Seeing red


spotted – Byers Road, Glasgow

I could say I was drawn to this look by the sunglasses but really that would be a lie.  Not that I don’t whole-heartedly love them because I do.  But because, as is often the case, it was Mr K who got us talking to a table of fashionable coffee drinkers.  It’s unusual to manage a walk without someone stopping to ask a question about him.  Usually it’s on the subject of what breed he is but I think I remember rightly and this table asked his age (they were the 2nd of the day) – prompting us to wonder if he was starting to look, ahem, older.  Hopefully not, he’s only 4 but was moving quite slowly… it was a sunny day and he overheats easily.

I’d been ‘eyeing’ a pair at Mangooutlet but in spite of occasionally having trouble counting higher than fingers will allow, even I know that €8 shipping for a €3 item is bad maths.


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