Saddle up the horses


gold knit jumper – Marks & Spencer (gifted)
seamed legging – Zara
riding boot – Gucci
leather belt – H&M
gold dress watch –Calvin Klein (gifted)

air hold lead – Ancol
harness – Lupi

Sadly these boots are not mine.  Sad indeed.  I am ‘fostering’ them for a friend before putting them on ebay.  Cry.  I love them.  Love them too much not to wear them in the short time they will be with me.  I can only hope they will go to a loving home…

How do you like the jumper?  It’s quite a loose knit and has a tendancy to catch on dog nails, plane seatbelt buckles and quite a lot of other things actually.  No holes yet though; just lots of time spent pulling threads back into place.  It has a nice metallic (gold obviously) thread running through it so it gives me the illusion that I am ‘on trend’.  I have some gold jeans too but I am building courage/waiting for the right occasion.  What would be the right occasion for gold jeans?!

I slept in till almost midday yesterday – result!  Hope you all had a great weekend too.


P.S.  Hello dry split hair, you need cut my friend.



  1. Ben
    7 Nov / 3:31 pm

    Will you be linking the boots to the ebay listing at all? Just a friend may be interested.

  2. 7 Nov / 7:56 pm

    You are gorgeous here! I love the jumper and since this is the first time I’ve found your blog, am gushing over your adorable adorable dog friend 🙂

    • Wendy
      9 Nov / 8:36 pm

      Thanks and so glad you found us – I gush over him every single day, he’s too cute!x

  3. 8 Nov / 3:16 am

    You have beautiful hair.

    What a cute dog. I love your outfit too!

    Thanks for the comment, it was so sweet of you to say 🙂


  4. 8 Nov / 4:37 am

    The boots are amazing. I would wear them every day while I had them.

  5. 8 Nov / 8:57 am

    Beautiful photos! I love the jumper and I know what you mean about that type of material catching. Are you not tempted to buy the boots?


  6. Ben
    11 Nov / 11:31 am

    Hi, I cannot reply to your twitter message. Could you let me know the size of the boots and or email me the pictures.


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