Into the Red


dolman top – Gap

Last week I bought Red magazine.  I thought Red was for older women.  I was wrong.

The weight of it alone meant I would happily hand over £3.80 but what lay inside was somewhat unexpected.  Beautifully shot fashion spreads featuring clothes that I would genuinely lust after, gulp, if I had a bigger bank balance at least.  Well written articles covering topics relevant to my life right now.  I came to the conclusion that not only is Red not for middle-aged but that I am perhaps not quite as young as I think I am.  I mean certain items featured appeared remarkably similar to pieces I already owned.  Hmm.

I suppose it’s a bit like when I go to meet my Mum for a coffee in the mall and she asks if I mind popping into M&S.  I say sure, but really, it’s on my hit list anyway.  I even found myself pinning images from their AW11 lookbook for doG’s sake!

So maybe I’ve grown up a bit.  And maybe the ideas I had of some brands needs to be reassessed.  Either way, when I noticed at the foot of the Editor’s letter her Twitter ‘name’ I felt compelled to tweet her about my new discovery.  This conversation ensued –

@SamAtRedmag Just bought Red on recommendation from friend – always thought it was for older women somehow but I LOVE it – maybe I am old…

@thankfifi er, no! Maybe you were wrong! Glad you love it tho x

@SamAtRedmag I’m not quite 30 so yes, I had Red all wrong. I have just bought the subscription!

@thankfifi brilliant. That’s made my day

That, in turn, made my day!  Making a fashion magazine editor’s day is a big deal to me.

I tried to explain the ins and outs of Twitter to my Mum; she suggested if I use Twitter and I tweet then perhaps I am a twit?  The husband was more suitably impressed.

And it’s true – I did buy the subscription.





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  1. Gayle
    31 Aug / 8:11 pm

    Definately not a “twit”!!! x

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