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last dance thorn necklace – Marc Jacobs via ShopBop
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Remember last week I mentioned a project I was working on and showed you some styling pics?  Well, the project was something I’ve been really excited about – a feature in this week’s Look magazine!  Apparantly I am one of ‘fashion’s hottest discount hunters’.  You know, it’s true, I do love a bargain and I’ve snapped up some pretty great deals in the past from sales, discount sites, ebay and store outlets.  One of my favs is this Marc Jacobs necklace (I was wearing it backwards in yesterday’s post).

I spent that weekend with all my greatest finds strewn all over the bed, floor, hall, chairs, etc. (yep, still there) and had great fun trying to put some looks together.  It’s funny to have restrictions on which pieces from your closet you can use but I enjoyed the challenge!

I’ll share the other look from the feature with you tomorrow.

Mr K, naturally, is really excited about his first glossy feature…

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  1. Gayle
    5 Apr / 10:22 am

    Fab article, lovely photos as always, superb work The Husband! Very proud of you!!! x

    • Wendy
      5 Apr / 3:39 pm

      thank you gayle.xxx

  2. 5 Apr / 1:05 pm

    I wish I could get my hands on the actual mag!! Congrats my dear. I’m sure it has been such and entertaining and fun experience!! <3

    ps Karhu is a supermodel! 😀

    • Wendy
      5 Apr / 3:40 pm

      It really has eleni – a little odd to be in print but I quite like it, uhoh!x

  3. 5 Apr / 5:17 pm

    ps: of course the doggy has to take centerstage! I LOVE IT!


    • Wendy
      5 Apr / 10:24 pm

      of course! thanks sweetheart.x

  4. Jennifer
    6 Apr / 6:50 am

    Oh em gee! That’s amazing. Off magazine hunting right now.

    • Wendy
      6 Apr / 2:16 pm

      thanks lovely!x

    • Wendy
      6 Apr / 2:16 pm

      thanks so much girls!x

  5. Jules
    7 Apr / 7:27 am

    Congrats chick! Although I’m not surprised in the slightest think we will see u in more mags! Big well done x

    • Wendy
      7 Apr / 2:50 pm

      I hope you’re right jules!x

  6. julsie
    1 Jun / 11:22 am

    Hey , your dog is so cute !! which dog breed is it ?
    love your blog 🙂

    • Wendy
      2 Jun / 8:53 am

      thanks julsie – he’s a finnish lapphund.x

  7. monicawelburn
    6 Jul / 10:38 am

    Oh my gosh Wendy how have I not seen this before?!! Amazing good going hun! So impressed! MB x

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