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London Fashion Week is a funny kind of monster – it creeps up on you and you think you’re just going for a jolly and then all of a sudden it takes hold, a real ferocious up-all-hours-planning-outfits hold.  Later you know that your whirlwind momentary insanity was pretty irrelevant but until TNT turn up last minute (I hope) and you’ve collected your sheep from the seamstress (don’t ask, insanity remember) your mind simply won’t rest.

I’ve been obsessing over Pinterest and in particular Nicole Warne at NYFW (all hail) and it’s killing me that there’s just not time to order this little gem from Bonprix because I need the houndstooth (Mr K just read that and he’s now worriedly guarding his teeth).

Selfridges sent over a pretty awesome survival hamper (thank you!) so I’m slathering La Prairie Caviar all over my underslept and miracle expectant visage and opening my eyes with Shu Uemura curlers which I’ve wanted for the longest time (and now I know why).

I’ve been roadtesting new stripes from Maison Scotch and, yeah, I caved on the jeans from this post… and the hat which I am borderline on keeping due to tiny head person issues.  I’ve been browsing lookbooks galore and eating my greens and peering into those puppy dog eyes searching for clues on the perfect streetstyle outfit (FYI he said brown fur, every day).

So I’ve been looking at yellows (of course) and winter pastels (or is it spring pastels?) and graphic black and white and loving the discovery that my new Sophia Websters have a heart stitched into the sole… combine that with my new perfect red by Armani (401) and Valentine’s day (AKA day 1 of LFW) is looking pretty sorted…

Sorry for the sleep deprived ramblings and thanks for reading!  Well it probably goes without saying that you can follow my madness on Instagram.x

houndstooth coat – Bonprix :: image via Pinterest

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  1. 13 Feb / 10:36 am

    Another great post! After obsessing over the NYFW street style Im so obsessed with the laid back cool/chic look. Long coats, trainers hats, shirts and sunglasses. I love just plain black, white and grey but your posts are always colourful and so beautifully put together – you should definitely go for some pastels.

    Cant wait to see your outfits and very jealous you are going – keep us up dated on instagram!

    Lucy xxx

  2. 13 Feb / 10:42 am

    That houndstooth coat is beautiful! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing all of your fashion week outfits – I’m sure the prep and organising beforehand is worth it 🙂

    Away From Blue

  3. Gaylesbury
    13 Feb / 1:58 pm

    So excited for you going to LFW … You do know I live a very stylish exciting life variously through you, right?! Safe travels tomorrow! LOVE that houndstooth coat (hope Mr K has stopped worrying!) X

  4. Yellow Rose
    14 Feb / 2:28 am

    Love those two coats! Hugs to Mr. K.

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