Barred from shopping malls


silk hoodie – Mango, silk tank – River Island
jean – Mango (last seen AGES ago here)
sandal –
Zara (last seen here)
watch – Calvin Klein, renegade cluster bracelet – Stella and Dot, bracelet – Marks & Spencer
bangle – Biba
leather bag – Autograph @ Marks & Spencer

lead – Ancol
coat – model’s own c/o Infindigo

Distinct lack of sunshine led me to bust out the gold jeans again – I create my own sun!

Seems everywhere I look right now online there are girls sporting (see what I did there?!) football number tees and baseball jackets.  I have long been a fan of the sportier pieces; I suppose it’s the comfort that gets me.  I remember buying this silk hoodie in Mango on a trip to London around 2002 and thinking it was a fortune (I’m sure it was £50 but I got it on sale for more like £30 – nowadays that’s a lunch but back then it was like lunch for a week).  I like my sporty with a touch of luxe and because this is slouchy, has a completely useless hood and is 100% silk, well, it ticks all my boxes!  And you know what, it was worth it because 10 years later it’s still with me.




    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 2:27 pm

      yes sometimes their sizing can be a little off – I used to always find the pants were crazy long but not so much anymore and they do offer an alteration service from all the stores too (from memory it’s only about £4 to have hems taken up) so maybe it’s worth another visit if you’ve not been for a while.x

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 2:29 pm

      thanks – I have the necklace version too!x

  1. 11 Jun / 1:39 pm

    Such an awesome idea to bring sunshine on with golden pants! So creative and cool pairing with the silk hoodie! Beautiful Wendy!

    Big hug to Mr K.

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 2:30 pm

      hug passed on esp. because he was not very well this weekend 🙁

      I love this top – sometimes I forget about it and then it catches my eye and I drag it out again!x

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 2:31 pm

      thank girls!x

  2. 11 Jun / 2:42 pm

    What a cool metallic effect jeans! love this look. Happy monday!

    Style Reload

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 2:54 pm

      thanks virginie – I don’t wear them often because the hem is a little strange width but when cropped up, not so bag.x

  3. 11 Jun / 3:32 pm

    Oh i love your pics, your style and Mr. K!!!

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 3:52 pm

      aw thanks tina – I love your comments!x

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 4:13 pm

      thanks so much hope!x

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 4:41 pm

      thanks sarah – it is fun but the hood in itself is no use at all as a hood!x

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 6:44 pm

      thanks miss m! love this comment!x

  4. Gayle
    11 Jun / 7:47 pm

    Hey there, I like how Mr K is crediting Infindigo now!!!! Glad you keep stuff in your wardrobe for years and don’t get rid of it too! xxx

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 8:05 pm

      sure do – that’s why my wardrobe is all over the floor, under the bed, in the closet, the room next door…

  5. 11 Jun / 7:53 pm

    I love your bag!

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 8:06 pm

      thanks so much – it’s so great for chucking stuff into!x

  6. 11 Jun / 7:54 pm

    I love your jeans and what a beautiful dog!

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 8:06 pm

      thanks so much inge.x

  7. 11 Jun / 8:36 pm

    I’m amazed how you managed to create all these looks using very affordable clothes. If I didn’t read your caption, I would’ve thought they were purchased from high end designer stores. LOL! Yes, dismal weather. Can’t argue with you about that.

    • Wendy
      11 Jun / 8:40 pm

      that’s so great to hear! As much as I might like to buy high end it’s not a reality for me right now and I just try to show that high street can still be great if you choose and style wisely.x

    • Wendy
      12 Jun / 8:07 am

      me too! think I should probably treat myself to a better fitting pair though!x

  8. 12 Jun / 1:18 am

    Great look. Loving that silk hoodie and those jeans – especially together. xA

    • Wendy
      12 Jun / 8:07 am

      thanks so much!x

  9. Anna
    12 Jun / 12:05 pm

    wow, you look amazing. Totally obsessed with this look. Such an amazing post, love. If you get a second, I’d love to hear what you think of my latest wedding post and guest blog for Lauren Conrad. xo

    • Wendy
      12 Jun / 1:48 pm

      thanks anna.x

  10. 12 Jun / 2:27 pm

    Great outfit – crushing over your Zara sandals, perfect for every occasion. I love when you think back on a piece that you thought was too expensive at the time & many years on you still wear it & think I got every penny of wear & more out of this – those pieces are few & far between. xxx

    • Wendy
      12 Jun / 2:46 pm

      It’s like a gem you forgot you had – like you say though – too few and far between! you should def get these sandals, they are so pretty and really reasonable too.x

  11. 13 Jun / 12:21 am

    You look lovely sweetie!
    I love your gold metalic pants!


    Sandra @

    • Wendy
      13 Jun / 8:42 am

      thank you sandra!x

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