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Hello December, month of twinkles and glitter and stars and lights and, in our house at least, Elvis singing Christmas tunes.  And gifts.  Let’s not be shy here; isn’t that what it’s all about?

Well Christmas is in full swing for the G’s!  Last week the mother-in-law treated myself and the sister-in-law to our first Christmas gifts – an evening of make-up and other treats at Oran Mor hosted by Rosie Mulholland.

Following a somewhat interesting ride in, and out and minor hysteria and in and out of, the elevator we made it to the private dining room for a DIY masterclass featuring an eclectic mix of products.  First a neutral daytime look followed by mini fish’n’ships (no typo, they were hugeo) with wines and topped off with the pro frosting our eyes with some serious gold glitter*.  You know how I feel about gold so I had no hesitation in heading up to the chair for some of that!  Since it was a special night I had even busted out the gold jeans, ha! Check back tomorrow to see the full look.

There were even some gifts to take home including the nail varnish I had layered on in yesterday’s post.  Not satisfied that we’d had enough fun (which believe me we had!), the mother-in-law delighted us with the magic ‘pull-a-scarf-out-a-sleeve’ trick and yet another ride in the elevator.  I have a fear my friends.  Borderline freak right here.  It’s the doors that particularly terrify me and this little beauty had 2 sets, one at each end.  No.  Where.  To.  Hide.  (Lightened somewhat by seeing the sister-in-laws new pink eyebrows in the harsh elevator light!)

So really I have no excuse for not being perfectly made up from now on, I have the tools and the tricks.  Maybe just not the time!

*You know those emails you get from Mr Zaboscammerolo where he has a million dollars of inheritance for you?  Well, today I received a mail from his cousin offering to transfer me $100,000,000 and, wait for it, 75kg of gold dust.  He just needs my bank details.  Not gonna lie, a little bit tempted…

some images c/o the sister-in-law




    • Wendy
      1 Dec / 6:44 pm

      37.5kg each then?

  1. Sarah Stright
    1 Dec / 8:02 pm

    I just found your blog when we were both featured on IFB this week. I’m really enjoying it and am now following. Stop by my blog some time and say hi, and follow back if you’re interested.

  2. 'The' mother-in-law
    1 Dec / 8:27 pm

    So glad that you enjoyed the evening. Called the husband to show him the photographs, which he thought were pretty impressive; however blotted his copybook when he felt obliged to ask if the one taken with me and daughter, was before or after my make-up lesson!!!
    For my next trick ………

  3. Pam
    1 Dec / 9:35 pm

    Was a fab evening, more photies though please!!! And sorry we put you through the whole lift thing, honestly didn’t know which floor we were meant to be on xx You were quite funny though, sorry xx

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