When it’s ok to do black tie in knitwear…

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-14

When it’s ok to do black tie in knitwear…  Brooke Roberts, that’s when.

If it weren’t for an American (Krystal) it might be that I wouldn’t know of this British designer, go figure – irony, but that’s how this story began and how we wound up here, wearing a dress as a skirt and talking black tie.  You see, I got in touch with Brooke and borrowed this piece (online love at first sight) for London Fashion Week but when I discovered that the length was more suited to Gisele, and LFW turned into a duck pond, I had to rethink.  So I almost certainly stretched out the acceptable loan duration and brought this beauty home with no real plan other than to shoot her somehow and share this incredible piece.  After pulling the waistband up to my armpits and wailing at the husband for the 3rd time (something to do with short legs and poor me, something along those lines) a plan seemed to take shape – a dress it was to be.

Paired with the perfect party feet from Reiss and a trusty biker I was all dressed up with nowhere to go – except obviously down the street for a shoot in the middle a Sunday afternoon wearing my finery.  Not entirely abnormal I assure you.  And here we are.

Only now I find myself, one day away from the Scottish Style Awards, a black tie affair, with nothing to wear… and dreaming of Brooke Roberts.  Darn it.

jemima skirt (worn as dress) – Brooke Roberts
sabine sandal – Reiss :: jacket – Mango (ON SALE!)
Ray Ban aviators – SmartBuyGlasses

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-10

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-4

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-12

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-6

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-9

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-5

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-7

Thankfifi - Brooke Roberts knitwear London-8



  1. 23 Oct / 7:32 am

    Looking fabulous as always. Those shoes are amazing. x

  2. 23 Oct / 9:19 am

    You look fabulous Wendy! As always, I have all the shoe envy. X

  3. 23 Oct / 10:13 am

    That skirt works perfectly as a dress! 🙂

    I’ve done that a few times with really long skirts! Problems of being short, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Ruth gibson
    23 Oct / 11:42 am

    Fabulous look!

  5. 25 Oct / 6:55 pm

    I love that but seriously who could wear that as a skirt? I know your not that tall but you’d need be over 6ft and in heels to not ruin the bottom
    livinginaboxx | bloglovin

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