My holiday romance


jumpsuit – Mango (cuffed)
gladiator sandal – Zara
aviators – H&M
wooden necklace – Wallis
wooden bangle – M&Co
woven bag – Mango

Mac – c/o Pat & Mike*

*the same ones who gave us Fat Friday

I can’t believe it already seems so long ago that this was blogging HQ for the whole week!  Let me introduce you to Cappuccino.

Deliciously expensive demi frozen mocha ice-cream masquerading as coffee.  Welcome the Frokachino.  It was a holiday romance never to be forgotten.  Every morning we’d meet and slide onto the shaded terrace by the seafront.  It was so sweet and yet so cool.  And while at home I might have felt some guilt, on holiday I felt free to indulge.

That’s not to say that on the odd evening my affections didn’t wander because they did.  I’m not ashamed.  And if you tried the Chocolate Suizo you’d understand why.

Aside from my blossoming beverage loves, Cappuccino provided the perfect setting with free Wi-Fi and truly special decor.  If the weather hadn’t been so, so perfect I might have chosen to sit by the rainbow wall of embroidery threads.


P.S.  Of course the one thing making being home perfectly ok is Mr K.  Last night we had a very long welcome home game with the tennis ball, never gets old… for him.


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  1. Gayle
    17 Oct / 2:14 pm

    Good to have you back home! x

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