Thankfifi in Gap neons-15

If I were to make notes on myself I would probably say – likes to cuff everything possible and has a penchant for tucking scarves into pockets.  Not forgetting – always with dog.  And that’s about as much brainpower as I have right now.

Today is the first day of London Fashion Week so don’t forget to follow the crazy adventure on Twitter and Instagram!

knit – Zara (last worn here)
jean – Abercrombie & Fitch (last worn here)
shoe – Aldo
scarf & clutch – Gap
watch – Guess , bracelets – various 

denim lead – Ancol, coat – model’s own c/o Infindigo 

Thankfifi in Gap neons-7

Thankfifi in Gap neons-3

Thankfifi in Gap neons-11

Thankfifi in Gap neons-13

Thankfifi in Gap neons-8

Thankfifi in Gap neons-5

Thankfifi in Gap neons-2



  1. Ben
    15 Feb / 10:21 am

    I’m a big fan of neutral or plain colours with a bright detail or contrast colour. This is an excellent example of such a look.

    Mr. K appears to be bored by his celebrity though.

    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:31 pm

      always bored 😉

    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:31 pm

      First day done and knackered already but that may have been my 4 hour sleep last night – it’s a crazy ol’ fashion world down here but loving it so far!

  2. 15 Feb / 1:18 pm

    Yellow like the sun. We need it this winter:)

    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:32 pm

      no kidding! (although I did see the long lost sun for a few hours today)

  3. 15 Feb / 1:45 pm

    love all the lime accents, you look great wendy! x

    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:32 pm

      thanks claire.x

  4. Dana
    15 Feb / 1:48 pm


    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:33 pm


    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:33 pm

      brighens things up a bit – love a touch of neon for that – so long as it’s not next to my face… then it just drains me!

  5. 15 Feb / 5:41 pm

    words cannot express how much I adore this look from the jeans, the shoes and the neon details!

    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:34 pm

      thanks so much nancy – I think we have such similar taste right?!

    15 Feb / 11:16 pm

    I like the cuffed denim, and your knit is beautiful. xo/Madison

    • Thankfifi
      15 Feb / 11:34 pm

      thanks madison – the jeans are actually pretty bootcut but when they’re cuffed like this they sit well

  7. 16 Feb / 10:12 am

    i love that neon touch with you r doggy you look beautiful

    • Thankfifi
      18 Feb / 1:34 am

      thanks sasou

  8. 16 Feb / 5:39 pm

    Really like your jeans. I think the neutral looks great with a shot of neon. Mr k is adorable as always!


    • Thankfifi
      18 Feb / 1:34 am

      had these jeans for so many years now – probably around 8 – so it’s nice that a) they still fit and b) they can be cuffed to stay up to date

  9. 16 Feb / 8:40 pm

    Hope you have a fab time in London. But how will Mr K cope without you? 😉

    • Thankfifi
      18 Feb / 1:35 am

      thanks kate – don’t worry he’s away on his holidays to the inlaws

    • Thankfifi
      18 Feb / 1:35 am

      thanks so much christy

  10. 16 Feb / 10:41 pm

    I’m loving the hint of neon <3

    I hope your having fun at LFW, I feel like I'm keeping up to date with all the instagram photos 🙂

    kisses xxx

    • Thankfifi
      18 Feb / 1:36 am

      hey amanda, yes it’s amazing, just like nothing else!

  11. 21 Feb / 3:58 pm

    this one goes straight on my pinterest! Such a perfect streetstyle look!

    • Thankfifi
      21 Feb / 9:07 pm

      thank you!

  12. Lionlovingtiger
    15 Mar / 9:17 pm

    This is gorgeous – love that burst of colour.


    • Thankfifi
      16 Mar / 11:18 am

      thanks toni.x

  13. 4 Jun / 1:54 am

    Tomeboy chic taken over the street fashion! Love it, Gal;p

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