Sparkle shorts

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Sometimes you just really want to channel your inner Kylie and head on out with sparkles on your butt.  Just me?  Kylie might not exactly have been a teenager when she was ‘Spinning Around’ but as I get on a bit, ah stop, I know, I still look so young…, it becomes a little more tricky when it comes to good and proper nights out on the town.

But my inner magpie just went coconuts for these embellished shorts and I had to have them.  They’re high waisted and nice and weighty and frankly, pretty.  Perfect – night out sorted.   But I’m all about the balance, if the legs are out then the top half wants to behave, so I went searching for something like this simple silk top.  I came home with the closest I could find at the time and this knit, just because I can’t get enough of cream knits and this one seemed vastly different than the other two I already have…  What do you know, the blouse was the wrong colour but the knit kinda worked.  So I went with it.  Finished off with the nude leg lengthening heels (yes, I also have a few of those) because that’s a no brainer.  And I partied like I was 21.  Right up to midnight when I had to come straight home for a cup of tea and an episode of The Good Wife.

Happy Friday!  Another 3 day weekend?  Spring you are really spoiling us.x

glasses – Mango :: knit – Zara
shorts – Miss Selfridge :: heel – c/o Ulanka (153 Oxford St.)

leash – Ancol :: coat – Infindigo

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Thankfifi- Sparkle shorts



    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:46 am

      Me too – they are so fun to wear!x

    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:46 am

      sequins are always good right?

  1. 2 May / 12:33 pm

    Totally in love with those shorts darling! Looking gorgeous xxxxxxxx

    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:47 am


    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:47 am

      thank you 🙂

    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:47 am

      me too – not exactly my usual but as soon as I saw them I was smitten…

  2. Gaylesbury
    2 May / 3:41 pm

    Love the shorts!!! And the heels!! They are so elegant!! Happy weekend x

    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:47 am

      why thank you.x

  3. Fi
    2 May / 9:21 pm

    A cup of tea and the good wife that is my idea of a rocking night! 🙂

    • Thankfifi
      10 May / 12:48 am

      so glad I’m not the only one… x

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