Zizzi – a quality napkin


On the weekend we made the most of a free day and the husband took me on a little date night to Zizzi’s in the West End.

After just doing a 5 mile hike with Mr K, followed by a 5 mile run (only 3 weeks till the Great Scottish Run 10k!) I was so hungry I could’ve eaten Beth Ditto – let’s just say the generous portions were welcomed.

I had a TasteCard so the food was all 2 for the price of 1 which was of course a bonus but without it we might never have tried this restaurant.  From the outside it appears as if it might be a bit of a big empty shell on the inside but in actual fact it’s bright and light with a mediterranean vibe.

Think my fav touch was the quote on the napkin (the husband pokes fun at me because I have a habit of judging a place on the quality of the napkins – he asked, ‘Is that a quality napkin?’.  And it was.  Nice and thick and the sayings just made them even more special.)  I’m a sucker for the details.





P.S.  The affogato was so good it was gone before I went all paparazzi on it.



  1. Patricia
    8 Mar / 7:26 pm

    I love your style! Has anybody ever told you you look like Marisa Tomei?

    • Wendy
      8 Mar / 8:26 pm

      Not till now but thank you!x

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