The palms

shirt – Gap (last worn here)
skirt – H&M For Water (ON SALE!)
sandal – Zara
fizzball clutch – Kurt Geiger
necklace – gift from Dubai, bracelet – Reiss 

When I saw this little number in the H&M sale I knew it wanted to come on holiday with me and find other palm trees to pose next to (or maybe that was me…).

After a 6 hour flight, an inordinate amount of time spent in the passport control queue and a taxi which broke down in the carpark, we finally made it home around 5am.  But today saw the return of my little hairy bear and good was fully restored.  I feel I may possibly also be the first person ever to catch a serious cold in the 40 degree heat of the desert and no, before you say it was on the plane, it was not; it started in Eygpt – I’m just super lucky like that.  Unfortunately the plane air-con almost certainly circulated my germs around the entire cabin and soon most of Glasgow will be enjoying various strains of my tropical flu…  Fortunately for you I still have plenty of holiday photos to bore you with while I recover.



    • Thankfifi
      25 Sep / 3:57 pm

      Feeling much better now I’ve got my brown bear cuddles 😉

    • Thankfifi
      25 Sep / 3:57 pm

      thanks sara

    • Thankfifi
      25 Sep / 3:58 pm

      not sure I can see me getting much wear out of it in the scottish winter!

  1. 24 Sep / 1:20 pm

    so beautiful holiday outfit.The skirt is so pretty xxx

    • Thankfifi
      25 Sep / 3:58 pm

      thanks eva

  2. Gayle
    24 Sep / 7:52 pm

    I love love love the skirt!!! She’s so pretty!! x

    • Gayle
      24 Sep / 7:52 pm

      Hope you feel better soon x

  3. 24 Sep / 9:12 pm

    Hey 🙂
    ah you look stunning as always :))
    the 1st photo provoked my imagination and now it goes wild, thinking it would be the perfect cover for a love story novel : “waiting for him full of hope he’ll come on time…yet roaming around memories…waiting or wondering if you should go” lol

    • Thankfifi
      25 Sep / 10:24 pm

      thanks trina – I think they still have it online although maybe only in the uk

  4. 28 Sep / 3:26 pm

    The usual Wendy gorgeousness at full work here!! AWESOME summer chic look, perfect summer evening ensemble!!

    • Thankfifi
      29 Sep / 10:16 am

      thank you – think I’m always most comfortable when I’m wearing a loose shirt!

  5. 30 Sep / 8:58 pm

    Welcome home Wendy! I’m so behind in my bloglovin emails so only seeing this a week after everyone else! Hope the cold has eased by now and that you’ve had a great weekend, Avril x

    • Thankfifi
      30 Sep / 10:05 pm

      On the mend now I think thanks! At last 🙂

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