Cinnamon pretzels w/ Nutella


pyjamas – Primark

coat – model’s own

Working till late means many things but one is definitely late night snacking.  The body needs to be nourished and who am I to overlook nutrition?  Unrefined carbs at bed-time, meh… maybe not the best choice but they sure do make for some great comfort food.  Hello cinnamon pretzels with Nutella dipping sauce!

The recipe came from over at Elephantine (she has some really cute jewellery too in her Etsy shop) and I followed it exactly except I went for the sub of cinnamon sugar at the end instead of salt.  Why is it that I bake like a 3 year old and always, always get flour everywhere?  Unlike a 3 year old though my mum doesn’t clean it up for me.  Oh no.  That’s the husband’s job.

I made the Nutella dip by scooping about 1/4 of the jar into a pan with a splash of milk (suppose it depends how runny you want it) and stirring over a gentle heat until combined.  That jar of Nutella was definitely not the 2nd one we’d bought for this recipe.  We absolutely did not eat the first one with spoons from the jar and we certainly are not almost finished our 2nd jar of the week.  That, my friends, would just be disgusting.


P.S.  Mr K didn’t have any of the sauce, don’t worry.  He says chocolate is bad for him and he likes to keep trim anyway.



  1. Gayle
    15 Sep / 9:10 pm

    One word – YUM! x

  2. 15 Sep / 9:12 pm

    yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe! thank you for this post — now I want to try the pretzels with nutella! 🙂

  3. 19 Sep / 1:50 am

    Huge, huge fan of Nutella. I am trying this VERY soon!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yellow Rose
    4 Apr / 10:14 pm

    Thanks for mentioning that chocolate is very bad (toxic) to dogs. You are a good person.

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