Two pieces are better than one

If there is a better shirt and shorts combo out there I dare you to find it…

I have been a little lost for words these past few weeks and I cannot quite put my finger on the why.  We took a week off to spend some time with the tinies and, since then, I have struggled to find my groove again.  I have a bad habit of piling the pressure on to create the most informative feature for this site and sometimes I simply run out of steam.  I planned a ’10 best white dresses’ piece but now, at the tail end of our summer, it feels somewhat redundant and has been relegated to the drafts folder.

I have my first work trip coming up (the first in over two years) and I could not be more excited, or nervous, about it.  I am panic buying – something I almost never do – in a bid to curate a case of fabulous looks for our two night stay – TWO NIGHTS.  I need to have a word with myself honestly.  I just almost pulled the trigger on a £65 mask.  I mean, really?  Come on.  (I am still thinking about it…).  I have not been in a social situation for such a long time and that, coupled with the prospect of being around strangers, has me feeling a little uneasy.  I am, however, travelling with one of my best photographer friends and that, coupled with the fact that it is a gin tasting trip, is something I am confident will carry me through.

I am planning my daughter’s second birthday party this weekend and, even though we have a grand total of six guests, I am spending my evenings cake decorating and transforming a cardboard ice-cream truck with poster paint; as the second child she is often forgotten (whilst Hunter has a full spectrum of birthday cards with meaningful notes stored away for later in life, her first card remains unwritten poor thing).  Forgotten is the wrong word…  she is never forgotten, just second.  Anyway, I am determined to make this an extravaganza of ice-cream and balloons and fun.

There have been paddling pools and barbecues and dog walks and play dates and meals out and friends to visit (what a novelty – an exhausting but wonderful novelty – I had quite got out of the way of it) – the husband even convinced us all to spend the afternoon at an outdoor pool… in Scotland.  Every spare moment I have, has been spent on the tennis court and I am loving it.

In short, I have been living my life.

Anyway, today I felt like it was time to get something off the drawing board and live.  The sun popped out from the clouds and I just figured why not share this.  I mean, it is still August after all and the detailing on this beautiful linen just makes my heart sing.  I hope you like it.

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shirt – Boden
georgina shorts – Boden (size down for a nice fit)
eloise sandals – Fitflop
belt – Ted Baker (old)





  1. 4 Sep / 9:40 am

    This outfit is just STUNNING on you Wendy! And I love reading a catch up blog post from you, oftentimes they’re my favourites to read (and write!) too!

    ‘Living life’ has to be the best description right now doesn’t it?!

    Hope you’re having the best time on your trip! xx

    • Thankfifi
      26 Sep / 11:41 am

      Thanks Monica – one of my favourites to write too – often life flies by and I’m not quite sure where the time goes but when I sit down to write I remember that simply living life takes up a lot of time!

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