Operation beach body

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Dusting off my weights and 6 week 6 pack has once again become part of my morning routine.  With only 4 weeks to go is it completely unrealistic to hope to be in the same shape I was almost 2 years ago?!

This is Operation Beach Body.

I’m super busy but when the alarm goes off half an hour earlier I have a little mantra that gets me out from under the covers and into my sneakers – I have never regretted a workout.  So true.  And getting the blood pumping, even if I can only squeeze in 15 minutes, wakes me up and means I am more productive from the beginning of the day.  I love to run but sadly don’t have much time anymore but there are no excuses for not extending my dog walks by 15 minutes (at 3 walks a day it all adds up).

I’m not a huge carb fan when it comes to meals – I tend to favour extra veg over potatoes or bread (euch to sandwiches) but I do eat a lot of wholegrain rice and pasta.  Save yourself a bunch of time and buy the microwave rice or 10 minute variety because there’s nothing more annoying than cooking a quick 10 minute stir-fry and having rice that takes 3 times longer.  When I want to forget the rice altogether I love adding aubergine to my curries and broccoli to my stir-fries because you can eat a mountain guilt free and they still soak up the sauce.  Sticking to soups and salads for lunch so long as they’re packed with plenty of protein to keep me going through the day (I love king prawn, peach, cherry tomato and avocado or smoked mackerel, lemon, rocket and orange).  So generally speaking I’m quite healthy…

My sweet tooth is my downfall but I’ll be kidding it with apples spread with peanut butter and fresh berries (except on Fat Friday when all bets are off – gotta have some fun).  I’m eager to discover some new healthy recipes for meals and treats and hope to share them with you over the summer.

What are your tips for getting in shape for bikini season?  Any great recipes I should try?



  1. 30 May / 12:33 pm

    Mr K gets 3 walks a day, lucky boy Seb only gets one!

  2. Yellow Rose
    30 May / 3:50 pm

    Hey, you are slim enough! But, exercise is a good thing. I just might frame Mr. K’s photo! Such a beautiful pose, beautiful dog. Hugs and kisses to him from over here!

  3. 30 May / 4:17 pm

    I do a mixture of Pilates, Body Balance and running each once a week that way I don’t get board and give up. Although my eating habits could be a bit better. Chocolate is my major downfall but life is too short! x

  4. 30 May / 4:50 pm

    These look like some really amazing tips, and thats a great mantra – “I’ve never regretted a workout”. So true. Good girl, keep it up!!!

  5. 30 May / 4:59 pm

    Must try the peanut butter apples!! What at first I only did to lose weight but now can´t live without is a healthy porridge for breakfast 🙂

  6. 30 May / 7:05 pm

    Oh, Mr. K is so sweet! ^^ Love your post – I’m finding myself in a similar situation trying to get fit for summer! I do have a morning routine and it’s pretty much inspired from this post: http://bit.ly/15fmZZO I do it twice and it takes up 30 minutes or so! + it’s working so I definitely recommend it! For protein also try soaking nuts and almonds for a few hours and adding them to your salad – both yummy and healthy!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Liana x

  7. Gaylesbury
    30 May / 7:46 pm

    Mr K looks like he’s your personal trainer!!!! x

  8. Yellow Rose
    30 May / 8:43 pm

    Love, love, love Mr. K. !!

  9. Marie S
    30 May / 9:21 pm

    Gorgeous photo of Mr K. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Keep up the good work but you need to have some fun too.

  10. 30 May / 11:01 pm

    Ha! Nothing is unrealistic if you put your mind to it! Love this.

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