So this is 41

This is forty-one…  insulation party for two.

What a way to spend a birthday but, you know, I would not have had it any other way.  Following a week off at Easter to get stuck in, we completed the wall insulation.  Hurrah.  Now though ‘little and often’ is the name of the game as we move onto the roof.  I can tell you, from the small section we have completed so far, it is a b*tch.  But onwards we go – popping round to the site for a couple of hours each night when the tinies are tucked up in bed at my Mum’s.

Loving that I put insulation, vapour barriers, service gaps, plasterboarding, skirting, cornicing and painting as one item on the 2023 home project list (*furrows brow and rolls eyes*).  Open invite for the plasterboard party and the flooring party and the painting party and the kitchen fitting party – sign up in the comments below…

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