All tied up


shirt – H&M
skinny jeans – H&M
velvet tie – Primark
suede moccasins – New Look

A shirt, what?!  A tie?!  You’re joking.  This must mean I’ve got a job.  Another job.  Obviously being an aritst, teaching a class, and blogging just wasn’t enough…  but then there is that holiday to think of and also that thing I’ve overheard grown-ups talking about in hushed voices – saving.  JessieJ’s just plaing wrong when she says, ‘…it’s not about the money, money, money…’.  Well maybe in my case it’s more about the bablingbabling.

Anyway, I stray from the point.  Get a job, work, save money right?  Well… kinda.  First you gotta go shopping to get yourself a work wardrobe.  Something’s not adding up is it?

H&M was my saviour this time giving me some cute skinnies for £14.99 and a nice shirt for £7.99.  In the end I didn’t wear that particular shirt to work last night but I’m certain it will have a future in some TFIF! posts.  (Instead I wore one I scored in the Mango summer sale).

I managed to pick up a velvet tie on sale in Primark for a couple of bucks and hopped on over to New Look to pick up these suede moccasins after spying them over on thekeypieces.  They seem to be sold out online but were on offer for £15.  (They’re back so I’ve linked up now).

Bargains aplenty.  Now for the saving part…



P.S.  At first I thought the tie was cute.  Now I know it just makes me feel as if work is trying to strangle me.



    • wendy
      22 Aug / 10:23 pm

      Thanks Carrie – think it’s cuter when you don’t HAVE to wear it, ha!

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