Start with yellow ochre…


balloon sleeve shirt – Primark
racerback vest – H&M
super skinny jean – Gap (last seen here)
wellingtons – Rockfish (last seen here)
sunglasses – Marks & Spencer
horse and carriage scarf – Primark
leather obi belt – Mango (now at MangoOutlet)
skinny leather belt – H&M
flower stud bracelet – Rebecca Minkoff via ShopBop c/o FashionChalet

Some of you might know and some of you might not, that amongst the other jobs I have, I am a trained artist and teach a class one day a week.  It’s a bit of an on-going joke there that I love yellow ochre.  I like to prep canvases with a base colour… yellow ochre.  When they ask how I mixed a colour it almost always starts with… yellow ochre.  When I leave class with paint on my face that everyone’s too shy to warn me about, you know which one it is… yellow ochre.

So when I saw this scarf in Primark at the weekend it was in my bag and out the door without a second thought.  Well, via the till to pay my £3.  Yellow ochre?  Check.  Cute horse and carriage print?  Bonus.  (It could’ve had drawings of garlic on it and I’d have still got it – I don’t think I even looked at it properly till I put it on).

So, a bit like art class, I built the look entirely around the scarf.  The top is really old and awkwardly made but I do love the shape when cinched with a belt.  Practicality won out and ironically, after Friday’s post, I chose the skinnies because they fit in my wellies and it was a dog walk!

Hope you all had a great weekend – ours was filled with birthday celebrations for my dear friend Gayle, awkward misunderstandings about my BieberFever (you can only imagine what they thought I said), wonderful baby cuddles and smiles, riverside dog walking, a couple of hours of sunshine after 2 days (apostrophe check Mum?) worth of rain, an email and phonecall follow up from my Mum about hugely embarrassing punctuation errors on the blog and finally, some quality time with the husband.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about how this gorgeous cuff came to be joyously united with my wrist!


P.S.  Who knows what Mr K did to get into that kind of mess…



  1. 28 Nov / 7:43 pm

    I love the cuff. So rock and roll, yet, feminine at the same time 🙂


  2. Gayle
    28 Nov / 9:51 pm

    Lovely scarf!!! We all had a lovley weekend too, miss you all xxx

  3. Ben
    30 Nov / 9:54 am

    rocking the skinnies 😉

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