jacket – Gap
jumper – H&M (current season but not online)
leather skirt – Limited Collection @ Marks & Spencer
boot – Zara (last worn here)
bangle – Biba, watch – Michael Kors, tribute bracelet – Stella and Dot

leather lead – vintage Oakberry
coat – model’s own c/o Infindigo

Frightening things happened this weekend.  Frightening I tell ya.

Friday I got a haircut.  I booked online to save £4, yes FOUR whole pounds.  This resulted in there being no record of my appointment – wonderful.  No, I can’t come back tomorrow… I have a thing TONIGHT.  So the girl at reception says she can cut but someone else will dry.  Ironically there was no need for the sub drier because she was all done with the cut in about 4 minutes 26 seconds (that’s the kind of time an athlete should be proud of, not a hairdresser).  It was becoming unclear as to whether she was in fact just the receptionist.  There were no lattes on offer, not even a water… I was parched and unhappy.  I like a bit of pampering with my overpriced hair-cut, so what?  It was dried in a painful and unapologetic manner into something far from beautiful and then when she asked if I liked it what did I say?  I love it.  Of course.  O f   c o u r s e.  Then I was charged the regular price anyway.  At least it was all over quick.

I was home with plenty of time to restyle before my thing that evening and only had a couple of minutes spare to contemplate the horror I had been victim too.  I believe when people use the hashtag ‘MiddleClassProblems’ this is what they are talking about.

So, nothing about today’s look but I think that explains itself really!

P.S.  Also this weekend I broke my laptop cable (it lasts for a full 6 seconds without it’s power cable).  I bought a new one which turned out to be broken also.  It rained… both days.  I used my art degree to draw a cartoon lobster – pretty much living the dream.



  1. Tegan
    18 Jun / 10:25 am

    See this is why I don’t get my hair cut!! Haha

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 2:10 pm

      yep, exactly!

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 2:10 pm

      thanks nina – you are too sweet! All we can do is keep smiling.x

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 2:10 pm

      thanks sharon!

  2. 18 Jun / 1:38 pm

    Great outfit, I love the skirt

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 2:11 pm

      thanks df – it’s funny because I had kinda gone off it but losing the belt has made me fall in lve with it again!

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 4:10 pm

      there’s something about a denim jacket that is so classic isn’t there? love the americana feeling I get just from wearing one!

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 4:11 pm

      ha ha – think I made out it to be worse than it was – there was plenty of good too but that just wasn’t as funny!x

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 5:15 pm

      It’s a tough life isn’t it?!

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 5:15 pm

      thanks sarah, one of my fav sale scores from january!

    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 6:40 pm

      ooh, a complement indeed!

  3. 18 Jun / 11:11 pm

    such a classic situation I found myself more than once and that of course has resulted in me hating salons and actually keeping my hair in my customary bun!

    Love your look and your hair nevertheless! Absolutely beautiful as always!


    • Wendy
      18 Jun / 11:27 pm

      every time I feel brave, I regret it! Buns all the way…

  4. 18 Jun / 11:41 pm

    I HATE paying for a haircut that I’m not happy with. Worse feeling ever ๐Ÿ™ But your outfit looks really nice! I hope today is better for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Wendy
      19 Jun / 1:03 am

      It was actually a great weekend, just got off to a stressful start but like I said, I know it’s not a REAL problem ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will get over it. Maybe with counselling… ha!

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    • Wendy
      19 Jun / 1:02 am

      can’t blame a girl for a bit of shamless self-promotion can we?!

  6. C M
    19 Jun / 10:28 am

    I have just discovered you and like very much your style!!! From now onwards Iยดll follow you!!

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    Cristina M

    • Wendy
      19 Jun / 3:39 pm

      thanks cristina!

    • Wendy
      19 Jun / 3:40 pm

      thanks melina – I’m pretty sure I’ll get over but it is so frustrating!

  7. 22 Jun / 8:22 am

    this is perfect look! Like this combination! the jacket*.*


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