His first haul…

It was only a matter of time before he had his first haul right?  And with a massive drop of kids clothing in TK Maxx at the moment, now was the time…  We’re burning through clothes at a rapid rate in the Thankfifi home at the moment with Hunter outgrowing outfits from one day to the next (I swear I shed a small tear when I had to accept that the first teeny tiny suit really didn’t fit this week) so the challenge of creating a capsule closet on a budget for him was one that I readily accepted.  TK Maxx was our one stop shop and we found a selection of outfits for all occasions coming in at £33 with a few surprises thrown in along the way because that’s what always happens to me in that store – I wind up leaving with something completely unexpected (hello rear view baby car mirror so I can see his tiny face when I’m driving and he’s in the back seat because I need to be able to glance at him and see that he’s still breathing – yeah, these are the things that mothers worry about ALL the time).

Anyway…  his capsule wardrobe.  A massive drop of everything you need for your kids just arrived at TK Maxx (online too) and, as the extra big delivery is only around for a limited time, we took full advantage.  Another one of those gorgeous linen rompers, £6.99 instead of the £30 RRP, hell yeah – and he’s been wearing his other one every couple of days because when the house gets so warm in summer you just want something cool and comfortable and that natural linen stops him from overheating.  A four piece set with a cute sleep suit, hat, bib and that ‘don’t grow up’ body which we can mix and match with a beautiful lightweight knitted outfit (you know I’m a sucker for stripes).  I chucked in the bowtie bibs at the last minute because, well, baby in a bowtie, need I say more?  Formal occasions sorted.  All for £33 – it wouldn’t be hard to spend that on ONE full price outfit on the highstreet to be honest – and when I added up all the RRP’s this little lot should have been £98 so I’m chalking this up to be my first mama shopping win.

Obviously, some extras snuck in the basket too, you know, the things you really didn’t think you needed but then you see them and you actually need them?  Muslin cloths because with a newborn you can literally never have enough of these things – I love these ones because they’re extra large so work as swaddles and sunshades too (and they were 70% off).  A wooden teether because it was only a couple of quid and it’s harder than you would think to find natural baby toys.  And a sling for half the price it should be because I actually have an elbow injury already from holding him so much, true story, but I love this little guy so much it breaks my heart if I don’t get all the cuddles.

So, a call out to all the other mamas – get in store soon as once it’s gone its gone…

all baby clothes, muslin cloths, sling & teether – TK Maxx
linen blouse – TK Maxx



With thanks to TK Maxx for supporting this post.


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  1. Anne
    5 Aug / 9:44 am

    What a gorgeous wee guy! Love the way you’ve used the driftwood ladder to display his new wardrobe from TK Maxx. X

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