What’s in my rucksack?

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-17

Remember when we were all in high school and the most exciting thing about starting back after summer was seeing which new backpacks were in the playground?  Well I’m pretty sure I’ve got the best one this time around.

You probably know L.K.Bennett for their shoes, oh the shoes, and I am a big fan.  They’re not cheap but they’re so beautifully made (leather, lining, soles, uppers – the full shebang) and the great news is that their handbag range is given the same luxury treatment.  Honestly, the quality rivals the really high end designer bags and I think the designs are just as special.  So I have welcomed the Sophia backpack into my life and boy is she a beauty.  The red, the leather, the gold hardware… we are firm friends already.  I’m a big believer that a good pair of shoes and a great bag can carry a whole look.  These are your investment pieces and they can last for decades if you look after them, always fit on fat days and can be worn with an endless combination of outfits.

As a dog owner and fashion lover I feel I have to sing the virtues of this backpack.  It’s a treat to be hands free and, yeah, I’ve been wearing my Sophia backpack like a nerd, both straps on my shoulders.  I can get my dog walk on with all my essentials in there (scroll down to see what’s inside) and still look pretty cool – what do you think?  Are you tempted by a backpack?

top – Zara (similar) :: leather short – Theory
angie sandal – L.K.Bennett (ON SALE!)
glasses – Ray Ban :: necklace – Tatiana Katzoff
sophia backpack – L.K.Bennett (scroll down to see what’s inside!)

leash – Ancol :: coat – Infindigo

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Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-13

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-18

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-15

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-21

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-9

So what’s in there?  Women know something that men don’t – if we’ve got a big bag we can fill it… with completely necessary things and none of them are the kitchen sink (smart ass).  So what’s in my Sophia backpack?

– First up – the flats.  These Nike Frees are awesome; they’re light and squashable and perfect for dog walks.  I do love my heels but not for 5 miles.
– I know I’ve been banging on about my Sony RX100 camera since Malaysia and guess what?  I still love it.  When I’m heading out now the DSLR stays home and the compact keeps me company – if you’re used to carting around a monster camera it’s actually really liberating!
Kheil’s Lip Balm #1 is in there right next to my Lucas’ Pawpaw ointment which was given to me by an Aussie friend.  Pawpaw is natural and literally the quickest fix for dry cuticles, scrapes, burns, scars,keeping eyebrows in place – just about everything.
– My Molami leather headphones and HTC One X are essential for music and, erm, Instagram (life’s necessities).
– Gotta have emergency food.  Trek bars are all natural and full of nut protein.
– You know I love my sunglasses and the Ray Bans aviators are a good all-rounder.
– Last but not least there the bits for when the dog walk’s done and we’re heading straight out.  Calvin Klein Pure Colour Lipstick is literally the best I have tried (I’m wearing ‘Must Do’ in this post).  No doubt in my mind.  It’s moisturising, dense in colour and it does not shift.  All day.  And you all know my hair can get a bit Monica-in-the-Bahamas crazy – Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray is the business – smells like a dream and is a can full of shiny!

So tell me – have I missed anything?  What would you keep in your Sophia backpack?x

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack (Flat)

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack (Flat)-2

Thankfifi- LK Bennett backpack & gladiators-8

This post is created in collaboration with L.K.Bennett.  Thank you for supporting the posts which keep Thankfifi’s doors open.



  1. 23 Jul / 3:50 pm

    I really hurt my shoulder a couple of months ago because I was constantly wearing a big & heavy shoulder bag, so my backpack has been my savior!

  2. 23 Jul / 7:45 pm

    I love the fact that this bag can fit your shoes and even more stuff! I am looking for a bag to carry my camera around and a cardigan (because we all know the weather is unpredictable most of the times). This is the perfect bag and I also love the colour you chose (black edition is also great I’ve seen it in the other bloggers but i would still go for red)!
    Great collaboration Wendy-I am happy for you 🙂

  3. Gaylesbury
    23 Jul / 9:26 pm

    I love seeing what is in your bag!!!! (Like the contents of your friends pencil case?!).Loving the beautiful bag 🙂

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