An update on my lingual braces – the awesome and the awkward

Two months ago I got lingual braces at Park Orthodontics.  So I guess it is safe to say at this point that I am pretty used to them and I thought it might be good to check in and give you some honest thoughts on the process so far…


  • The progress.  Honestly, just take a look back at this post when I first had them fitted.  I truly cannot believe the difference in just ten weeks.
  • 95% of the time food is my friend.  I eat whatever I like, from sourdough toast to steak, I have given these wires a good test and they are rock solid.
  • You cannot see them.  At all.  Not a single person I know has ever noticed I have them and, unless I tell them, they don’t know they are there.  Which leads right into the awkward…


  • When people want to see your braces and you have to open your mouth real wide and tip your head right back (picture a baby bird receiving its first meal) to show them.
  • 5% of the time food is not my friend.  For two days after I get a new wire fitted my teeth are tender and achy and, honestly, whilst there are probably plenty of soft foods I could manage, I usually wind up surviving on a self imposed smoothie style detox diet, powered by protein powder and overusing my Nutribullet.
  • Cleaning them.  I get something stuck in there on an almost daily basis.  Stringy green beans,  that steak I talked about up there, toasted marshmallow (not smart I know but it was worth it)…  I do use my electric toothbrush at least twice a day though and find it works really, really well.
  • Kissing.  I am just gonna put it out there.  Kissing just ain’t the same.  Kissing your elderly relatives is absolutely the same, kissing your husband is not.
  • The lisp.  By now, the speech issues are all but gone save when I stumble over that one, single, pesky, little word.  And that word is ‘brace’.  Not a word I ever had much cause to say before but now, for obvious reasons, I find it comes up a lot more…

Now, I know there are many more points on the awkward list here but I refer you to the very first point on the awesome list – the progress.  SO worth it.

P.S.  Yeah, I realise now that I bear a striking resemblance to Inspector Gadget here.  Let’s not make a big deal of it, ok?



check coat – Next
daisy jumper – Boden
dress – Asos
highgate boots – Duo Boots
wendy fedora – Powder
bag – Reiss



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  1. Anne
    30 Oct / 10:26 am

    Your teeth look amazing. Well worth the awkward moments!

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