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It has been almost a year since we got the keys to this new place of ours and although it absolutely feels like home by now, it also still feels ‘new’.  And I put that down to the fact that the rate at which we are completing rooms is, erm, slooow.  Only one other to date in fact.  But now we can finally score the nursery off the list.  Truth be told I had a pretty strong vision of my perfect nursery, formed almost entirely via Pinterest, and it was kinda Scandi and bohemian and minimal and I started there I really did…  but then this happened and by ‘this’ I mean I stumbled upon a whole bunch of things that I had to have and flung them all together and in the end we wound up with this room.  And I love it.  And he loves it too.

As a blank canvas the room is a bit of an oddball – an awkward, small space stuffed up in the eaves.  We painted the walls in Pale Powder and the skirting in Studio Green by Farrow & Ball – I adore that deep, dark green and could have gone wild with it (again) but an accent was better suited to the tiny room.  And the simple, pared back vibe I was going for started to take shape with the minimal Mokee cot and the inherited furniture which the father-in-law upcycled for me with white chalk paint and gold spray for the handles.  Next came the rocking sheep.  Boy is he a thing of beauty.  I mean if you cannot go all out on your son’s first Christmas present (yeah, I know it was really for me) then when can you?  And my Pinterest fuelled vision was right on track.

But then I found the Mr Bear wallpaper by Lucy Tiffney and Scandi just got tossed right out the window.  I fell so hard for the design that I had to fit it into the nursery so we made a frame of sorts with B&Q wooden moulding and papered inside and it worked perfectly.  And seriously Hunter LOVES that wallpaper – he reaches out for it, touches it, smiles and laughs at it with so much glee that it makes me feel sorry for babies that have minimal nurseries.

The shelf library wall was just too cute an idea to pass up and my favourite, favourite piece in that gallery is the limited edition hare print.  I was fortunate enough to work with Green Gallery on a project earlier this year in which Becky came out to our home with a selection of pieces for a tailored art consultation of sorts.  I chose the most gorgeous little painting for our living room (still a work in progress) and then went on to spend my pocket money on this print because it was just so completely beautiful to me.  It was not expensive, £38 to be exact, but framed in that little Habitat frame it is just about the most wonderful thing – it makes my heart happy you know?

Pinterest struck again fostering my affection for linen bed canopies.  I sourced the perfect mustard one at Smallable and wound up hanging it over the changing table because a) who ever actually uses a changing table for changing their baby? And b) because metres of linen fabric hanging over my sleeping baby’s face is just about too much for this paranoid mama to handle.  I have a baby who sleeps soundly, I want to as well.  I know I mentioned her before but Tiffany at Eat Play Sleep gave us the gift of a baby who sleeps twelve solid hours a night (since twelve weeks old) and I cannot thank her enough.  If you think you might be into that then give her a shout – she is an angel.  True story.

There are honestly too many details in this room to talk through every single one but I have tried to list them all out, and link where possible, at the end of the post (shoot me a comment if I missed any).  So in a nutshell this room is not minimal, it is not particularly bohemian and it is certainly not Scandi.  It is, however, ‘me’; a mish mash of things I love, a space he is happy in and I am happy with.  Hope you guys like it.x



Mr Bear wallpaper – Lucy Tiffney
berber rug – Next
mini cot – Mokee
picture ledge shelves – Rinkit
house shelves – H&M
nap & pack basket bassinet – Design Dua
knot pouffe – Habitat
unit & wardrobe – upcycled DIY
cubik ceiling light – Iconic Lights

rock ewe rocking sheep – Rowen & Wren
Fiona Walker wall crocodile & rainbow – Bluebellgray shop
Numero 74 star cushion – Smallable
Annabel Kern petit biscuit cushion – Molly Meg
stevie squirrel lamp – Next
felt pompom garland – Etsy
limited edition hare print – Green Gallery
kupari frame – Habitat
wooden camera – Ebay
Numero 74 canopy – Smallable
daschund – Anne Claire Petit
linen sleeping bag – Aden & Anais




  1. Gaylesbury
    14 Aug / 8:50 am

    I LOVE this room!!!!! And I love that Hunter loves it too xxx

    • Thankfifi
      15 Aug / 7:24 am

      Thanks Gayle, I’m so happy I finally got all the little touches done and can say it’s finished!x

  2. Giovanna
    17 Aug / 6:42 pm

    OMG. I am in love with this room Wendy! It is so beautiful…Hunter is a lucky baba indeed.


    • Thankfifi
      18 Aug / 8:34 am

      Thanks so much Giovanna – he does love it too which makes me so happy.x

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