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You know it’s a good day when you go back to work with a bottle of something fizzy in your bag.

The guys in the office next door must think we’re some kind of crazy because there was a lot of screaming and jumping and hugging.  I was so so pleased to find out I have made the list of 25 nominees for Marie Claire’s Best Fashion Blog.  Thankfifi is only just 6 months old and sitting in some very good company on that list.  Thank you all for reading and if you would like to support me by voting you can do so here.

So whilst you’re in the voting spirit here are a few items possibly on the chopping block!

A handful of sale bargains I scored at the end of last week. Surely I couldn’t possibly keep them all what with all the other sale shopping I’ve been indulging in recently? Could I…? Help me decide!

skinny Moto pants – Gap
were £39.95 scored for £14.99


Just the perfect khaki skinny cargo pant really.  The colour that was born to marry bright pink.

sweatshirt tee – Gap
was £22.95 scored for £6.99


I’m picturing this styled up in a casual luxe way (yes, that may be a completely made up style) with my sequin blazer that I just can’t put away even though Christmas is well and truly over.  And, yeah, my Christmas tree’s still up too.  So what.

waxed jegging – Mango
was £29.99 scored for £16.90


Although it almost pained me to even write the word ‘jegging’ it’s what they are.  They’re leggings but jeans and so, so comfy.  And most importantly, they’re waxed and you know I love a bit of waxed denim!  On top of that they’ve got zips at the hems, can’t argue with that.

So leave me a comment and tell me whether to –  1. Keep the clothes or  2. Keep the money!



  1. 10 Jan / 11:28 am

    First 2 are ok, but you *must* have the waxed jeans! Gorgeous. (Sorry, I refuse to call them jeggings :-))

  2. Ashlee
    10 Jan / 12:33 pm

    I love the first two, I don’t think I’m gutsy enough for the third, but I bed you’d pair them with something stellar! I also voted for your blog!! I love it!

  3. Gayle
    10 Jan / 8:03 pm

    To hell with it, keep them all! Congrats on Blog Award Nomination!! x

  4. Jan Rainbow
    14 Jan / 12:02 pm

    Just keep the lot and enjoy. Welldone.

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