Prohibition Glamour w/ Chouchou


When Silvia of Chouchou couture asked me along to Bold Souls Prohibition Glamour how could I refuse?  A fashion fuelled event at the ever stylish Citizen M hotel (remember the last time we were there) with a careful selection of vintage alongside pop up shops from some of Glasgow’s up and coming designers.

Ever fashionable myself, I was a little late but managed to just catch the start of the show of which my favourites (below) were the pastel sporty shapes by Jeni Allison and the quite divine Italian silk number by Chouchou.  Not only did I have the fortune of catching up with Claire, I also finally got acquainted with the lovely Sheri.  A couple of sushi in my tum and I called it a success!


P.S.  That’s Silvia of Chouchou there with the immaculately sleek bob!  Neglecting to take the husband meant that I was unable to get any shots of myself at the show (distinct lack of self-portrait mirrors for the self-obsessed) and left me to reportage the heck out of anyone I knew there!



  1. 14 Jun / 5:30 pm

    It seemed like a fun event! Hope you enjoyed it sweety! 🙂

    • Wendy
      14 Jun / 5:35 pm

      would have been better if I’d had your company 😉

  2. 14 Jun / 6:00 pm

    Love the little photo of the Lucky Edge Decks packaging! thanks for posting it ! xx

    • Wendy
      15 Jun / 12:39 am

      No probs – cutest packaging ever!x

    • Wendy
      15 Jun / 12:40 am

      It was a great night – one of Glasgow’s finer moments!x

    • Wendy
      15 Jun / 8:32 am

      sure was (until I showed up ha!)

  3. 15 Jun / 4:42 am

    Looks like it was an awesome event! What a great opportunity!!


    p.s. hope to see you around more often!

    • Wendy
      15 Jun / 8:32 am

      yes, a pleasure to be invited.x

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