Christmas come early

Thankfifi- Mr K the Finnish Lapphund - Mutts & Hounds linen squeeky bone toy-2

This is the look of sheer anticipation.  What you can’t hear are the ‘I can barely contain myself’ whimpers as he tries his very, very best not to look down because he knows as soon as he sees that squeaky toy, just inches under his chin, it’s game over and he’ll be powerless to resist it.  But I need him to look at me just long enough to get my snap…  It really is a hard dog life for Mr K.

So Christmas has come early for my baby bear thanks to More Than who invited us to test out their pet present finder.  Obviously Mr K was very keen to get to work on this project and here’s what he came up with – a very happy boy!

This post is created in collaboration with More Than Pet Insurance.  Thank you for supporting the posts which keep Thankfifi’s doors open.



  1. Gaylesbury
    21 Dec / 12:45 pm

    Mr K is the cutest doggy ever! X

  2. Yellow Rose
    21 Dec / 6:01 pm

    Merry Christmas, Mr. K. Oh, and everyone else, too!! The best of health and safety always.

  3. 22 Dec / 4:54 am

    He is such a beautiful dog! And so well behaved to pose so nicely for you! I’d never get Cooper to do that, haha!

    Away From The Blue

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