22 Feb

LFW day 3 – the dream coat

This coat…  for me this coat is the dream coat.  The colour is that perfect yellow, just touching on the side of pastel, and the fit is tailored and yet with volume…  and the belt – that big wide belt with the round buckle just makes it.  I could go down the route of telling you that yellow is going to be big this summer, blah blah, but you know, I honestly just love yellow and that’s what it really comes down to.  Same goes for flares.  Although I draw the line at yellow flares.  I think.

coat – Mango   |   jeans – Zara
boots – Isabel Marant
cooper bag – Henri Bendel
aviators – Ray Ban   |   bracelet – Astley Clarke


Photos by Nancy H Gibbs.

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20 Feb

LFW day 2 – transitions

When it’s the middle of February but it feels like spring…  When you want to wear summer dresses and add denim and leather layers because it is February after all…  When you find the perfect dress for your unreliable body shape…  These are transitions.  Carrying the most beautiful bag that is so impossibly small the show invite you have masterfully slotted in there in the morning simply refuses to come out at the front of the queue and the PR has to peer right into your purse to squint at the inevitable ‘standing’ to let you in…  that’s just impractical.  But a bag’s prime function is not always to be practical but rather to be beautiful and this little guy is winning the pageant.

Mint Velvet leather jacket – Label Online
French Connection dress – Label Online
Hollister jeans – Label Online
Kurt Geiger shoes – Label Online
Karen Millen bag – Label Online

With thanks to Label Online for supporting this post.
Photos by Nancy H Gibbs.

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17 Feb

LFW Day 1 – spring capsule

What is spring if not a mish mash of summer and winter?  With London Fashion Week in mind (kicking off today!) I picked out a sort of spring capsule from Tu so I’m sharing my three top looks right here right now.  First up classic stripes and pleated midi paired with what have to literally be the softest leather glove shoes (aka a fashion week win) and this leather biker.  I am having such a thing for navy right now and a genuine leather jacket for under a hundred quid is basically unheard of these days…  until now.  And my nod to winter?  The neon red bobble hat – in love.

Scroll down to see the other looks…

leather biker jacket   |   stripe top
pleated skirt   |   leather shoes   |   pompom hat
All by Tu


As soon as I saw this poplin blouse online with its big balloon sleeves I knew I had to give one a home – it honestly has such a great silhouette (looks great with simple jeans too, just saying…  might have worn it more than once in the past week).  Paired with the trench for a little warmth and in that classic tan hue you can’t really go wrong.

trench coat   |   poplin blouse
cutwork culottes   |   leather boots
All by Tu


And finally a summer dress because we live in hope.  And I know it might be wrong but the leather biker underneath for an extra layer of heat.  Fashion week is all about braking the rules right?

floral dress   |   leather biker jacket
skinny jeans   |   leather shoes
All by Tu


With thanks to Tu for supporting this post.

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15 Feb

ETA 20 weeks

Remember that time we went to the Cinque Terre?  Well…  this happened.

I am honestly so happy to finally share this news with you and stop hiding my increasing bump…  big changes lie ahead for our little family this summer.  Fear not, this isn’t about to turn into one of ‘those’ blogs but there will be inevitable fashion (and other!) challenges along the way, that much is for sure.  But now just a couple days shy of the half way mark and eventually past the stage of throwing up in the street, ready for that glowing phase to kick in… any day now… any day.  I hope you guys will join me for the ride.x

dress – Asos   |   Gap cardigan – Zalando
Isabel Marant dyna boots – Matches (ON SALE)
aviators – Ray Ban
rivington tote – Henri Bendel 

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13 Feb

She bangs – new season hair with Sassoon

Last time I had a fringe I was three.  For real.  And I have Sharz at the Sassoon Glasgow salon to thank for taking me back there although, cute as it undoubtedly was for a toddler in the eighties, I think this is in another league to my bowl cut of yesteryear.

You guys probably know I have been wrangling with the desire for a fringe for almost a year now but it’s a pretty big commitment coupled with the fact that I have a super small forehead…  but I really wanted one.  I was ready for something new you know and with London Fashion Week kicking off the end of this week I wanted something different and ‘fashion-y’ and bangs are gonna be big this year…  So I tried out the Prestige Cut & Care service starting with a bespoke cut, a treatment and £15 saving on two take home products – so Sharz created this shape for me with the fringe starting pretty high in the crown to give that illusion of a little more space and it worked.  Like it really works for me, I love it.

This journey I have been on with Sassoon has taken me from this yellow mess to this and this amongst others along the way and honestly my hair is like it belongs to someone else now, the condition and cut is in another league from where we started.  I couldn’t be happier to partner with Sassoon again this year – my loyalty to these guys is strong and there’s honestly nowhere else I could have this level of trust.  Anyway, enough gushing…

I hope you like the bangs and that I crumpled myself under my concrete kitchen counter for these shots and I have to give a mention to these shoes from Next which are just about perfect in every way (suede, leather lined, block heel, rusty colour)…  but back to the hair…  such a big change for me – tell me what you guys think.x

hair – Sassoon
top – Zara   |   jeans – Frame
shoes – Next
necklace – Essentia   |   necklace – Astley Clarke


With thanks to Sassoon for supporting this post.

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10 Feb

Few words Friday

I’m with the band – marching band, military band, some kind of band.  Too tired for words but this jacket, so much love for this guy…  Happy Friday.x

military jacket – Boden   |   roll neck – Boden (ON SALE)
Zimmermann caravan lace top – Matches
jeans – Zara   |   boots – M&S
metropolis bag – Furla   |   aviators – Ray Ban


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8 Feb

Home tour – kitchen makeover on a budget

Welcome home.  Or, at least, welcome to my home.  How is it possible that after living in this apartment for over a decade I am only just getting round to taking you guys on a home tour?  Well… first of all we rented for 8 of those years and have spent the past two years redecorating at a snail’s pace (or maybe slower).  But one room at least is complete and here it is.


We worked to a pretty tight budget but man I gotta tell you, I love it.  You know when you go to a party and everyone winds up in the kitchen?  Yeah, that’s basically me – every single night.  Party for one.  This is my most favouritest space.  It’s open plan with the living space and with all signs of those ugly, brown, laminate cabinets removed, it is just an oasis.  Scroll down for the step by step, George’s tips and the dreaded ‘before’ pics…

So what did we do?  (And I use the term ‘we’ somewhat loosely as my father-in-law basically made this his pet project and I did not argue – thank you George).

First things first – the laminate had to go.  Enter Annie Sloan.  The beautiful thing about this chalk paint is that you can paint it straight onto just about anything.  No sanding, yep that’s right, no sanding.  We opted for Pure White and it is sooo fresh.


– Forego the recommended grey undercoat and start with a coat of white.
– Use three to four coats to get a really solid coverage and finish with lacquer to seal.

Next up – the tiles.  Now, I never hated my tiles but they were kinda… meh.  You know?  I mean, they were just so beige.  Hardly living out my Spanish casita Pinterest dreams.  And then a friend introduced me to Beija Flor World.  Mind officially blown.  Surely stickers over tiles were going to be kinda naff?  Well, you tell me.

I actually received samples of two different designs around four months ago so I can confidently say that even in that time there has been no peeling or any other weird side effect you might be concerned about with stickers.  Basically these are the bomb.  New tiles, without retiling.


– Wash and dry original tiles before beginning.
– Unscrew sockets to get stickers a few millimeters under each one for a neat finish.
– Ventilate your room well – the sticky back adhesive of 1000 tiles can get to you.

And then there was, what will forever be known in my memory as, the concrete saga.  In other words – me explaining to the husband, parents and anyone else who would listen that I simply planned to cover 2 whole sides of my kitchen bar/island in a skin of new concrete.  There was resistance.  There was confusion.  And then there was George – I’m honestly sure he thought I had also lost my mind but still he visited the building yard so frequently and asked so many questions that he made friends for life.  The builders, no doubt, also thought the concept was…  unusual.  But they shared their theoretical tips and guess what?  You know it.  I love it (like ‘heart emojis in my eyes’ love it).  I may even have crumpled myself under the worktop to use that concrete as my glamorous backdrop on occasion


– Use a staple gun to loosely fix a layer of pliable plastic mesh over the area you plan to cover.
– Paint the whole thing with a layer of PVA and when it goes tacky…
– Go to town fast with a trowel and smooth on your concrete (one coat or two depending how thick and or smooth you manage to get the first layer).
– Use a mix of 1 part cement and 2 parts white sand to get that beautifully light grey finish.

And last but not least – the details.  I’ve been hoarding blue and white kitchenwares for years and now they have their home.  I’ve picked up some gems from Anthropologie as well as growing my Blot collection from Habitat and finally my Marimekko ceramic pot picked up in Finland has its home.  My gran’s vintage scales keep pride of place as they always have and remain the only kitchen scales I own, still working perfectly and keeping memories of so many childhood scone baking moments with her.

Possibly my biggest revelation is these paper storage bags from Scottish maker Warm Grey – they’re durable and washable (yeah I know, I don’t understand either but I have tried and tested) and make excellent fruit bowls.

I searched and searched online for the right blue and white enamel jugs for utensil pots.  I was certain I had found just the thing in a lovely online vintage shop until I read the small print – *Please note previously used in French hospitals for enemas.  Could not make this up.  Luckily I stumbled across these wonderfully quirky pieces from Africa illustrated with accordian playing lions and dancing meerkats.  If you didn’t know already, I kinda have this thing with animal themed homewares…

Then the white Tolix stools because, you know, every kitchen on Pinterest.  They don’t disappoint.

And so the kitchen is complete.  Now for the rest of the apartment…


With thanks to Annie Sloan and Beija Flor World for their help.

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6 Feb

Tiered ruffles and Gucci dupes


These sleeves are officially rocking my world right now (I guess they rocked a lot of worlds judging by how quick they sold out).  They have that chilled out flamenco vibe, a combo that might not be top of your list but, turns out, it’s top of mine.  Sticking with the musical theme…  me and guitar straps are having a thang.  Course Henri Bendel got me covered with this pretty little red number, complete with a whole lot of crazy wide strap.  Bravo.

But enough about all that…  let’s get down to business.  We all know what we’re really here for.  The Gucci dupes.  Now Boden really hit the nail on the head with this pair of heels.  In case you missed them (hello, *knocks on cave door*) here are the Gucci’s and now let’s just take a moment to really appreciate Boden’s new Campbell heels.  Leather soled and leather lined, they’re basically the luxe dupe without the Gucci price tag.  No, they’re not exactly cheap but I’ve been wearing Boden shoes for years now and I am so willing to put it out there that their quality is top notch.  And, as luck would have it, they match my bag – basically the outerwear equivalent of the odd day you leave the house in matching underwear; it doesn’t happen too often and it’s not even always necessary but that feeling of achievement, that smug feeling that you really got your sh*t together today, that feeling is the best.  And it’s only Monday.

coat – Jigsaw   |   frill sleeve top – H&M Trend
jeans – Mango   |   campbell fringed heels – Boden
west 57th mini turnlock satchel – Henri Bendel









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1 Feb

Kenmore Hill


Frosted heather and golden sunshine and only the deer and grouse for company.

How is it possible that we have been visiting Kenmore every year for ten years and this was the very first time we hiked up Kenmore Hill?  Now it’s not that we’re shy of walking up hills, just that somehow this beauty evaded us.  But not this time.

padded jacket – Barbour International
flinn top & flinn leggings – LK Bennett
caribou boots – Sorel
aviators – Ray Ban












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30 Jan

When you’re jealous of your dog


When you’re jealous of your dog.  When it’s minus two and you are wearing all your knits and he is basically naked.  When you’re freezing your digits off and he is happy as a clam.  When you want to stay in by the fire and he wants to be rolling in the frost.  This is when you’re jealous of your dog.

Works both ways though.  Every time I eat anything, anything at all…  he is jealous of me.

knit – Tu   |   tank – Uniqlo
le skinny jeans – Frame (ON SALE)  |   pavement boots – Zalando
hat – Joules   |   aviators – Ray Ban
scarf – Reiss   |   
isadore bag – Michael Kors









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