4 Aug

His first haul…

It was only a matter of time before he had his first haul right?  And with a massive drop of kids clothing in TK Maxx at the moment, now was the time…  We’re burning through clothes at a rapid rate in the Thankfifi home at the moment with Hunter outgrowing outfits from one day to the next (I swear I shed a small tear when I had to accept that the first teeny tiny suit really didn’t fit this week) so the challenge of creating a capsule closet on a budget for him was one that I readily accepted.  TK Maxx was our one stop shop and we found a selection of outfits for all occasions coming in at £33 with a few surprises thrown in along the way because that’s what always happens to me in that store – I wind up leaving with something completely unexpected (hello rear view baby car mirror so I can see his tiny face when I’m driving and he’s in the back seat because I need to be able to glance at him and see that he’s still breathing – yeah, these are the things that mothers worry about ALL the time).

Anyway…  his capsule wardrobe.  A massive drop of everything you need for your kids just arrived at TK Maxx (online too) and, as the extra big delivery is only around for a limited time, we took full advantage.  Another one of those gorgeous linen rompers, £6.99 instead of the £30 RRP, hell yeah – and he’s been wearing his other one every couple of days because when the house gets so warm in summer you just want something cool and comfortable and that natural linen stops him from overheating.  A four piece set with a cute sleep suit, hat, bib and that ‘don’t grow up’ body which we can mix and match with a beautiful lightweight knitted outfit (you know I’m a sucker for stripes).  I chucked in the bowtie bibs at the last minute because, well, baby in a bowtie, need I say more?  Formal occasions sorted.  All for £33 – it wouldn’t be hard to spend that on ONE full price outfit on the highstreet to be honest – and when I added up all the RRP’s this little lot should have been £98 so I’m chalking this up to be my first mama shopping win.

Obviously, some extras snuck in the basket too, you know, the things you really didn’t think you needed but then you see them and you actually need them?  Muslin cloths because with a newborn you can literally never have enough of these things – I love these ones because they’re extra large so work as swaddles and sunshades too (and they were 70% off).  A wooden teether because it was only a couple of quid and it’s harder than you would think to find natural baby toys.  And a sling for half the price it should be because I actually have an elbow injury already from holding him so much, true story, but I love this little guy so much it breaks my heart if I don’t get all the cuddles.

So, a call out to all the other mamas – get in store soon as once it’s gone its gone…

all baby clothes, muslin cloths, sling & teether – TK Maxx
linen blouse – TK Maxx



With thanks to TK Maxx for supporting this post.

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1 Aug

Summer heroes (aka bargain Chloe wedges & another basket bag)

Surely it is undeniable that the trend of the summer is the basket bag.  S’oh yeah’, I might be just another cliché but I can get over that because I really love them.  And if you’ve been on a quest to find one you’ll already know they sell out faster than you can blink so I was pretty chuffed to find this one at Zalando – by now, yep you guessed it, it’s sold out but you can use the ’email me’ button to get an update as soon as it comes back in (I use that button all the time – so good).

My other absolute hero piece for the summer?  A great wedge.  Not too high and laced onto my foot so I can’t fall off them (that can happen sometimes) and they’re Chloe.  And they’re on sale.  So basically this are the shoe version of the ‘100’ emoticon.

I honestly never mind investing in the pieces that are gonna go the distance and I know these two will get me through the rest of the summer (and probably many summers to come).  So I wanted to show you two looks, head to toe Zalando; this one casual with a super affordable tee and shorts combo and another, which I’ll share next week, perfect for a date night (although obviously my date nights are more like date lunches these days).  Truthfully this was our third attempt at shooting over the past few days as the challenges of creating content with a newborn are real but, with the miracle that is the Ergobaby carrier, the husband managed to grab these shots with Hunter happily strapped to his front – I’m really pleased with how they turned out (that summer evening light) and I hope you like them too.x

Glamorous ‘oh yeah’ tee – Zalando   |   Vero Moda shorts – Zalando
Ray-Ban aviators – Zalando (ON SALE)
J.Crew circle basket bag – Zalando
See by Chloe Liana sandals – Zalando (ON SALE)
watch – Daniel Wellington   |   knot bracelet – Stella & Dot



With thanks to Zalando for supporting this post.

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28 Jul

Home tour – boho nursery corner

For the first couple months at least Hunter’s nursery is a corner in our bedroom so the style was kinda predetermined to fit in with our boho vibe.  We already had the rattan rocking chair with cactus cushion (already spent a few hours rocking away in this guy) and the berber rug (total bargain for a real wool rug) but a couple of quick additions finished things off…

First up was the bassinet.  I love everything from Design Dua and their whole ethos but they ain’t cheap so the nap & pack style seemed the smart choice – no doubt he’ll have outgrown it in a couple months and it will make perfect toy storage in his big boy nursery down the road.

I had wanted to do a DIY driftwood ladder for so long and I have to thank the husband for stepping up and realising my vision.  We gathered the wood on our final beach walk just four days before Hunter was born and simply bound them with string and I love that this ladder will always hold that memory for us…  of walking very slowly through the sand and searching for the perfect white weathered wood.

The final touch was the dreamcatcher mobile from Etsy (always love that I can find unique handmade pieces like this on there) which we hung from the curtain rail above the bassinet and, although he might not be able to focus on it just yet, he is fascinated by the moving shapes which is so, so sweet.

And so far so good – the nursery corner is promoting restful nights…  long may this continue…

nap & pack bassinet – Design Dua   |   rocker – Claire de Lune
rocking chair – La Redoute   |   cactus cushion – bluebellgray
feather dreamcatcher – Etsy
berber rug – Next   |   basket – TK Maxx



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24 Jul

Summer essentials with TK Maxx

Hooray for regular clothes!  I can’t even tell you how good it feels to be out and about and like myself again (only with the addition of the best little guy in the world).  Some of my old clothes fit on but the style doesn’t feel quite right you know?  Anyway…   nothing a little TK Maxx haul couldn’t fix.

I am genuinely so happy to partner with TK Maxx over the next few months – I always find myself bragging about my bargains to friends and family and anyone who will listen (aka instagram stories).  So I headed in store, FYI the Argyle Street Glasgow store is awesome right now, with really no particular idea of what I was looking for other than something summery.  Turns out high waisted jeans are totally my thing right now and I found my fav designer denim brand at 75% off so that was a given…  I’m such a sucker for linen in the summer and this blouse really appealed to the boho mama in me.  I took a wander round the shoe and bag sections and was pretty stoked to find this basket bag for a tenner – hello bag of the summer…  for ten pounds, did I say that already?  TEN POUNDS.  Yep.

Now while this isn’t going to turn into one of those blogs that’s all about the baby, you’re gonna have to indulge me from time to time…  And when I passed the newborn bits on the way to the fitting room and, well, basically I saw this linen romper and it was just too beautiful and matched perfectly with my blouse and I had honestly been looking at them online earlier this week thinking I couldn’t justify £30 for something that would only fit him for a month.  Anyway, I flipped the pricetag and it said £6.99 and it was in my basket, no question.  So forgive me for turning into one of those mum bloggers just this once (or just now and again)…

shirt, jeans, sandals, sunglasses, belt & bag – TK Maxx
linen romper – TK Maxx

With thanks to TK Maxx for supporting this post.

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18 Jul


Never before have I felt a love like this…  Hunter arrived safely a week ago and, honestly, nothing can prepare you for the love you feel the moment you set eyes on the tiny person you’ve been growing for nine months – every time I look at him my heart is close to bursting.  Our little family is complete.

bassinet – Design Dua   |   blanket – Boden
PJ Mamma romper – No+Mi    |   alpaca hat – Etsy

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10 Jul

Nine months

And just like that the nine month mark is here…  what seemed like it would forever be far away in the future is now and our world is about to change more than we can imagine.

Honestly I never thought I’d be one of those girls who feels ‘ready’ but the past two weeks have been spent with baby feet wedged up under my ribs and those little butterfly kicks have turned into an assault on my body from 5pm to midnight, daily.  I haven’t tied my own shoes for a month, it takes me an hour to eat a child sized meal because someone is taking up all the space, I walk so slowly that grannies smile at me as they overtake and my San Pellegrino habit has reached a new and expensive level as my thirst is seemingly unquenchable.  The nursery corner is complete and the freezer is stocked with home cooked meals and there’s nothing left to do but wait.  My body is unrecognisable and I am in awe of nature and what she can achieve – I remind myself that I have grown a person in here and, in spite of the hands and feet that I see pushing through my belly towards the outside world, it still seems so inconceivable that this tiny, little human will be here with us soon, so loved and in our arms.  There is nothing left to prepare…  and yet I still feel completely unprepared for what lies ahead…

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7 Jul

The hospital dash

It’s the strangest thing knowing that something so huge is on the horizon…  and yet not knowing when.  Much to the husband’s relief my hospital bag is finally packed, save the going home outfit which proves to be somewhat elusive – online searches reveal that something loose and comfortable will be best and yet I can’t get images of Kate beaming at the hospital exit, perfectly coiffed and beautiful…  In any case, there’s a good chance my ‘going home outfit’ might well wind up being my going in outfit but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my essentials, the ones I know for sure are coming with me…

nightshirt – Next
geo studio nursery bag – Joolz
flowers – Mud   |   rug – Next
essential hospital box – No+Mi London (use FIFI10 for 10% off)


The lovely girls from No+Mi London sent over one of their essential hospital boxes which is just full of gorgeous goodies including snacks and toiletries and a water bottle and that super cute baby grow as well as the Baby Owner’s Manual (defo need that!) and these cashmere socks for mama – sometimes you get so consumed with everything you need for baby that you can forget about yourself but I know these little luxuries are going to be so welcome when the time comes.  Please do check out their boxes, the baby ones are so beautiful too, and you can use the code FIFI10 for 10% off too.

I’ve treated myself to a new nightshirt from Next and a super soft wrap robe (although I have been warned that maternity wards are hotter than hell) as well as disposable panties, oh the glamour…  but seriously, who wants to bring home that kinda washing from hospital?

The baby bag is stuffed with the usual suspects like nappies and teeny tiny outfits and this perfect blanket from Boden (you need one of the ones with the holes at the start I’m told).  Something which I truly struggled with was a wooly hat, ’tis July after all, but the midwife advised that wool on a newborn is simply the best in the first day or two until their temperature regulates.  I finally found this cute one on Etsy which I just hope fits…  one more unknown is of course the size.

The husband has compiled a playlist of what he deems relaxing labour music (I believe there are ocean waves and most of the Big Little Lies soundtrack) which I’m hoping to zone out to…  I’ve had these Sudio Vasa Bla wireless earphones for a couple months now and they are the jam, seriously – if you ever find yourself in a situation where you want music in your ears but the freedom to move around without choking yourself on errant cables (you know, like in labour… or the gym) then get yourself some of these and use the code THANKFIFI15 for 15% off.

Shall we talk boobs for just a moment?  Ok then.  Honestly, finding pretty pieces and dealing with the, erm, body changes (a D to a G my friends!) has been a challenge but I’m feeling a lot happier now I’ve found these gorgeous lacies from Panache!  No underwires and about 5 width options with the hooks at the back so they should be good for now and later…  although I’ve packed two sizes just in case.

And finally a couple of my everyday favs, not all just for pregnancy mind you, some for life.  Jo Malone Red Roses has fast become my scent of the moment, truly divine, you know when you spritz and breathe in and it makes you close your eyes and smile?  Yeah, that.

My Alex Carro facial oil…  I blame this for an expensive habit – what started as a blog gift has turned me…  so now rather than using body moisturiser on my face (for the past twenty years) I’m finding myself spending £60 on this little guy but, honestly and truly, it’s amazing and there’s just no going back.  Smells like a spa on your face and, I know it’s not what it’s meant for but, I’ve not had a spot of eczema for months now.  Priceless.  Use the code THANKFIFI15 for 15% off + free shipping.

And lastly the Sanctuary Mum to Be body butter.  Another one that started with a gift, this one from a thoughtful friend, and turned out to be indispensable.  It glides on, smells divine and there’s no sign of stretch marks which I am feeling pretty pleased about.

Only thing left is the final packed bag…  for the MrK and Tux.  The in-laws are on standby for dog collection any day now and the boys have no idea what’s coming their way.  But then, do any of us?

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5 Jul

Last minute mama

If you know me at all you know I am not the most organised girl in the world…  but I have been getting my last minute mama on with a little help from Collectplus (picking up deliveries at 9.30pm on a Sunday evening from the shop round the corner – now that’s more my style!).

Head over here to see the full post and a look at my essentials including this gorgeous tube dress from Isabella Oliver, a new Click & Collect partner.  Plus Isabella Oliver are offering 15% off full priced clothing with the promotional code ‘Collect15′ – winning all round!

wallace dress – Isabella Oliver
use code ‘Collect15’ for 15% off full price at Isabella Oliver


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4 Jul

Simple summer soundtrack

Keeping things simple at this stage to be completely honest…  a heavy jersey jumpsuit that pulls on and off in one shot (I’ve got to thank Free People for championing loose shapes that mean these kind of non maternity pieces work now as well as after) and footwear I can slip on and off all by myself.  No word of a lie when I tell you that laces are well beyond my capabilities right now and the husband has been helping me, cinderella style, for the past month with shoes and boots.  Flip flops are the business and these iQushions from Fitflop are like walking on air…  Accessorised with layered necklaces (the boho earth mama strikes again) and what is surely the hat of the season from Next – straw and pompoms?!

So maybe a final beach walk just the four of us…  we strolled at tortoise pace along the sands and really savoured these moments, just us, remembering when this watermelon was just a sesame seed and wondering what life will be like when everything changes.  Hoping the baby will love the beach just like the rest of us, resting on the warm sand and listening to the waves.  The husband is compiling a soundtrack for the hospital and suggested recording the sounds of Troon but we wagered that the softly crashing waves would be rendered virtually mute by the persistent tune of the black dog’s digging barks (that boy loves to dig) and that maybe those wouldn’t be the most relaxing sounds to enter the world to – although perhaps the most fitting for life as we know it…

heiress jumpsuit – Free People (on sale)
iQushion flip flops – Fitflop
straw hat – Next   |   straw bag – Matalan
necklace – Essentia   |   trevally necklace – Stella & Dot
simple knot cuff – Stella & Dot


With thanks to Fitflop for supporting this post.

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30 Jun

Home tour – boho bedroom makeover

The husband jokes that I am turning into some kind of bohemian earth mama…  I’m ok with that.  Our bedroom turned from basic and minimal (although looking at these ‘before’ pics I am more inclined to say sparse and completely void of character) into a sanctuary.  You know when you go stay in a hotel and you wonder why your bedroom at home can’t be just as calming and pretty?  Turns out it can.  Scroll down for the details and some ‘before’ pics…

It would be fair to say we started with a blank canvas – white walls, cream carpet, white Ikea units, etc.  I wanted to create a feature wall and pored over the Farrow & Ball colours for a looooong time before eventually going super dark with Studio Green, actually their trend colour for the year, and painting a broken line with the roller around eye level.  The colour is so, I’m not sure how best to describe it, maybe deep?  Like a cool, thick, green in the daylight and almost blackish by night, perfectly matt – I’m super happy with how it turned out.  And these terracotta swallows I stumbled across in a little Portugese boutique, Casa Cubista, just swoop above and below the line beautifully.

I had some job convincing the husband that ‘pink’ bedding was the way to go but last night, unprovoked, he even said to me, ‘You know, I really like the colour of the bedding, it’s not really pink.’  Well, sorry dude, it is.  But the washed linen is so muted that, apparently if you dress it up right, you can even get it past the man in your life – green and pink is one of my favourite colour combinations and against this wall it’s far from feminine.  I got this set from La Redoute (30% off right now) and it is honestly the softest, most beautiful linen to sleep on and, now this is a major bonus for me, it actually looks better if you don’t iron it – the dream.

The printed cushions are a selection from my beloved bluebellgray and this one, Cactus, is definitely a new favourite, kind of a sneak peek too launching later this month, and I love it next to that giant monster plant.  I searched hard for the perfect rocker (thinking about middle of the night baby moments) and found this rattan one at La Redoute which I adore – it’s simple and natural with the bamboo and fits with the whole feel of the room so well.

Next up, transforming those units.  Enter Superfront.  A genius little company specifically designed to take your plain Ikea units to the next level with beautiful legs and handles.  I’m in.  The cocoa brass trunk handles were a winner for me and, because the screws are the perfect depth for Ikea pieces, they were literally a doddle to drill and screw in place (ok, I’ll confess, my Dad did the drilling but he said it was a doddle).


We can hold Pinterest responsible for the hours I lost online shopping for a huge round, gold edged mirror.  Let me save you the bother.  This one, from Laura Ashley, is the biggest and most affordable one out there.  It took a month to arrive but it was so worth the wait.  That’s one metre round of perfect mirror.

The finishing touches are always those bits and pieces that take time – I have been picking up pots and baskets on trips to TK Maxx…  for months.  The rattan woven wall art I also found at Laura Ashley (it’s on sale too now) and I gotta say I’m pretty tempted to get the smaller size as well and have a pair…  The aloe vera is from Next and, shhh, don’t judge me but, it’s faux.  I am truly terrible at keeping plants alive so this little guy was made for me and, honestly, with the natural rubbery look of a succulent, you really cannot tell.  The gorgeous flowers came courtesy of Mud Urban Flowers, a gorgeous Glasgow company with such a great concept – a daily, seasonal bouquet delivered to your door in a cute carrier from £19.  I am seriously tempted to subscribe

And a couple of final bits…  The bedside lights are from, wait for it, B&Q.  Thirty quid each my friends – don’t think I need to say any more about that.  The bohemian headboard kinda happened by accident – I ordered this rug from Next and when I laid it out on the bed (for a flatlay, as you do) I realised the width was spot on so I tried it, and it worked, so it stayed.  And last but by no means least, the macrame wallhanging.  The husband got this from Etsy for my Christmas, after a couple of not so subtle hints, and it was probably the starting point for the whole room.


So that’s my sanctuary and I truly, truly love it.  In light of the sleepless nights that are no doubt on the horizon, at least they’ll be spent here in our little oasis of calm.

If you would like to see my other home tour posts you can find them here – the budget kitchen makeover is a favourite.

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