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Thankfifi talks thread count

Let’s talk thread count.  Maybe it’s just that I’ve been completely ruined by wonderful hotel stays but my bed just hadn’t been the same these last couple months.  Until now.  Enter 100’s of tiny little threads, min. 300 if you’re wondering, all snuggled up real real close to each other with their sole purpose in life being my perfect slumber.  You better believe I’ll be doing everything in my power to spend a whole lot more time in there.  (I got mine from TK Maxx for £30 which was awesome because usually high thread count = high price).

In other news, yesterday was my uni Media Week blogging presentation – thanks so much to everyone who came along and for all the lovely tweets during and after.  It got me wondering if you might be interested in a post about blogging – the whys and hows, etc.?  Let me know if you have any specific questions and, I’m no expert, but I’d do my best to answer!

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  1. 5 Mar / 11:08 am

    Lovely kimono! 🙂

    Would love a post from you about blogging – and I’m glad your talk went well! 🙂

    Away From The Blue

    • Thankfifi
      5 Mar / 4:42 pm

      thanks mica – I’ll try to get something together over the next month or so

  2. 5 Mar / 10:10 pm

    love the photos. And yes, 300 is minimum…but I dream of the high count stuff! haha

    • Thankfifi
      6 Mar / 8:54 am

      300 is good enoough for me! My world is changed!

  3. Melissa
    6 Mar / 9:10 pm

    Would love a post about blogging I’m doing my college graded unit on fashion blogs so it would be great to have a bloggers opinion xxx

    • Thankfifi
      6 Mar / 11:27 pm

      That’s exciting! What kind of things would you like to know?

      • Melissa
        7 Mar / 8:57 am

        Well I am discussing how fashion blogs influence young people today and how nowadays blogging is more than just a hobby for some people so maybe questions on why you started blogging etc? 🙂 x

        • Thankfifi
          7 Mar / 7:23 pm

          I’ll try to incorprate that but please feel welcome to email me with some questions as I’m not sure I’d cover everything you’re interested in. You can email if you like

    • Thankfifi
      6 Mar / 11:28 pm

      I’ll get to work on something over the next few weeks then I think.x

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