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Really excited to be featured on the homepage of Asos showing my 5 looks for their blogger challenge.  Obviously the novelty knit suited my inner dog nerd but then came the challenge – to style it into 5 different party looks – not exactly a (labra)doddle… sorry.

Check out all the looks here and let me know which one is your favourite?

labradoodle knit – c/o Asos 

ThankFifi-Asos-9 (2)ThankFifi-Asos-7ThankFifi-Asos-8ThankFifi-Asos-14



    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 2:37 pm

      so glad you like them sheree – you need to join up to Asos Fashionfinder and you never know, they may well ask you to do a challenge one day!x

  1. 6 Nov / 12:59 pm

    adorable knit!! I bet Karhu felt jealous though! 🙂 Loved all looks!

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 2:38 pm

      yes he is one jealous boy – he doesn’t understand why it’s not his face on the sweater…

  2. 6 Nov / 1:47 pm

    LOVE the first look with the peplum belt! x

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 2:39 pm

      thanks lisa! it’s actually a whole top, just layered underneath (one of my favourite pieces right now)

  3. 6 Nov / 2:09 pm

    OMG, loved to see you in Asos!!!!! that ASOS Labradoodle Jumper is GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!
    I have a grey one from Mango, and I did a copy paste to one of the bloggers ai also love, Atlantic Pacific….
    Soon I will make a copy paste from one of your looks!!!

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 2:52 pm

      Oh that’s so sweet vanda – I would be so honored – please let me know if you do! And I’m so glad you like the jumper so much 🙂

  4. 6 Nov / 3:15 pm

    I really like the version in the last picture with the wide pants!

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 4:36 pm

      so glad you like that one – I love these pants and hope to wear them to an event on Thur (prob not with the novelty knit though!)

  5. 6 Nov / 4:10 pm

    Congrats! These are great looks!

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 4:36 pm

      thanks so much zarna

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 6:22 pm

      thank you – it’s a bit of fun!

  6. Jan & Rog
    6 Nov / 6:19 pm

    Jan likes the second one with the Labradoodle Top, Red Pelmet and Bag. Rog say’s what no dog.
    He is probably at home making his own tea poor thing.

    • Thankfifi
      6 Nov / 6:23 pm

      ha – maybe he could make my tea too while he’s at it? must ask him his thoughts on this…

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 12:19 am

      thanks so much karina 🙂

  7. Gaylesbury
    6 Nov / 8:30 pm

    I think I like it with the red skirt the best!!! Very cute! x

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 12:20 am

      think that’s my fav too gaylesbury.x

  8. 7 Nov / 3:00 am

    cute sweater!!! i love the pairing with the red skirt

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:49 pm

      thanks rach – that one seems to be the favourite!

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:49 pm

      aw thanks ema, I was so pleased to be able to contribute

  9. 7 Nov / 5:43 am

    Wow that is really cool, and I have to say that your outfits looked great – who would have thought that jumper would be so versatile?!

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:49 pm

      I think sometimes we don’t realise the different ways one piece can be styled until we are put in this kind of situation!

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:50 pm

      thanks christy – I’ll share all the details of the first look on Friday.x

  10. 7 Nov / 8:35 am

    That’s a nice knit ! Lovely styling! A good change to the Tiger , Comics or Egyptofunk …!

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:50 pm

      of course I loved it because it was a dog 😉

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:51 pm

      thanks so much mica – I’ll be sharing that full look in Friday’s post.x

  11. 7 Nov / 12:56 pm

    GREAT use of styling up honey!! You look gorgeous is every ensemble – inspiring versatility no end!

    MB x

    • Thankfifi
      7 Nov / 3:51 pm

      oooh thank you MB!x

  12. Jeanne
    7 Nov / 4:16 pm

    My favourite is the pic with the long white soft trousers and clutch – I wish I had the abs to pull that off!

    • Thankfifi
      8 Nov / 9:07 am

      I was sucking it in… ha!

    • Thankfifi
      8 Nov / 9:07 am

      aw you have to get this jumper then!

    • Thankfifi
      12 Nov / 8:48 am

      thanks trina – the red skirt is defnitely one of my new favourite pieces and perfect for the xmas party season!

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