Hotel Le Val Thorens

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Two things that I can’t leave France without mentioning.

The first is the hotel.  Granted that we arrived to Hotel Le Val Thorens in super warm sunshine at just the right time for a drink on the terrace overlooking the slopes (I mean just look at it) but, even so, I have to give myself a pat on the back for choosing this hotel (and we did choose it – 4 of us paid in full with no affiliation to the hotel – I just loved it and want to share it.  Indulge me).

The triple height ceiling in the lobby and the attention to detail of the books and cowhides were talking to me – they were saying, ‘This is your dream home.  You should move in here but keep all the staff’ who were super lovely and extra helpful – ever lost a white iPhone in the snow?  Nope, me neither, but I know someone who has and you know what?  Not that easy to find.  These guys faxed insurance forms to the UK and made all the calls to the elusive police station (whilst we enjoyed drinks on the terrace… you feel the theme).

You could literally ski right out of the hotel on to the piste.  And right back in again… for a drink on the terrace if you should wish.  The pool and sauna and steam room were a treat (what was more of a treat was me unwittingly showing the peach of a tobogganing bruise on my cheek to the team of Russian men in there – you know which cheek it was right?  Yep).  The restaurants and bars were so close and our weary limbs were so grateful of that and on the nights we were too tired to even eat out the staff were kind enough to overlook our brass neck takeaway pizza munching in the lobby.  We may have had some drinks on the terrace earlier that evening too.

The bedrooms were wooden and furry and soft and cosy and I’m not ashamed to say that I slept well in that bed from around 10.30pm almost every night.  You see the thing about apres ski is that you can find the best club in town and it’s jumping until 5 and you can be the last to leave (…at 5pm).  Early bed bliss.

So that was the hotel.  Perfect?  Almost.  Just put a kettle in my room for next year please because, yes, over drinks on the terrace we all decided that we certainly would be coming back.

pleat headphones – c/o Molami :: top – Mango @ Asos (ON SALE!)
leather legging – Hallhuber @ House of Fraser (ON SALE!)
adirondack boot – UGG Australia 


Thankfifi- Hotel Le Val Thorens

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But I said two things right?  The second is these headphones.  My first over ear headphones (since foam walkman times) and I love them.  Julie says they’re nerdy chic (but she’s the one who took her white iPhone out in the snow), Russell says they’re cool and the sound is amazing (I agree).  The husband simply says I need more than 8 songs on my constantly repeating playlist.  But I’m that girl.  I can listen to a song I love 100 times in a row and I still love it.  I know every word.  I could fill in for sick band members on tour I know those songs so well.  But I’m off track – in short these headphones have me loving music again and I want to hear it.  All of the time.  So tell me your favourite songs and I shall do my best to broaden my musical horizons…

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  1. Ashlee
    27 Mar / 12:15 pm

    Look for AER’s “She says she loves me.” I’m addicted to this song, it’s so funny, and up beat!

    I don’t ski, but that hotel looks amazing!

  2. julie iphoneless
    27 Mar / 12:35 pm

    Aw fab time was had by the Craigmores! you look so geek chic those earphones are amazing!! xx

  3. 27 Mar / 4:27 pm

    The hotel looks beautiful, a little skiing paradise, just what you need after a day on the slopes…I am going to check it out! X

  4. Gaylesbury
    27 Mar / 7:25 pm

    Hotel looks amazing! And the headphones are very chic! I looked up your playlist, love it!x

  5. 27 Mar / 11:23 pm

    awesome playlist!and I love that jumper, amazing price!asos wows me once again!!any more advice for planning a ski trip?? you seem to be an expert that hotel is just WOW xx Tara

  6. 29 Mar / 8:55 pm

    Hotel looks amazing chick, I can come next year yes? Lol

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