Topshop – perfect pockets


spotted – erm, in my house…

A good friend of ours, Hannah, graced us with her company for a couple of days over the weekend and when she walked into my room in this outfit I said it’d be plain rude not to share it with you.  Naturally I had the chance to ask her where these pieces were from so I give you Hannah’s Rayban aviators, Hannah’s chiffon gold button shirt from Topshop, Hannah’s Moto Kristen jeans. also Topshop, and Hannah’s Mulberry Bayswater bag.  The ‘thongs’ (that’s Aussie speak for flip-flops/sandals – she’s living in Melbourne) were from Sydney but fell apart on the 10 minute walk to our lunch destination leaving Hannah barefoot and like she belonged in a fashion house lookbook from the knees up and a bit of a gypsy from the knees down.

What is it with chiffon shirts?  Let’s face it – a whole lot of them are borderline trashy.  That’s why we discussed the merits of the pocket placement on this shirt.  Well done Topshop for allowing us to be on trend whilst keeping our modesty preserved (well, somewhat).

Kudos to Hannah for flying in on Saturday night and running her first 10km race with the husband on Sunday morning.  My darn achilles issue kept me cheering from the sidelines with Mr K.

A few captures of our superb weekend can be seen on Flickr.


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