Bohemian days and nights


shirt – New Look (last worn here)
dress (worn as skirt) – H&M
sandal – Zara (last worn here)
aviator – H&M, leather belt – New Look
watch – Michael Kors, tribute bracelet – Stella and Dot
wooden bracelet, leather wrap – Warehouse, H&M
renegade cluster bracelet – Stella and Dot
leather bag – Autograph @ Marks & Spencer

leather lead – vintage Oakberry
coat – model’s own

I’ve found myself coming over a bit bohemian these warm days and nights – it’s just so great to wear flowing pieces which let the air circulate to keep cool. The studio I work in is pretty warm at the best of times but add 5 bodies, a steam iron, this wonderful heat-wave and windows that only open a couple inches and you’ve probably got an idea of what we’re dealing with! Please don’t misunderstand me though, I would never complain about the heat in Scotland, I am more than happy to adapt.

I picked up this dress from H&M in the sale last year for some ridiculous price like £3 but when it arrived it was too short – maxis that are not entirely maxi really aggravate me but I recently discovered that the top could be folded inside and the dress became a skirt at the perfect floor skimming length (in fact I could have probably worn it an inch longer still).

Hope you are all managing to keep cool and enjoy the start of what really does seem to be an actual summer!




  1. 28 May / 10:46 am

    Very nice look, I love it.

    • Wendy
      28 May / 2:08 pm

      thanks df!

    • Wendy
      28 May / 2:08 pm

      thanks so much – love that time of night when the sun is low and we can get this effect with the photos – perfect for the chiffon blouse

  2. 28 May / 11:33 am

    So pretty, I love the blouse with the skirt!

    • Wendy
      28 May / 2:09 pm

      thanks always lisanne.x

    • Wendy
      28 May / 2:09 pm

      thanks cynthia – it’s such an old belt but I find myself reaching for it now and again still because the leather’s so soft

    • Wendy
      28 May / 6:42 pm


    • Wendy
      28 May / 10:09 pm

      thanks neris – so glad you like it!x

    • Wendy
      29 May / 8:55 am

      thanks so much jessica – way better as a skirt than a dress, honestly it was about a foot too short!

  3. 29 May / 7:44 am

    Ok I am faarreeeking out right now! Is this puppy of yours a Finnish Lappund! I have one too! There are so rare here in Australia, I want to bring him over to play with your doggy! Super cute outfit and beautiful sunlight! Big puppy hugs ..xx mandy

    • Wendy
      29 May / 8:59 am

      Ah Mandy this is so cool! Yes he’s a lapphund too and I sure will give him a hug from you!x

  4. 29 May / 2:12 pm

    Love how you’ve turned the dress to a skirt and how flowy and beautiful you look in this ensemble my sweety!

    • Wendy
      29 May / 10:40 pm

      thanks sweetie.x

  5. 30 May / 12:53 pm

    Smart thinking Wendy!! The dress-come-skirt is an ideal way to wear an ever so slightly short maxi (one of my bug bears too!) Such a dream to wear Summery clothes now non? Thank heavens we have a bit of sun!

    Hope you’ve been having a lovely week hun!

    MB x

    • Wendy
      30 May / 1:16 pm

      hey monica! great week, hope you did too.x

  6. 3 Jun / 5:48 pm

    Your are pretty 🙂
    It’s a great outfit.

    • Wendy
      3 Jun / 10:18 pm

      thanks so much elodie.x

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