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Now and again (aka most of the time or all the time) the different aspects of my life compound and result in an all round crazy time.  When that happens I always feel so thankful for this guy.  He forces me to walk and be outdoors and breathe fresh air and remember about the simple things in life.  So thank doG for MrK and all his furry goodness.  Puppylove saves my soul.

knit – H&M (last worn here)
denim shirt dress – M&S (budget here, blow the budget here & last worn here)
sandal – Next (last worn here)
glasses – Mango
clutch – Zara (similar here & last worn here)

Thankfifi- Thank doG-7

Thankfifi- Thank doG-9

Thankfifi- Thank doG-4



  1. 11 Sep / 12:56 pm

    I think this way about Seb, only thing keeping me sane sometimes and always happy to give me cuddles 🙂

  2. Gaylebury
    11 Sep / 1:56 pm

    Awww ! Thank goodness for the furry ones, felt the same way about Honey,.no matter what the weather or how you were feeling or how busy you were you had to go out to look after them. Only difference is you are so stylish when you go out with Mr K! X

  3. Yellow Rose
    11 Sep / 9:06 pm

    Black is ‘in’, for sure! You look fan-tastic in black. Love that top! Check out Bergdorf Goodman’s site, type in/search “black”, and you will find lots of inspiration re: items in black. Mr. K brings happy tears to my eyes. He is a dream, for sure. Blessing him with good health and safety always. You and hubby, too, of course!

  4. Yellow Rose
    11 Sep / 9:07 pm

    p.s. Wishing everybody the best of health and safety always……….

  5. Yellow Rose
    11 Sep / 9:12 pm

    p.s. (again) Love loose-fitting knit tops! So comfortable, and slimming, too, even for slender women. Love the way they hang/drape. Very ‘chic’.

  6. 20 Sep / 10:04 am

    Aw I love this homage to Mr K and I LOVE the outfit too! You look gorgeous Wendy and I agree it is always great to get outside. And breathhhhh.

    MB x

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