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Sporty Dick?  Lucky Dick?  Clever Dick?  These are the Dicks of Distinction by Dick Winters, a new brand born in Glasgow just recently but one which gives you that feeling that it’s been around for really quite some time.  The newest Glasgow brands to jump on the House of Fraser Presents… concept in our Glasgow Buchanan Street store are on track to get our undies sorted just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The girls behind Dick Winters are passionate about their ‘Made in the UK’ mission (using breathable, flattering fabric and cuts), have simply the cleverest and most appealing branding I’ve seen in a long time (there’s literally a ‘Dick’ for everyone) and, you know what else, they love what they do and that made me love them.  Their men might not be keen to hear that the girls saw them in that same old underwear and thought, ‘Can we not do a bit more than this?’ – but you know what?  Our men will be.

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Thankfifi- Underneath it all

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And there’s something for the ladies too… pretty delights from Gilda & Pearl are made from the most beautifully delicate lace and adorned with the kind of oversized bows that mean they’re virtually useless for everyday wear.  Let’s face it though, these beauties were not created for doing the weekly shop… hand finished and made in the UK, these are works of art.  You know you want some.

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Visit Dick Winters and Gilda & Pearl at House of Fraser, Buchanan Street, Glasgow from now until mid February.



  1. 11 Feb / 3:45 pm

    The ladies at Dick Winters do have a sense of humor! =) I think I may be getting the hubby a late Valentine’s present 😀

    Sylvia @ WorldTasting
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  2. 13 Feb / 10:55 am

    This store looks amazing, we love the decor. The Gilda & Pearl underwear looks as delicate as a butterfly wing – you’re right, definitely not for the weekly shop but absolutely gorgeous nonetheless.
    JS xx


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