katerina dress – Isabella Oliver   |   leather jacket – Label Online
dyna boots – Isabel Marant Etoile
ines silk scarf – Ever Rêve   |   aviators – Ray Ban
palermo bag – Crimson



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24 Apr

Pregnant trapeze artist

Whether you have a real baby or a food baby to conceal, it is always worth abusing the search box for anything ‘trapeze’…  or ‘swing’ for that matter.  Making regular clothes go the extra mile…

With just 11 weeks to go it honestly feels like a false economy to invest in too many maternity clothes but this stripe number from Asos, although I’m not sure it would ever be suitable as a dress, is a winner for now and after.  And now, having fallen foul to my own trapeze searching suggestion, I’m lusting after this red beauty too

leather jacket – Zara   |   stripe dress – Asos (ON SALE)
leather legging – Hallhuber   |   boot – Reiss
emerson place lenia bag – Kate Spade
aviators – Ray Ban   |   watch – Hugo Boss



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21 Apr


Perched atop the rolling dunes of Maspalomas at sunset…

Friday flashback to Gran Canaria which I had been saving because the outfit is just like summer on steroids except of course I waited too long and the glorious Asos top is sold out (although now they’ve released it in yellow) so I’ve popped some of my favourite alternatives right here –

And now of course I find myself craving sunshine again…  except my ever increasing belly is making the husband nervous to fly.  So I am asking for your help please – where should we go in the UK?  Preferably somewhere with at least a chance of better weather (i.e. South), dog friendly, boutique babymoon vibes, beach access…  you know the drill!

On the other hand, if you, unlike me, are free to fly in search of sun and need some inspiration then please check out my Gran Canaria travel guide or indeed the entire travel section.  And tell me where you’re headed this summer – let me live vicariously through you – go on, make me jealous.

top – Asos   |   shorts – Gap   |   sandals – Next
ena silk scarf – Brae   |   aviators – Ray Ban
‘love’ necklace – Astley Clarke
hasma bracelet & love bridge bracelet – Thomas Sabo
bleecker bag – Reiss


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18 Apr

The double D

Although technically not double but rather all in one…  pregnant life without this denim suit by Séraphine wouldn’t be the same.  Not just for my boundless love of denim but also for it’s one piece properties – no tight waistband (which would be rendered useless in any case as these hips, once key to my eggtimer bodyshape, have been swiftly overtaken by… the egg), plenty of stretch and they stay just where they’re destined to thanks to my, er, shoulders I guess.  My size was in fact sold out and this one initially too large (note – in the lower half only…) but I fell in love, big love, and so to the tailor she went.  I can’t preach enough about the virtues of a good tailor for mending and amending – not every piece of clothing is ever going to fit every single person perfectly (especially when one buys the wrong size to start with).  I use Nowak on Great Western Rd and have for years in case you were wondering.

And as a complete aside, I’m almost certain there’s a photo of me on my very first birthday with my mum and she’s wearing a boilersuit.  Hers was red and indeed an actual boilersuit procured from my uncle who had connections with a factory.  She rocked it.  And so it seems we really do turn into our mothers.  But I’m ok with that.

denim jumpsuit – Séraphine
bleecker bag – Reiss   |  ena silk scarf – Brae
classic petite melrose rose gold watch – Daniel Wellington
biography bracelet – Astley Clarke   |   sunglasses – Tommy Hilfiger


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15 Apr

Bedtime rituals

In this house we are all about bedtime.  As soon as dinner’s done the pyjamas are on (ok, sometimes before dinner).  I remember when bedtime was something you went out of your way to avoid but as grown up life takes over bedtime, or rather the time you get to bed becomes less reliable, anything before midnight is a high five worthy result.  I’m snuggling into the most gorgeous silk pyjamas by Asceno, sipping my Scottish rooibos decaf tea (use FIFI10 for 10% off any order with Ambr) and cuddling up to my little bears, occasionally even the husband…  I heart bedtime.

And you know who else loves bedtime?  These guys.  But their minds are firmly set on the bedtime treats.  The only walk of the day they’re not dragging their feet back up the stairs is the bedtime walk – they know it’s nearly time and I’m not even kidding.  Pedigree kindly restocked our supply of Dentastix, which by the way they have been enjoying for years in any case, and asked us to share our tips for keeping their teeth in tip top shape.  So here goes – a peek into the world of a true dog nerd…

– We brush their teeth every day with enzymatic meat flavour toothpaste which is obviously a pleasure for not only them but also for us.  You can only truly understand this joy when you’ve tried brushing a dog’s teeth… clue : they’re not mad keen on it.
– Raw chicken thighs once a week because crunching through the bones is great for scraping off plaque.  Cooked chicken bones are way off limits but raw is just fine, they crumble rather than splinter.  In lieu of having a private garden ours take turns eating these in the bathroom because it’s our only tiled floor.  We mop afterwards.
– I scrape Mr K’s teeth once a week with a special tool a bit like the one you get in the dentist.  If you had a rough idea of how easy it is to brush a dog’s teeth then you can probably times that experience by about five and you’re there with the tooth scaler.  It’s no picnic but he’s almost ten years old now and his teeth need a bit of extra help…  so we do it.
– We spray their teeth once a day with an all natural peppermint oil oral spray for dogs.
– And then there are the Pedigree Dentastix.  By far the easiest and most enjoyable part of the doggy dental care routine.  The boys love them and all we gotta do is hand them over at bedtime – the special ‘x’ shape and active ingredients do all the hard work for us, reducing the build up of tartar.  Did I mention that they go mad for them?  Guess they taste pretty good too.

Wow…  proof reading those even I’m starting to think I might be a wee bit crazy.  I’m lucky if I floss my own teeth after brushing.  But they’re worth it.  And perhaps now I have a fair idea of why bedtime before midnight is a high five worthy result.

dutch blue silk pyjamas – Asceno London
necklace – Astley Clarke   |   bracelet – Astley Clarke
sanday throw – bluebellgray   |   buoyant letter mug – Anthropologie
scottish rooibos tea – Ambr (use FIFI10 for 10% off)


This post is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.

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12 Apr

The Grassmarket & other stories

This weekend we did Edinburgh with the friends – in truth I think our friends with baby really wanted a night out without responsibility waiting at home…  so we did what good friends do and helped out with a weekend away.  We did the Grassmarket in the sunshine for hours on Saturday and finally made it to El Cartel about 10pm for dinner…  it did not disappoint.

Weekend wardrobe demands thumbs up to Zara for producing an inordinate amount of tent shaped clothing suitable for ma belly, in gingham too, and also to Boden for this leather shopper in clashing red and pink of the season.  I might not be able to do it in pencil skirts and blouses a la Vogue but I sure as heck can do a bag.  Love.

Apologies that these shots are somewhat bleached but we (and when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘he’) waited until the last possible ray of Saturday sunshine before being cajoled (and by ‘cajoled’ I mean ‘heavily guilted by the girl contingent on our trip’) to leave the party by approximately 3 metres to take my photos for about 2.5 minutes…  a blogger husband’s work is never done.

The girls especially enjoyed then telling us the passers by’s conversation they overhead…
Young chap #1, ‘That girl’s hot’
Young chap #2, ‘Didn’t you see her belly?  She’s pregnant!’
Young chap #1, ‘I don’t care.  She’s still hot’.
Still got it.

Oh and just one more thing…  these boots are genuine suede, from Next, and one of the comfiest footwear options I own (that’s why I brought them on a city break).  I swear they should be more than twenty quid, in fact I’m almost certain they were more than that when I got them a couple months ago, but, well, I just checked the link and there they were in all their glory for a measly £20.  Amazing.

venn blazer – Reiss   |   dress – Zara
suede boots – Next
luxe leather shopper – Boden   |   aviators – Ray Ban


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10 Apr

Luxe volume with Sassoon

It might not surprise you that by this point I am really trying to embrace ‘bigger is better’…  Some aspects of the new mantra I have no say over (body parts seems to be growing at quite the alarming rate these days) but the hair, the hair gets stronger and shinier by the day.

I dropped in to see Sharz at Sassoon Salon Glasgow right before our weekend away to road test the latest addition to the Blow & Style menu – the Luxe Volume blow dry.  The roots were pumped up with mousse and hair blowdried with more volume than I thought possible, sweeping across one eye.  It’s like the blow dry you always wanted, big, bouncy, shiny…  basically works on any length and shape to give you the kind of hair that just looks like you’re having a really good hair day.  Winning.

top – Asos White (ON SALE)   |   jeans – Seraphine
bardot heels – Reiss   |   ring – Peggy Li
‘love’ necklace – Astley Clarke   |   watch – Hugo Boss
luxe volume blow dry – Sassoon


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.

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7 Apr


I think the title just about sums it up…

Another Enza Costa dress because the comfort factor is just too high to ignore and the sweatshirt knotted with help of a hair tie – works well for those keen to show off a flat stomach (or otherwise).

top – H&M   |   Enza Costa dress – The Outnet
kickstart sneakers – Keds
soho saddle bag – Henri Bendel
aviators – Ray Ban   |   love bridge bracelet – Thomas Sabo


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