Market day with Bluebellgray


boyfriend shirt – Gap
racerback vest – H&M
jean short – H&M
gladiator sandal – Zara
aviators – H&M
Butterfly shopper bag – c/o Bluebellgray
skinny leather belt – Next
wooden bangle – M&Co
Natural White nail polish – George @ Asda
Jeopardy nail polish – George @ Asda

It was market day so off we set with my huge Bluebellgray shopper bag ready to be filled for our rooftop barbecue that evening.  I had two things on my list – aubergines and mushrooms.  I got the aubergines, ha.  Maybe I should have made a list?

Well, then we quickly fired up the barbecue for lunch too and before we even got something on the grill we ran out of gas.  Most of the afternoon was spent listening to various tales of some Spanish chap who drives round with gas (not the bodily kind, the canister kind), although nobody could agree on the day he might do that, alternating with trying to locate the infamous Ferreteria.  We eventually located said shop only to discover they couldn’t speak a word of English and my Spanish school phrases were no help in that situation.  (I don’t wear glasses.  I am an only child.  I have a dog.)  Eventually a customer arrived whose English was marginally better and after she eventually slipped up and said ‘mais’ instead of ‘but’ we discovered a mutual understanding of French.  She offered to take me to another store on her bicycle but I waited for the car (how very Gossip Girl of me) and sure enough, we got our ‘propano’.




  1. mel
    9 Nov / 3:42 pm

    I am in love with the bag. Any chance you know where I can find one to buy????

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