The hospital dash

It’s the strangest thing knowing that something so huge is on the horizon…  and yet not knowing when.  Much to the husband’s relief my hospital bag is finally packed, save the going home outfit which proves to be somewhat elusive – online searches reveal that something loose and comfortable will be best and yet I can’t get images of Kate beaming at the hospital exit, perfectly coiffed and beautiful…  In any case, there’s a good chance my ‘going home outfit’ might well wind up being my going in outfit but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my essentials, the ones I know for sure are coming with me…

nightshirt – Next
geo studio nursery bag – Joolz
flowers – Mud   |   rug – Next
essential hospital box – No+Mi London (use FIFI10 for 10% off)


The lovely girls from No+Mi London sent over one of their essential hospital boxes which is just full of gorgeous goodies including snacks and toiletries and a water bottle and that super cute baby grow as well as the Baby Owner’s Manual (defo need that!) and these cashmere socks for mama – sometimes you get so consumed with everything you need for baby that you can forget about yourself but I know these little luxuries are going to be so welcome when the time comes.  Please do check out their boxes, the baby ones are so beautiful too, and you can use the code FIFI10 for 10% off too.

I’ve treated myself to a new nightshirt from Next and a super soft wrap robe (although I have been warned that maternity wards are hotter than hell) as well as disposable panties, oh the glamour…  but seriously, who wants to bring home that kinda washing from hospital?

The baby bag is stuffed with the usual suspects like nappies and teeny tiny outfits and this perfect blanket from Boden (you need one of the ones with the holes at the start I’m told).  Something which I truly struggled with was a wooly hat, ’tis July after all, but the midwife advised that wool on a newborn is simply the best in the first day or two until their temperature regulates.  I finally found this cute one on Etsy which I just hope fits…  one more unknown is of course the size.

The husband has compiled a playlist of what he deems relaxing labour music (I believe there are ocean waves and most of the Big Little Lies soundtrack) which I’m hoping to zone out to…  I’ve had these Sudio Vasa Bla wireless earphones for a couple months now and they are the jam, seriously – if you ever find yourself in a situation where you want music in your ears but the freedom to move around without choking yourself on errant cables (you know, like in labour… or the gym) then get yourself some of these and use the code THANKFIFI15 for 15% off.

Shall we talk boobs for just a moment?  Ok then.  Honestly, finding pretty pieces and dealing with the, erm, body changes (a D to a G my friends!) has been a challenge but I’m feeling a lot happier now I’ve found these gorgeous lacies from Panache!  No underwires and about 5 width options with the hooks at the back so they should be good for now and later…  although I’ve packed two sizes just in case.

And finally a couple of my everyday favs, not all just for pregnancy mind you, some for life.  Jo Malone Red Roses has fast become my scent of the moment, truly divine, you know when you spritz and breathe in and it makes you close your eyes and smile?  Yeah, that.

My Alex Carro facial oil…  I blame this for an expensive habit – what started as a blog gift has turned me…  so now rather than using body moisturiser on my face (for the past twenty years) I’m finding myself spending £60 on this little guy but, honestly and truly, it’s amazing and there’s just no going back.  Smells like a spa on your face and, I know it’s not what it’s meant for but, I’ve not had a spot of eczema for months now.  Priceless.  Use the code THANKFIFI15 for 15% off + free shipping.

And lastly the Sanctuary Mum to Be body butter.  Another one that started with a gift, this one from a thoughtful friend, and turned out to be indispensable.  It glides on, smells divine and there’s no sign of stretch marks which I am feeling pretty pleased about.

Only thing left is the final packed bag…  for the MrK and Tux.  The in-laws are on standby for dog collection any day now and the boys have no idea what’s coming their way.  But then, do any of us?



  1. Gaylesbury
    7 Jul / 8:32 am

    Super exciting times!!!! X

  2. 9 Jul / 5:33 am

    It’s so exciting, won’t be long now! 🙂

    First time I wore trackie dacks to the hospital and second time I wore what I’d laid out to wear the next day,s o proper clothes. I ended up wearing them home too. I took makeup the first time but never got a chance to wear it – so didn’t bother the second time!

    If getting dressed up and made up makes you feel better, take that kind of thing with you! While you won’t have the paparazzi to impress you’ll want to feel good so be as dressed up or down as you like 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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