Five things I do every morning

I don’t know about you but I am always really interested to know what other people’s mornings look like.  So if you don’t mind I’m just gonna go ahead and share five things about mine…  they might surprise you and then again they might not.  I went ahead and skipped a couple of super obvious ones like waking up and brushing my teeth (I’ll save that one for when I get an electric toothbrush sponsorship)…

1.  I wear the biggest grey hoodie on the planet.

I mean when I put it on I kinda look like one of the ‘after’ pics on a weight loss show – it is that oversized.  Mine is by Asquith but they’re sold out, sorry.  I do love a dressing gown but I just found myself answering the door to the delivery man one too many times and since I got this hoodie I have not looked back.  Wash day is a very sad day.  That plus a pair of Emu slippers which are essentially fluffy lil’ clouds for your feet – these are my three favourites and I wear them all in equal measure.

2.  I drink a piña colada.

Ok, obviously not an actual piña colada but a green smoothie that tastes, to me, hella like a piña colada.  I have flirted with others but I just keep coming back to the griña colada…  see what I did there?

Take 1 banana, 1/4 fresh pineapple, 1 handful spinach or kale, 2 inch of cucumber, coconut water and blend.

3.  I brush the dogs’ teeth.

Wow, so much fun, I assure you.  But poor brown dog’s teeth are so terrible I am doing my best to save them whilst also heeding the warning and doing my best to preserve black dog’s as yet perfect gnashers.  I have found the easiest (although dog teeth cleaning is hardly ‘easy’ I confess) way is with one of those silicone finger brushes and some good ol’ enzymatic meat flavoured toothpaste for dogs.  And I finish with a spritz of natural peppermint oil spray for dogs, of which they are of course big fans…  hmmm.  In fact, this used to be part of the bedtime routine but we switched it up because some things are just better to get out of the way.

4.  I work out.

Just another thing better to get over and done with am I right?  Never regret a workout.  But put it off and I spend the whole day thinking I need to get round to it…  and never do.  I talked through my current plan in this post if you want a look.

5.  I admire this wall.

On a truly epic morning I have completed 1 to 4 before Hunter even wakes up (around 8am, dream baby right?) but, either way, when I go into his nursery and see his wee face smiling up at me, oh boy, that is the best.  And we look at this wall and he loves it, probably even more than me, and I really, really love it.  The paper is Mr Bear by Lucy Tiffney and he is enthralled by all the colour and pattern and we point out all the flowers and rainbows and cars and houses and bears every single morning and it never seems to get old.  And the nursery is almost, almost complete so please bare with me, the tour is coming…

This post is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dog dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.



  1. 1 Mar / 8:55 pm

    Oh that’s such a fun print! 🙂

    As we are terrible with brushing our pups teeth. He hates it despite how ‘delicious’ each toothpaste is supposed to be, haha! We do need to do it more regularly, it’s just as important for them as it is for us!

    I wish my two slept in till 8am, you’re lucky there! IT’s nice to be up before them in the morning and get things done and feel productive (as I’m trying to do now) but it never lasts long!

    Hope you are having a great week so far! First day of autumn here in Brisbane, although the weather is still very summer-like, ha! Hope you’re okay with the snow storm!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Thankfifi
      2 Mar / 10:07 am

      Yeah… it’s not really a fun job but so worth doing!

      Surviving the snowstorm… just! It’s really beautiful actually as long as you don’t need to go anywhere.x

  2. Gaylesbury
    1 Mar / 11:31 pm

    Love love love the wallpaper! x

    • Thankfifi
      2 Mar / 10:07 am

      Isn’t it amazing!?

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