Floral on Pastel Street


turin dress – Reiss (last worn here but firstly here as a dress)
tank – Mango Outlet
jean – Zara (last worn here for my birthday night out!)
boot – Zara (last worn here)
sunglasses – Ralph Lauren
evelyn belt – Reiss (last worn here)
renegade cluster necklace and bracelet – Stella and Dot (gifted)
tribute bracelet – Stella and Dot (gifted)
watch, leather wrap, blue bracelet (part of set) – Michael Kors (gifted), H&M, H&M

leather lead – vintage Oakberry
coat – model’s own

Imagine you lived on a sunny little street lined with pastel houses and if you walked to the next street there was a pretty little cafe where you could savour pastel macarons (more on those tomorrow).  And across the road there might be a great big castle and down the road a pub where Brad Pitt drinks (once anyway).  Sounds pretty good right?

Grabbed these shots when we arrived on Friday evening – this is what I wore to work on Friday morning.  Must say, I am still loving this Reiss dress!  Any piece that can be worn in a multitude of ways is a winner in my book.  Bring on the heat so I can try her out as a summer dress soon!  How do you rate the open dress over jeans style?

P.S.  Imagine your house was the next one down and although you tried to kid yourself it was lemon, it’s really cream and all the touristy pastel paintings cut the street off right before your house – you’d let your friends paint it mint for you wouldn’t you?  Cause then your house would be THE BEST pastel house…



    • Wendy
      2 May / 9:27 pm

      thanks suzie!x

    • Wendy
      2 May / 9:26 pm

      thanks lisanne!x

  1. Gayle
    2 May / 8:07 pm

    Ha ha!!!! Imagine all the paintings the house would be in if it was a pretty pastel colour!!! Don’t think the man of the house would like it though, though funnily enough I DID actually suggest a very pale pistachio when he repainted it last summer! Lovely photos though! x

    • Wendy
      2 May / 9:26 pm

      Pistachio would have been so pretty!x

  2. 3 May / 8:52 pm

    Super cool look! The proportions are perfect and the colors just my favorite! You are true beauty Wendy!

    • Wendy
      3 May / 8:53 pm

      thanks so much sweetheart.x

  3. 7 May / 4:44 pm

    Love this whole outfit and your dog is so adorable!

    • Wendy
      7 May / 7:24 pm

      thank you jaimie, that’s so sweet,x

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