Thankfifi- Shirty-4-2

I love that it’s Friday.  (And, just doing some quick maths, that makes tomorrow the weekend and you know what I love even more?  The weekend.)

I love that we have discovered this little lane to shoot in and when the light shines just right I look at the shots and feel like we could have been somewhere in Italy… when in fact if we shot at a different angle you would see industrial size rubbish bins and graffiti.

I love getting my shoulder out because I am on board with spring but really it’s way too cold for any kind of strappy top that’s not thermal.

I love that in the sun Mr K’s hair is the exact same colour as mine.  The husband once told him that he was adopted but I think I’m starting to win him back.

I love those rainbow sprinkle doughnuts from the supermarket and yeah, I’ve tried Kirspy Kreme.  But seriously, I am all about those rainbow sprinkle doughnuts.  From the supermarket.  I online shop for most things and almost always food because the supermarket is a big time sucking space that steals life.  Doughnuts never make it into the online basket because Tesco thinks I’m healthy (it’s all mangos and black beans and avocado in there).  But guess what?  It’s Fat Friday and there’s a Sainsbury’s right around the corner.  And you know what they have there?  As the husband would say, ‘They’ve got so many they’re selling them’.  That’s right.  Rainbow sprinkle doughnuts.  You know where to find me.

I love that we’re friends and I can share with you.  Too much?  Wait…. come back…. Happy Friday.x

shirts – H&M (similar ON SALE!) & Gap :: belt – Hobbs
jean – Mango :: boot – M&S (similar or here)
glasses – Mango :: mini bag – Baia 

leash – Ancol :: coat – Infindigo

Thankfifi- Shirty-5-2

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Thankfifi- Shirty-9-2

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Thankfifi- Shirty-6-2



  1. 4 Apr / 10:17 am

    I love that Mr K’s hair is the same colour as yours, it’s all kinds of awesome. Also lusting after a doughnut now! x

  2. Gaylesbury
    4 Apr / 4:22 pm

    Happy Friday and happy weekend too!! Love that location, and the belted shirt 🙂 Really want a donut now though!! x

  3. Yellow Rose
    4 Apr / 8:38 pm

    Beautiful, and, yes, very Italian setting. I recently bought a jar of rainbow sprinkles, reminding me of baking with my mom years ago when I was a child. Off I will go to the supermarket for rainbow sprinkle donuts! Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs to Mr. K., too!

  4. Yellow Rose
    4 Apr / 8:39 pm

    p.s. I meant “doughnuts”, although they are often spelled “donuts” here.

  5. 7 Apr / 1:01 am

    I’m kind of craving donuts now! (I love Krispy Kreme but those sprinkle donuts sound even more delicious). Your outfit is very cool, love a belted shirt and that laneway makes for gorgeous pics!

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