LFW Day 4 – Comb & Curls

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Rewind to London and day 4 of fashion week… aka the day of zero brain cells.  That day when you wake up tired with an energy bar wrapper in bed next to you (because you tried to order food in but the kitchens were ALL closed) and your fashion brain is not in gear.  Barely even in neutral, possibly in reverse.  Heck we all have days like that right?  It’s not just a fashion week thing, it’s just a thing.  Let’s remind ourselves it’s only a thing because we lead busy, exciting lives.  Nothing to do with late night Netflix sessions.  Nothing to do with that at all.

So layers of leather and stripes, all the usual suspects and a general feeling of smugness that this was the day I pre-booked a blow dry with Sassoon.  Win.  Turns out the new do can hold a curl pretty well.  I may even try this one myself at home.  I think having had long hair for so long (ahem, twenty plus years) I just got into that habit of ponytails and buns and generally keeping it out the way but things are kinda different now.  This shorter cut is such a great shape, takes like five minutes to style, ok ten tops, and when it get a bit dishevelled it holds its own.  And by that I mean that it just rolls with the punches and still seems to come out looking good.  I mean, genuinely, there was basically a gale force wind on day four but somehow my hair still looks like this – eternal gratitude to Sassoon then, I couldn’t have hoped for a better LFW partner.

Anyway as I type this up, it’s the wrong side of midnight so I’m just gonna check Instagram, Bloglovin’ and watch a season on Netflix real quick…  don’t tell me it’s just me…

Thanks to Comb and The Apartment for the shots.x

knit – Reiss   |   skirt – Ostwald Helgason   |   leather leggings – Boden
suede flats – Next   |   Michael Kors bag – Zalando
watch – Henry London   |   bracelet – Astley Clarke   |   rings – Peggy Li
hair – Sassoon Salon 

photos by Comb at The Apartment

Comb - Wendy, Thankfifi - d89ff878-d9cd-11e5-8def-fa2f3a6b0473 - Web

Comb - Wendy, Thankfifi - 0beeb732-d9ce-11e5-8699-cea02bb2ca2c - Web

LFW AW16 Sassoon Salon at The Grooming Room - Thankfifi-2

Comb - Wendy, Thankfifi - d89ff878-d9cd-11e5-8def-fa2f3a6b0473 - Web-1

Comb - Wendy, Thankfifi - 0e8558e4-d9cd-11e5-9e70-fa2f3a6b0473 - Web

Comb - Wendy, Thankfifi - 4f09b2de-d9cd-11e5-9701-cea02bb2ca2c - Web


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