A girl’s gotta eat – Le Cap-Horn, Chamonix

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It would be dishonest to suggest that we had this one great meal in Chamonix.  We had many, many great meals starting on the first night when we went back to La Cabane des Praz, where we got married 5 years ago but this meal, at Le Cap-Horn on the last night, was somewhere new to us and even though we promised to have a light dinner, as soon as we arrived and read the menu, I think we both knew that wasn’t exactly how it was gonna play out…

We started with oysters and they went down so quick there wasn’t even a photo taken.  Well, truth be told, it was after those oysters (when I proclaimed them to be the best oysters I had ever eaten) that I knew I had to share this place and the photos began.  So we had to rely on the little Sony RX100 but he’s a trooper and handled the low light and atmosphere pretty well…

The best oysters were followed by the best carpaccio; wagyu beef is getting a thumbs up from me.  I think one of the most special things about Le Cap-Horn is that the food is different.  It’s not all ‘mountain food’ and by mountain food I mean cheese (and cream and ham and all those things that are great for the first 3 days away until you start to feel a bit ‘meh’ and you really crave some normal food – fresh and clean that doesn’t stick to your ribs).  There’s seafood, heck they have their own ‘Fruits de Mer’ ice cavern in the grounds to house it all, and carpaccio and darn good sushi and a very decent menu prix fixe.  Oysters in a fixed price menu?  Yes please and thank you.  And if you really do need mountain food, well, they have a tiny, slightly embarrassed section of the menu for that too.  And the wine is gooood – we saw a whole table of men leave with magnums under their arms (presumably to take home to their wives to make up for their lads’ ski holiday… or maybe just for the next night).

And let’s not forget about the interior – Le Cap-Horn is a looker.  I kinda want to move in here… as long as they’ll stay and cook for me too.  We’ve been walking past this place since is was a derelict wooden stable, or something romantic like that, many moons ago and who knew that there was this much inside?  It’s nautical themed with a big dose of modern chalet appeal and multiple levels and twists and turns (might have celebrated my 30th in the nightclub at the bottom – with no clue there was a restaurant upstairs).  So, tell everyone, it’s awesome and don’t forget to pre-book.

top – Asos :: jean – Gap :: boot – UGG
watch – Daniel Wellington
‘been wearing a ski helmet all day’ hair – all mine


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Yep, that’s me trying to capture the perfect pour on affogato action shot… and drowning the tablecloth.  Smooth as ever.  Don’t worry I had a big linen napkin to casually toss over the brown patch…  but not before I got my shot darnit.


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