The January 5

The first monthly five of 2022.  I do enjoy this lil’ monthly tradition, a space to share my favourites, and to kick off January we have a good dose of cosy winter warmers, a new series that will stay with you looong after you finish watching and some home inspiration – I always find the start of a new year has me itching to get my house decluttered and get on with all those jobs I have been putting off (looking at you, hole in the bath).

Scroll down for my top five to shop, cook, watch, read and wear…



Truly I am more about the save than the shop right now (although I did buy a high street dress which you can see in the ‘wear’ section at the end).  I am sticking religiously to my monthly budget (have a look here for tips on setting and sticking to a budget), creating a wishlist to keep me on track and planning to list half my wardrobe on eBay.

In fact, the thing I am really shopping for is a new bathroom.  I am so torn between a DIY attempt or getting in the professionals…

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Soup.  It is January, ergo, it is cold and I need comfort but I also want vegetables.  Soup waves alluringly across the room from the hob.  ‘I got you’ she says.

My current favourite is this cauliflower, pear and blue cheese soup  – it is thick, creamy, healthy and tasty – quick enough for a midweek lunch yet fancy enough for a dinner party (ok, a Sunday lunch with friends…  does anyone do dinner parties anymore?).



Dopesick on Disney+.  This is truly excellent tv – a plot so good you actually feel guilty for enjoying it because it is based on an utterly heartbreaking true story.  The husband and I both confessed that, when we were watching this show, each time there was a major scene change and the screen went black, we would have a minor panic that the episode was over…  then breathe a quiet sigh of relief when it continued.  You literally do not want this to end.

It has a VERY well earned place on the ultimate list of binge worthy tv.



The only thing I asked the husband for this Christmas was books.  To me a book is the ultimate luxury.  Inspiration printed on paper to be treasured and revisited and held close to your eyes.  Even simply taking the time to sit down and leaf through a book is an act of self care.

Athena Calderone is a hero of mine – her interiors and food are just so well thought out and now, having read her books I have an even greater appreciation of her process.  Cook Beautiful saw me test out two new recipes this weekend (the combination of roast beetroot and toasted hazelnuts is divine by the way) but, if I had to choose just one book, I would recommend Live Beautiful for a look at Athena’s own home but also of those friends whose homes she loves.  I am pacing myself one home at time because I do not want to finish it.  The great thing about coffee table books like this I find though is that I will return to leaf through many more times – they are never done.





Winter whites.  I cannot get enough.  Honestly, summer whites float my boat just as much but, as it is January, winter whites it is.  Newest addition is this knitted maxi dress from H&M and she is a budget beauty.  Whilst she is at home paired with heels and this coat which, yes, I do indeed live in, I will be styling her with some more casual partners over the coming week…

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knitted ribbed midi dress – H&M
florentin coat – LK Bennett
boots – Isabel Marant
tube scarf – H&M (ON SALE)
bucket bag – Ralph Lauren



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